What are you grateful for...

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This questions is closely linked to self improvement. Don't think too much into the connection until you actually reply with at least one thing you are grateful for!

So, share some things you are grateful for...

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    Well, that's a loaded question!

    Off the top of my head: my fiancee, my writing career, the Internet (hey, it makes this all possible) and of course my family.
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    One thing I'm grateful for...
    It's impossible to choose one.
    My family.
    Green grass.
    Knowledge at my fingertips.
    That I am who I am.
    Health (Oh yes health. I know what it's like not to have it. I thank God every day I feel well.)
    I can go on...

    As for self improvement of course gratitude is linked to it. If you aren't thankful for what you already have you slip into a lack attitude and only see the things you don't have. You can't focus on the good and you don't learn from those who do focus on the good. A positive attitude starts with gratitude.
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    The fact that I'm alive. Aim high, move fast.

    You don't live forever.
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    I am grateful for the moments of clarity and perspective that makes you realize everything is great and unfolding, and that life is a worthy experiment

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    The freedom to procure knowledge at will from sources such as the internet is a true luxury others do not have.

    Furthermore, I am grateful for my wonderful family the the privilege of providing life-saving care to the residents of my community on a daily basis.
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      I am grateful that I got a chance to immigrate the United States and got the opportunity of a lifetime.
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    Life in general is something to be grateful for.

    But if I was to get specific: I am grateful for my family, friends, and the opportunities and materials I have that others unfortunately don't.
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    I am grateful for ......good generous supportive friends, a place to live, food to eat, air to breathe, the house cats for starters.
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    My faith, my family, all those who have gone on before me to pave the way, and the awesome year 2012 is going to be!
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    I'm grateful for life. For being alive, for being able to read, or write or talk or do the simplest stuff with my family, my friends, and other people.

    Life is wonderful. We should live it to the fullest.
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      Originally Posted by apolwar View Post

      I'm grateful for life. For being alive, for being able to read, or write or talk or do the simplest stuff with my family, my friends, and other people.

      Life is wonderful. We should live it to the fullest.

      Absolutely buddy...I have a sibling with a major disability...helps keep things in perspective and helps me be grateful for the simplest things in life!

      Thanks for the comment!
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    I am grateful that i am alive and i have my family intact and happy.
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    I'm grateful that I'm alive and still kicking..I have my friends and family around me who always there with me.

    there's a lot of things we should be grateful and to lived with it.
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    I am grateful for enough food, shelter, and water. I am thankful for the meaningful and fulfilling relationships in my life. I am thankful that you posted this question in this post here on this forum.
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    My boyfriend.
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    my health and my wife
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    Great thread.3 things off the top of my head that I'm grateful for: my family, my job, and my healthy (so far) pregnancy.

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    Current situation - I'm young, healthy, great family, sexy girlfriend and I'm doing the things I love for a living. Pretty great if you ask me, hope it lasts.
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    I'm grateful to God for giving me this life.
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    I am grateful for having my best mother, and to get praised by several people for being kind heart.
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    my girlfriend,my parents,my life and everyday.. that i am getting the chance to see it everyday.
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    I am grateful for the gift of life . I am so happy and grateful for my wonderful family . i am delighted i have good health and for the wonderful people in my life . I am glad for all the money i have . I am grateful for all the people that shared wise words with me and helped change my life for better . I am grateful for the person i am becoming . i am becoming more decisive and wiser every day
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    I am thankful for my family, nature, having a job and time to spend with loved ones...
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    This is the question we always ask at Thanksgiving..... :-)

    God.... For sending His son to die for us..... giving me life.... and revealing Himself in so many ways.... It blows me away!

    My wife.... She is my love and my friend... I have learned so much from her over the years....

    My son.... He is truly a gift from God....

    My family and friends.... They are always there for me....

    My dogs.... They are both characters with unique personalities....

    All the material things God gives me....

