How to lose weight in 4 words guaranteed!

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Eat Less. Exercise More.
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    If you can teach people how to do that (and with the right marketing) you'll be wealthy for sure.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    • Originally Posted by Jonathan 2.0 View Post

      If you can teach people how to do that (and with the right marketing) you'll be wealthy for sure.
      Of course, a few simple changes to the message and far less marketing is required:

      Exercise Less. Eat More.


      Those four little words (the OP's) made a dramatic difference in my life. Heck, you can choose just two of the four and feel a change.
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    hilarious. so true, and yet, it's so difficult. The reason is motivation and habits. lack of motivation and trying to change your old ways of doing things is the reason people can't lose weight. So used to eating bad food, or too much food, and so used to just sitting around.

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    4 words that will help you lose 1lb per day until you reach your ideal weight:

    Organic Raw Food Diet.
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    Well, in my case. I do the opposite. "Exercise Less. Eat More." I have tons and tons of works to do. But, I'm really eager to lose weight. Boy, my beer belly is getting heavier and heavier.
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    I'm lucky to avoid problems with my weight, but if I had them, these words do not influence on me. I need a huge article with where problem is described, with detailed program of what to do, what can I achieve, And what I loose if I do not overcome the dependese.
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    Originally Posted by SuperRyan View Post

    Eat Less. Exercise More.

    Hahaha. In my house we've been saying this for years. We even suggested making a huge book on weight loss with only those four words in it as a gag gift.

    Like many solutions it really is that easy, but not so in practice. Our habits and mindset get in the way.
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    Oh lord! Haha. This made me laugh out loud, literally.

    If I were to follow these guidelines I'd probably end up gaining weight because of my metabolism.

    But I can say that I eat a hell of a lot and exercise daily (racquetball and basketball now) and I've lost weight... So maybe it works for some people, but not everyone haha.

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    I don't generalize but sad to say that most people who are on the IM business tend to have poor health. We are exposed to stress and we either tend to eat less or eat a lot more to the point that it affects our health. Some eat and eat while they are glued on their computers while some forgot to eat due to their hectic internet lifestyle. I got sick several times due to fatigue. And ,boy, IM is hard!

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    So true....So why don't more people do it?!

    Kate Irwin

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    Food : If you don't put it in you won't put it on
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    Ok That was funny,

    but serious if you really want to loose than here some tips:

    1. eat half! Really it helps, you dont need all the stuff

    2. Make Sport! Go out, everyday half an hour outside helps

    3. Keep your mind fit! Stop watching hours of Tv, do something else but not that

    Just try it!
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    It may seem that simple, but the body does adjust to one's lifestyle which makes it hard for some to lose weight while it is easy for others. For example when you eat less, your metabolism may slow down. Everyone's body works differently so different strategies are needed to lose weight. But yes, eating less and exercising more are definitely basic fundamentals to lose weight and be healthy. It's like in Internet marketing, there are basic fundamentals you should follow to achieve success, but people will do better with different strategies

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    Consume less, burn more.

    Having lost 50+ pounds meself, weight loss is a niche in which I have lots of fond memories.
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    To count calories and eat well....
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    Originally Posted by SuperRyan View Post

    Eat Less. Exercise More.
    HA! But you know, I read this book recently - WHY WE GET FAT, AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT by Gary Taubes that debunks the traditional "calories in/calories out" wisdom. This isn't a diet book. It's written by a scientific researcher. VERY interesting.

    I recommend it.

    But in the end, metabolism, and not only how much you eat or how much you exercise - but what and how and when - make a big difference!
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    Train for a marathon.


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      Of course it's true, but if one wanted to sell
      a lose weight ebook, video, etc would say something like:

      "How to Lose 6 pounds by the end of this month
      eating more and without exercising!"
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    If you want to lose weight than you can follow step,
    1.Do some exercise.
    2.Drink more water.
    3.Take fruit and green vegetables,
    4.Avoid Calories and fatty foods.
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