Confidence and Competence

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Confidence is when you believe you can do something and do so something well without exactly knowing what you are going to do. You can feel confidence that you can beat a 5 year old at basketball, even if you're not great at basketball.

You don't have to be attentive to be confident. In fact some of the most confident people aren't really sure why what they do works, they just know that it does.

Competence on the other hand is a measure of how much you know about a subject or how many distinction you make on an activity. To be competent you really have to know what's going on. It requires you be attentive and constantly learning.

I think this probably makes sense to everyone. Where this is significant is if your competence is growing and growing, i.e you are learning more and more and getting better and better at something, your confidence should be growing at an equal rate. Having your confidence grow will encourage you to try new things, which will inspire new learning. A competent person who is lacking in confidence will have a lot of distinction about a subject, but lack a fervor and passion to explore.

Someone who is confident may not necessarily value competence, or understand it. We have all had moments when we were sure that we truly knew something, or were going to succeed. If confidence grows without having competence grow, we find that we don't really know why we're great. We also don't know if we're great because that would require getting information from others, which we may not think is necessary, since we know it all.

Confidence can be addictive because it can tell us that we don't need anything else and that we've grown enough. Competence has a similar pitfall. We can think if we just learn one more thing, then we'll feel confident, which may never pan out.

Rather presence bridges the gaps between confidence and competence as they both grow, which deepens our understanding of our chosen interest AS WELL AS ourselves.

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    nice share!!!!thats true
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    Great post, thank you.

    I remember reading years ago from Casanova's memoirs: "Strength without confidence is worthless."

    And in this context we might substitute strength with competence.
    I've observed that sometimes a blind faith in ourselves or our insights bring amazing results, sometimes without knowing why.

    I think it could be related to conscious learning vs unconscious knowing. Ideally both should go hand in hand but perhaps the usual is one dominating over the other or one becoming the other with time.
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    Confidence and competence both are inter related to each other.

    When you compete with somebody, then , only you feel that you have confidence or not.
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    The man of genius inspires us with a boundless confidence in our own powers.
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    Confidence is something worth more to me than gold. I'm very good at the competence part. I love to learn and as a result can tell you a thousand ways to do something and a million facts about different things within this world. None of that got me anywhere.
    It wasn't until I gained the confidence in myself (something that had nothing to do with knowing all of this) that I was able to move forward and start achieving my dreams.
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    It's hard to tolerate a person who has confidence, but not competence. That, to me, equals arrogance. However, a person with competence who has no confidence is equally unnerving, because cowardice is not attractive. Overconfidence is another turn-off; know what you know, but admit what you do not.
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    Thanks, great share and I agree with it. They are interconnect and very much required to be successful
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    Nice insight. Confidence can lead to competence, but in many cases, as has been pointed out, it must be of the conscious will. We need to accept that there is room for improvement and we need to work towards improving. Basic confidence gives us the courage to keep practicing.


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    great share
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