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So people? What is it? How about:

1. breakfast/food
2. cigarette
3. coffee
4. job/work
5. money
6. shower
7. what to wear
8. or something else?
#thing #wake
  • my mission statement.

    every am, for 2 years running
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    out of your list, i'd say it goes in this order on a typical day:

    #3 (but pepsi or coke, not coffee)
    #7 (find a comfortable pair of shorts, or the occasional pajamas and a tshirt) hahaha
    #4 (if you call turning on the monitor work) lol

    Then I just do what I want to do from that point on.. If she has to work then I'm usually on here working on stuff, if not we might drive down to the beach, might go to Carowinds, drive down to Columbia or something like that. Just whatever we feel like doing that day.

    lol there is no specific routine
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    checking email
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    None Of them About I am Think.

    Because My first thing I tink Is

    Thank you , You still give me chance today!

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    pray to God and have a breakfast
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    Good question! Before anything else i thanked God for another life.
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    It really varies. Some days it could be school or my grades etc... I guess whatever I fell asleep thinking about may be it.
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  • Thankful that I'm ALIVE!
    Reverse Engineering Faro, Romer, & MicroScribe
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    Check stats of earning, email, shower, office, moviezzzzzzzzzz (source of inspiration for earnings )
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    when I wake up...

    I sit for a while for 10 - 15 minutes with doing nothing.. im just sleeping awake

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    the plan for the whole day
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      Whereabouts I'm going to take the dog for a walk!
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    *wakes up*
    *runs to computer*
    *page loads*
    (current date) YOU HAVE 0 EARNINGS!
    *checks analytics*
    500 clicks to date and not a single sale... just another day in the life...
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    I think of what God have me to do for the present day.
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    I think about my goals for the day, grab my notebook and write down some ideas, and I get that coffee started.

    Then once I start to open my email, I start to feel pulled in 1000 different directions.
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    When I wake in the morning I seek for:

    1- My mobile who nearly gets lost in my bed lol
    2- Instantly open my laptop to check mails and earnings
    3- Call my sweetheart (G.F) and wish her gud morning and some other private talks
    4- Shower
    5- Breakfast
    6- Back to my laptop and start working !

    This is the way my morning starts lol

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    For the past week, it's been what time is it/is it raining? Temporarily between houses until the end of the week so I am definitely not in a normal routine (or state of mind for that matter lol).
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    Ditto all those that start the day out with thanks to God for another day to live!
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    The first thing I think of is doing some work to help my daughter live the life of her dreams.

    May sound corny, but it is true.
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    Thankful for the country I live in USA, and my parents that raised me.
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    I thank God for waking me up to see another new day.
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    the most important thing I do...is what I don't do...
    I don't turn on the computer until I finished my most important things for the day.

    I.e. Workout, shower, eat

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    Structuring the tasks to do in that day
    Failure Is Temporary, Giving Up Makes It Permanent
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    Interesting thread. When I wake up, I have a sense of horror about all the stuff I have to do, then I pray, then I change my thinking to a more zen like state, then I grab a positive attitude, feed my daughter's guinea pigs who are completely focused on the joy's of eating, and I think about getting some coffee going. Then I wonder if I'll ever reach my goals and dreams, then I decide I am!!!
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    I wake up and start my day with 30 minutes of time to be grateful for all my blessings. to ask for guidance in the day and to pray for everyone in my family and all my friends especially for those who are in most need of help.

    Then I spend family time and we have breakfast.

    After that, I get ready for the day and start working.
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      Originally Posted by Michael55555 View Post

      I hit the snooze button, of course.
      All you can do is all you can do - Art Williams
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    Checking email & how much money I've made while I sleep
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    8.- I thank God for the day ahead
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    Pray then eat breakfast to recharge.
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    first of all, I pray to God to make my day beautiful then go for a cup of hot coffee to awake my mind to think about my work.
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    • Originally Posted by Richard Brands View Post

      first of all, I pray to God to make my day beautiful then go for a cup of hot coffee to awake my mind to think about my work.

      Hi, Richard! I do too! Right after I open my eyes, I make sure that I pray and ask for guidance. Mine would go like this: God, give me the strength to follow your will and command. Use me for your glory. After that, I will prepare myself for whatever comes my way.

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    I'm going to be the one person here who thinks:
    %#$&* that alarm!!!

    Most days I sleep in, lol

    When I finally lie in bed feeling drowsy, I start thinking about all the things I'm going to do today. Then I think about coffeee....mm.... coffeee.... and get up

    This thread has inspired me, I really should start my day more nicely!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.

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    quite for a while, let the soul come again after hang out all that night. lol
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    What is it?!......Thank you Lord for another day..
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      Roll out of bed, stumble to the coffee maker and brew some coffee. Sit in a complete daze for a couple of minutes until the coffee is ready. Take that first sip of coffee and then start to think about money making ideas and getting shi* done!
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    It's either 'wow, what an amazing dream, I want back in' or 'thank god I woke up that was a horrible dream'. Then I think........shower and up and at them if it's a working day.
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    Health & Wellness Consultant

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    when i wake up i thank to GOD that HE give me another day to improve my mistakes.after that i plan the work of the day,a man do so many mistakes so he should be learn their mistakes else it become its habit.
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    Site promotion - yes it's an obsession, since that's the last thought I have before I fall asleep too.

    Then, I have to mentally put on the brakes ... brew some coffee ... thank God for another day to contribute in a positive way ... drink some coffee ... then get to WORK.

    You CAN make money online ... you just need a plan:

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      First what i think of is coffe i guess...
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    Turning on computer and toilet.

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      Originally Posted by Daniel Wilson View Post

      Turning on computer and toilet.
      You turn on your toilet? :p

      For me: "Huh.. wha.. what's the sound? Oh my alarm."

      Most days I figure it out quick.
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    Will search mobile inbox for my girl friends message!
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    Paypal, I immediately log into paypal and see how much money I made overnight while people from the other side of the world were buying my info products. It puts a smile to my face every day I wake up :-)
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    Emails. the very first thing I think of is 'emails' lets see what has come in.
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