    I pray you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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    If it were only Thanksgiving every day, we would constantly be reminded of the things we are thankful for.

    Let us all be thankful for everything we have...probably a lot more than we even know
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    My family, business and able to make an extra buc online!
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    I'm grateful for everything happening with me to god, no matter things are getting worse, or getting better. Everything is His will, and I thank Him for everything.
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    I'm truly grateful for my baby Start-up...

    Hope it can grow big
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    I'm grateful for:

    1.) My husband/kids/mooses
    2.) My friends
    3.) My age - I'm now at the point where I can shed my own ego when necessary and be open to critical lessons I never would have considered when my ego got in the way
    4.) My guardian angel who always knows when to let me fail so said ego can be shed.

    Great topic!
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    I am grateful that I've found such a community with large amount of data and very inspiring members.

    I'm also grateful for my health and nice living standard.
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      I am grateful for my family, friends and the chance to get a well paid job!
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    I've got some truly amazing friends and I'm grateful for them! I'm grateful that I've got plenty to eat and a roof over my head. It hasn't always been that way.
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    Am grateful for being alive and for my wonderful family and friends to share it with!

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    I am grateful for being healthy, able to think and have a heart that can love another.
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    Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy — because we will always want to have something else or something more.
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      I was born into the American middle-class. Both of my parents centered their lives around my brother and I, working professional jobs to support us from birth through college. I was actually able to go to college and spend my time learning around and amongst other intellectually-motivated students with teachers that are involved and passionate. As a human being, my cognitive abilities are vast and seemingly limitless, and the species into which I was born has the potential to escape the confines of its birthplace and see the universe first-hand.

      Think about that. I could have been born impoverished and starved in sub-Saharan Africa and wound up dead before age 5. I could have been a bacteria spawned on a stone. Heck, I could have been the stone itself, lifeless as the rug beneath my feet. That I get to have this for my one life, full of opportunity and potential, with a mind that can apprehend and a body that can take me there, is a fortune beyond all imagination.

      The fact that we are all communicating essentially through thin air on this forum is a sign that we all possess that immense fortune. You and I have little excuse for ingratitude -- we are already beyond privileged. Now, bestowed with these gifts, let us honor them and the universe with our actions.

      Quite the extrapolation from a simple question, I know, but well worth saying IMHO.
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    I am grateful I have the ability to think. Without the ability to think. Everything that I do, it starts within my own thinking. Good results are the product of my ability to think clearly and positively. My life, my family, my business, my income is all attributed to how I think. I agree, that the mind is a very powerful thing.
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    As a few people have said so far in the thread.... life!!!

    I am grateful for the abundance that surrounds me; the people, the places, the opportunities and more, but above all else the health of my family and I.
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    I'm most grateful for my health and the health of my family, the support of my loving husband, and my two amazing children. I have many other blessings - freedom, financial security, a job I love, a faithful friend in my dog - but health, husband, and kids rank highest.
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    I got a start in this SEO content writing stuff, and am at least making a minimal income. I was hoping to start off faster, but I'm grateful to at least have a beginning and to be doing something that I enjoy!

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    I'm definitely grateful for my family who gives me their unconditional love and support. They're my inspiration and they keeps me living my life to the fullest.
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    I've actually started to ask myself this question everyday and give the question some answers. I feel it just really changes the way I think, the way I feel etc. I love to ask myself that. It's a shame how you sometimes can feel quite negative about certain things while they ain't that negative after all.

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    I'm grateful for the investments.
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    I'm grateful for learning to keep a written gratitude list for more than 22 years now. Today the list is 78 pages long, single spaced, 11 pt type, written in MS Word.

    It keepds growing, and it has caused me to keep my focus on gratitude for all these years.

    What we think about expands, and when we think about our gratitude(s) we receive more about which to be grateful.

    This really works folks, but you need to stay with it.

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    I am grateful for every little things that God gives me, even the air we breathe and for all the answered prayers.
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