An Uncomfortable but Nagging Thought

by Asher
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Hi Mind Warriors,

If you think about it... we're already more than
halfway through the first month of 2009.

I don't know about you but when I thought about
it, I was like "Woah, wait, it's already HALF WAY?
It just went by like that!"

I had plans to exercise, to make more money,
to sleep on time, et cetera. But I guess old habits
die hard - half way into the new month of the
new year and I'm no where close to any of the
goals I set out this year.

So, Warriors, if you're reading this and you're
still thinking that there's a lot of time... you'd
be surprised how time sneaks up on you and
before you know it, it's 2010.

Will you end up with a successful year? Or just
another of those this-will-be-my-best-year-yet
-again years?

#nagging #thought #uncomfortable
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    I was just thinking today that January sure went fast! I feel like I didn't get much accomplished yet! This year will be a struggle for me, because I recently went through a job change from restaurant management and promotion to Internet Marketing.

    I have a feeling in a few months or less I won't be so stressed out! Lol.
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    You're right Asher - time is flying. I admit I haven't changed much at all since last year, even though I too had plans to start eating healthier, sleeping earlier, etc.
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    Thanks for that. I need to set some monthly goals myself. I have become lazy lately.
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  • It's true, time is absolutely flying by and yet we all get the same number of hours in our days as any succcesful person or billionaire gets.

    You must write down your goals because a goal is a dream with a timeline attached.
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  • Profile picture of the author steven20
    Change your mind set from time escaping to time going slow. Control what you want with time. Be assertive, even tell time to go slow when you are running out of time.
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  • Profile picture of the author fred59
    Can't control time, but knowing I'm making the best of what I have left makes it all easier.
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