Affirmations = New Age Positivity BS?

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Hey there Warriors!

Even if you've done them for years, you may be wondering if you're just wasting your time with affirmations.

Well....I started doing affirmations when I got into pickup a few years back because NOWHERE is the correlation between your emotional/mental state so immediately obvious as in high-competition courtship.

But business is really the same...especially IM. You're getting shot down all the time! This is where you immediately catch your cynical thought patterns kicking in and reframe: "This is just another opportunity to take my business and my LIFE to the next level!"

Tell it to yourself, believe it and when you find yourself resisting, recognize that you're resisting the positive change that will make you a more successful person! If your current beliefs were sufficient to get where you want in life, you'd already be there or be ostensibly on your fact, you ARE on your way, right? ;-)
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    Positive affirmations actually rewire your brain. Rather than negative self-talk, which can trigger toxic emotions, affirmations help release endorphins that enable you to reach your goals. Check out The Gift in You by Dr. Caroline Leaf. Also, affirm your innate self, rather than your abilities. You are more than what you can do! Even people who can't sit up by themselves are worthy of love and kindness. You are too. Whether your IM is working - or not!
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    thanks for the share
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    Positive affirmations can be significantly enhanced by:

    1. identifying specific limiting beliefs and converting these into positive beliefs via self-affirmations

    2. visualizations

    3. catering to visual, auditory and kinesthetic modes in affirmations
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    Hey vtotheyouknow, I love affirmations...

    I have personally noticed that affirmations work in 3 main phases.

    1 - When you first start, your mind throws the BS meter and you don't really believe the things you are telling yourself. Affirmations actually "feel" like work at the beginning...

    2- After a few weeks you'll notice your state actually changes when you say the affirmations, but it doesn't last very long. You are intellectually aware of the changes you want to make.

    3 - This is the fun part! By now you own these affirmations emotionally! If you start to act in a way that doesn't jive with your new beliefs you will actually hear yourself saying the affirming statement in your mind and BAM! You will correct course.

    I just use some free software to record myself saying the affirmations on my computer. Then it takes 30 seconds to throw the MP3 on my Droid and I'll always have them on me. So convenient!

    It's awesome, I love it... Great topic!
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    thanks man, i almost give up at internet marketing
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