Hobbies & Passions. How to have a (near) perfect day.

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I think the key to having a perfect day is to combine a hobby with a passion.

I define a hobby (generally) as something quite personal that you usually do alone and is joyful.

I define a passion (generally) as something that usually involves other people and can sometimes be quite serious.

I often ask people to tell me what they would do if they had enough money. This is quite a difficult thing for most people (because our lives revolve so much around getting more money) but I ask them to just suspend disbelief for the exercise and focus on their hobbies and passions. I also suggest that no hobby or passion (for this exercise) involve anything to do with money.

A good example of the difference was illustrated to me perfectly by a client recently when they interrupted me and said "Bill, I know exactly what you mean" and he went on to explain...

His hobby was playing soccer. This is a grown man we're talking about, not a young kid or budding sports star. Just a local F division player. Loved training and pushing himself on Tuesday's and Thursdays and LOVED game day on the weekend. Even alone he loved kicking the ball and practicing his skills.

Hi Passion was helping Autistic children. His perfect day involved organising a soccer match for Autistic children.

Another example might be a hot rodder or classic old car restorer. Hobby is working on the car, passion might be to helping local charities so they organise a local car show and give the proceeds to charity. A great day that will be remembered for a long time.

Being with your family, working for your church or community or helping charities are all passions and will make an excellent and easy mixer to add your hobby for your perfect day but personally, I'm really and most interested in your hobbies and why is this relevant in this forum? Because I think that the only thing money can do for us is bring relief and security and that's all good (obviously) but what's it all for? So we can sit around bored all day? Nope, the best thing I can see about achieving financial freedom is the time we get to indulge your hobbies and passions.

What are your hobbies and passions? Remember hobbies and passions can't (just for this thread) have anything to do with making money. You might be passionate about investing or making money but you will not be remembered by how much money you made and I have yet to see a hearse with a tow bar so let's just have a holiday from making money for a minute and talk about the things we REALLY love and prefer we were doing.
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    Interesting that in 4 days I got no response. I suggest a few more of you start to think about why you even want money in the first place. Making money endlessly until death is not the name of the game.

    If a billion dollars fell in your lap what would you do that does NOT involve making money? I am surprised at how many people don't have an answer for this. Almost as many as who don't have an answer to "how much do you want to make" Tip: "as much as possible" is not the best answer.
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    I love playing drums, riding bike, camping, and hiking. Cooking (and eating), reading, and spending time with my loved ones. Peace and quiet. These are my hobbies and passions. Thanks for reminding me to take a little time to enjoy those things.

    What do you enjoy, Bill?
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    You'll find me driving off into the sunset in an old hot rod...preferably alone. I play bass and guitar and actually enjoy building websites and photoshop. If a billion dropped into my lap I'd probably still sit for some more photoshop lessons.
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    Bill, relax. contributing to this thread sound like an examination and feels like stepping on someone's toes. Anyway, I love watching cartoons yeah I do especially alone, it has a way of making things look possible and easy. My passion training people in the aerobics class. Sounds strange, well that is me.

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    Relax? Not sure what you mean. I think it's an important issue, I wanted to bring attention to it. Money is for doing things, not an end unto itself. Thought it would make nice diversion to spend a bit of time thinking about why we are bothering with this all consuming hunt for money.

    FYI, I come across a lot of poeple who just want to be active, walking, exrecising, out door activities. Nothing strange about that at all.
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      Originally Posted by WSOHelp View Post

      Relax? Not sure what you mean. I think it's an important issue, I wanted to bring attention to it. Money is for doing things, not an end unto itself. Thought it would make nice diversion to spend a bit of time thinking about why we are bothering with this all consuming hunt for money.

      FYI, I come across a lot of poeple who just want to be active, walking, exrecising, out door activities. Nothing strange about that at all.

      Like many serial entrepeneurs, I am very passionate and enjoy growing my business very much. In fact, I worked harder this past week than I have in a long time and it felt great. It's not the money for me, but the fulfillment of building a successful business...as measured in profit. It's a small difference but the point is that the money is just an indicator of success...which is the real driving factor. There is no better feeling that turning a business idea into a business that works and provides value!

      With that said, this thread is about passions outside making money.

      For me...

      -Philanthropy...a big part of my life and why I do what I do
      -Adventure sports, racing, jumping out of planes, scuba diving, anything involving adrenaline
      -Golf, I am awful but I love it

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    I am currently spending so much time doing what I love that I find myself with little time to make money. I have been playing in my orchestra and ensemble, ice skating, practicing jiu jitsu, muay thai and taekwondo. I also spend time playing both chinese and international chess with friends.
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    Speaking of hobbies and passion.... during my free time or rest day, i love to play my guitar and singing. But my passion really is painting. You see i am a frustrated artist.
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    I love talking about things that money can't buy. Great input. Money can't buy you guitar skill or how to paint. Yes it can buy you lessons but I know someone who took a heap of drum lessons and still can't hold a beat. Some of our greatest moments come from natural skill and talent. Let's hear more.
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    lets enjoy our hobbies
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    Steven, short posts like that are not going to cut it I'm afraid. You better come back and tell us some of your hobbies.
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    With me to have a perfect day need

    Set goal
    Work with passion
    Exercise for healthy
    Positive think and ask positive question
    Deserve feeling
    Grateful feeling
    Accept goof-up
    Learn how to do it.
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    What a great story about your client. And such a wonderful thing he is doing with autistic children.

    For me, it's gardening and golf. When I do either one of those, my mind stops spinning. I don't think about what's for dinner, grocery shopping, paying bills, house cleaning, businesses, errands, etc.

    Gardening, for me, is a great outlet that I enjoy doing alone or with my son.

    With golf, I love to play alone. I can finish a round in two hours and the beautiful landscape, birds, and silence is very refreshing. I think about golf and not much else. It's a great escape from reality.
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    When you think about things money cannot buy you realize how precious life is and how sometimes you get caught up on the 'money' aspects and forget the other non-monetary parts of life that mean more in the long run.
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    I love to go shopping. ANd I love to collect comic books and various action figures. And oh, I also like dogs and fishes.

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    Hobbies: reading, swimming, watching movies, playing computer games
    Passion: teaching
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