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Three Years ago I made the decision to be an entrepreneur. No, I didn't quit my day job and risk everything to follow my dreams; as I'm just not one of those people who takes innappropriate risks that you typically read about in success stories. Instead, I worked 80 hour weeks and maintained the 9-5 job on top of a 6-12 one. I went nights without sleeping, I scraped, and I saved.

When all was said and done, in three years I made over $400,000, bought a house, purchased a 2006 C-300, paid off all school loans, got engaged, and am happy with my life.

Am I a multi-millionaire selling his secrets to the masses? Nope. I am a happy entrepreneur who will probably quit his day job in 5-10 years to work on the fun job full time.

This economic depression that so many people are going through right now is completely passing me by. While my friends and family struggle, I'm able to give them gifts and support them in their time of need. I hope that doesn't come across as bragging, because I do try to be sincerely generous with the money that hard-earned success has brought in.

Here's the rub though: my friends and family work just as hard or harder than I do. I know people who are working two jobs and struggling to feed their children. Fact is, this economy sucks, and working for "the man" only makes it worse.

With the money I was earning, I decided to follow my bank's advice and invest in a stock portfolio. What a joke! The market tanked and I soon realized that I would have been much better off investing in my business with those funds instead of throwing money into the great slot machine we call the stock market. For someone who doesn't have a entrepreneur's job however, they are stuck with their shrinking 401k and crappy interest rates. They don't even have the option of taking risks to make more money because they have a 9-5 job for "the man."

People without a side job like mine are just forced to wade through the seas of the economic recession we're currently drowning in. There's just no other options available to them.

What all those paid programs online don't tell you is that it's virtually impossible to just stop working a 9-5 job and become an entrepreneur. It's just not the way the world works! The best products take years to create and flesh out all the details, including things like websites, coaching programs, and other great services on the internet. If you were to drop your day job and try to create a PR6 blog overnight then you'd end up in line at a soup kitchen the following month.

You can become an entrepreneur, but be realistic about it. Take the following steps to avoid losing everything in your bid to leave the 9-5 job:

1. Choose a niche you love.
2. Talk to established members of this niche for advice.
3. DO. Spend a few hours each night DO-ing as well as learning.
4. Fail and learn from each failure.
5. Try new things even when you're successful and never give up.

That's all there is to it. If you slip up at any time, such as failing to make any money in the first week, month, year, etc, your kids will still eat thanks to your day job. However, once the money does start coming in, you'll soon find that you are more than comfortable. I know it's tough working two jobs, but the price of security and stability these days is very steep. Considering the fact that your side job is more fun than your day job, it should prove difficult but manageable to work both jobs.

Take care and remember to be a reasonable entrepreneur, eventhough you continue to dream big.
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    I actually prefer coming home and working on my niche websites. That is why I can't wait until the day that I can do it full time.
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    Agreed. If you want to achieve success you must do what you like, but again, that doesn't mean to quit your sh*tty 9-5 job.
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    Awesome post! I've been lurking around for a while learning a lot about Internet Marketing, but I chose to sign up today just to reply to this post...I can relate to everything you're saying about the 9-5...eventually i'd like to quit my 9-5 too and work on my own stuff but I havent really taken action and started my own site yet...I will this weekend , this was definitely a motivation. Thank you!
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    Originally Posted by Chris The Traffic Blogger View Post

    1. Choose a niche you love.
    2. Talk to established members of this niche for advice.
    3. DO. Spend a few hours each night DO-ing as well as learning.
    4. Fail and learn from each failure.
    5. Try new things even when you're successful and never give up.
    Thanks for sharing your story and giving us advice. I'm learning as much as I can here and every other forum I visit. Its good to learn the tricks before plunging down into the unknown.
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    Hi Chris the Traffic Blogger!

    Thank you for sharing your own success history. I'm near to leave my full time job and work on what I really like!

    The secret is...Keep focused no? and....learn/fall all the time. jejeje.


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    I have been fulltime since 2005 and it's lovely. A lot of trial and error went into the process. When I hooked up with the right people it went 10x smoother and money flowed quicker.
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      Hey Chris,

      That's one Inspiring post man..

      Your right about the economy, being the way it is,
      and it is tough for everyone these days..

      And we can easily, go off down the path of blaming things like
      the fractional reserve banking system, corporate greed, or
      impotent governments etc as a reason for "not having ago"..

      But at the end of the day, our thoughts and actions have
      consequences, meaning if you act and think in a certain
      way "your gunna get certain results"..

      Your post is a fine example of what anyone can achieve,
      if they "roll up their sleeves" and put in the time..

      There is so much opportunity around us all the time,
      and I think every member of this forum knows that
      in some way..

      And it's posts like yours that are like sign posts, guiding
      us along our chosen paths..

      All the best..
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