How To Get Out Of All Mental Death Traps And Explode Your Profits (3 Simple Principles)

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How To Get Out Of All Mental Death Traps And
Explode Your Profits in 3 Simple Principles.

And it's NOT about just theory, how to fool yourself,
and sitting in a room doing nothing but visualization

Hi Troubled Warrior -

Chances are, you clicked on this thread with
a death trap in your mind that you currently
face or may face in the future. A few others
have probably done the same, and that shows
that what you worry about is a completely
common and normal thing.

Don't you want the perfect answer to all that
mental burden? Of frustration, of worry, of

You're not the only one having these problems
and here are the 3 simple principles to solving
them forever as promised.... below.

Your #1 solution is to drop the complications
and go back to the fundamentals.

Complications are actually just misadventures
from your goal. You all know what Albert
Einstein said...

"Make everything as simple as possible, but
not simpler. Any intelligent fool can make
things bigger and more complex... It takes a
touch of genius - and a lot of courage to
move in the opposite direction," Einstein said.

Everything is actually really simple, if you
stop for a while and think about it. The only
time you find something hard is when:
1. You do not know anything about it
2. You're not sure about something.

It boils down to the fact that you do not
have strong basics! A house cannot exist
without its bottom foundation layers of
bricks. Similarly, a body of skills or
knowledge cannot simply exist without
strong basics!

Whether it's marketing, it's your relationship,
it's your passion, your skills... Think back
to where you first started. Do you really
have a firm foundation? That's when you
really need to reinforce your basics and
fill out the unfamiliarity and emotional,
logical holes that you've missed out. Start
on a clean slate, and bring up your empire.

And whether it's new or old, you need to
fulfill the 2nd principle right here... below.

Your #2 solution is to take action
towards your goals.

Taking action is just like scooping up sand
to build your sandcastle. You probably know
what Henry Ford said...

"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it
into small jobs," Henry Ford said.

Every single task starts with the first action.
The first action leads to the next action, and
the next action leads on to the following
action, and the chain continues... until the
task is completed.

What you should be concerned with isn't
how long or how much actions you have
to take... you just have to be concerned
with your FIRST step. After you take that
first step, get your 100% effort towards
that tiny 2nd step.

As a baby, we learn how to crawl. We take
the first step, and fall. But that's just one
step. We take the second, and third,
and after a few days or weeks, you manage
a feat that would seem impossible to you
when you first started.

It's the same thing for everything. If you
find yourself in complications, jump to the
first principle. Then use this 2nd principle
to rush yourself past this.

Whether it's marketing, it's your relationship,
it's your passion, your skills... the 2nd
principle works well if you take it in small

And whether it's restricted or not, you need to
fulfill the 3rd principle right here... below.

Your #3 solution is to plan as you move.

What people normally face is known as
analysis paralysis. And that means while
planning, perhaps you would turn into an
immobile statue, constantly thinking of
plans. You may know what the Murphy
Law says about this....

" "If anything can go wrong, it will."

Reasonably, yes. What you need is a
vague template of a plan to proceed
ahead. When you move on closer by
a step, and again by another step,
you begin to invigorate your plan
with huge detail.

You plan for the A, the B, the C...
but you may not plan for the D! That's
when you realize that you have to react
just by that very step.

Whether it's marketing, it's your relationship,
it's your passion, your skills... don't you
realize that you have to plan AS you move?

You simply can't afford to sit there as an
immobile analyst without doing any

And here's the last... (BONUS!) principle:

People call this the Law of Attraction,
the Prayer, the synchronization of
vibrating quantum strings, etc.

Here's the only thing that matters to you:
The LoA is the combination of all the
3 principles at the top I've shown you...
out of theory and in real-time.

It has worked miracles for many
entrepreneurs online. Forget about all
the mystical (hyped) visualizations and
hypnosis tapes. Forget about the
incessant chants of Ho'oponopono or
positive affirmations. Forget about all
of that. You don't even need to think
about the LoA to use it. It's just a
system... that everyone can use with
the 3 principles I've shown you.

Now, go out there and explode your life.


P.S. - If you skipped to the bottom and skimmed through the text, I suggest you take the few seconds of time (hardly enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee) to just take a light read of this article.

P.P.S - If you're still hesitating in your life... come back to this article.

P.P.P.S - Life is short... With an approximation of 20,000 hours left, there really isn't much time for you to fulfill your dreams. You can now, with just these 3 simple principles.
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    thanx im new here and this got me wondering bout the fundamentals, much appreciated
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    I used to have these "Mental Death Traps" in my first weeks in internet marketing and I think a post by Mike Lantz got me out of it. And thank you too for taking the time to write this.
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      Hey, thanks for kind words.
      To summarize, whenever you are caught in a mental death trap, simply follow these 3 principles:

      1. Strengthen your basic knowledge/skills (A good golf swing doesn't come from actively analyzing its trajectory... It comes from practice, until it becomes a subconscious habit.)

      2. Take Action. (Taking action isn't taking a storm head on. It is overcoming one small step, then another, until you suddenly realize that you've gone through a hailstorm of steps.)

      3. Do active planning. (Always plan on every single step you take, because each step opens new opportunities as well as new pitfalls.)

      These three are basically the practical way to utilize the true LOA. Think abundance, not lack. Think action, not stale/still. Only with these 3 principles can you really do it right: Think rich, not poor.

      If you're poor at something, you're not bad at it. You haven't taken a step towards being good at it, you have poor knowledge and basics, and you haven't planned a route to brilliance.

      Respectfully, horizon
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      • Profile picture of the author Karson
        I agree with all this. The one thing I can add is your visualization is what you want, what you are after. Use that as drive to hunker down, strengthen your basics, take action on your plan of action. When you are frustrated and hit a road block you have what you visualized as a reminder of what you are working for. It is not what will become if you visualize it over and over, but it sure is good drive to get what you need done no matter how tedious.
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  • Profile picture of the author SEOLIX
    Visualization is a good aid. But everything boils down to DOING things in practical.

    Good share; thank you.
    Signature - Award Winning SEO, Linkbuilding and Social Media Juggernaut
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