Exercise and Internet Marketing - Can It Be Done?

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Hey fellow warriors, so over the last few years of toiling within the IM field I have found myself slowly but surely pick up a myriad of bad habits and practices.

I tend to sleep at odd times and have a weird wake/sleep pattern which is especially bad during times when I am ultra busy not to mention the missed opportunities to socialise etc due to the demands of work. But perhaps the worst of these has been the gradual decline in my exercise routine until to my shock and horror I found I hardly am exercising at all!!

What used to be a 1 hour swim session along with perhaps 30-40 minutes in the gym has turned into a head long non-exercise routine....I may not be a couch potato but I am pretty sure with my current lifestyle I am not much better sitting in front of my computer all day.

So since this Monday I decided to make a change. I decided to dedicate some time to ME! This 'me' time is between 1 or 2 hours a day when I look after my needs and interests and more importantly look after my health. I started swimming again from this Monday and intend to ramp this up to eventually having a gym session 3-4 times a week while swimming 5/6 times per week. I know it sounds like a lot but I know its what will make all the difference to me personally and from my work point of view.

I guess the whole point of this thread is that looking after yourself is utterly important to your business and your ultimate goals. For too long I have been burning the candle at both ends and I am sure that this is not good for my business in the long run, and in the end IM as anything else in life is a long road, there really is no point taking short cuts.

After just 3 days I am feeling great, albeit a little tired but feel more focussed on my tasks and I am sure as the days progress I will be more alert and able to tackle my IM activities with renewed vigour.

I would love to find out how my fellow warriors have adapted their work/leisure schedule to fit in with their IM activities. Do you think that specifically excercise is an important part of staying healthy and active especially with a job as sedentary as ours ie Internet Marketing? Have you any tips or advice on how to maintain a balance between your work and your health? I would love to hear your opinions and ideas and see what works for you all.
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    I don't adapt my work/leisure schedule to fit with my im activities, my im activities fit around my work and leisure stuff.
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    Thats an interesting point of view poath and thanks for the reply however for those of us who do IM full time (for example myself) IM is my work and hence finding that balance between it and leisure/health activities I have found to sometimes be tough. From what I understand your saying you have a set amount of time for work/leisure and you simply do IM around these which I guess would also allow you to keep that balance intact so thats great to hear :-)
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    I think internet marketing can become an addiction or compulsion. Just like any other addiction, it can steal your time, joy, and ultimately, your life. The thing about an addiction is that it is usually used to medicate some kind of pain: emotional or physical. If you are using IM to help you feel better about yourself, it can work for a short time. Then you get hooked and things that you value start to fall away: your family, your free time, your health. My suggestion is to evaluate what your are looking for with IM and try to find healthy alternatives. I applaud you for getting back to exercise - if you don't have your health, what do you have?
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