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I've just launched a new adjunct to my copywriting business and I'm hoping to generate some cool topics by picking your brains.

My question is: Is your work your life purpose and passion?

If not, why not?

I'd love to hear some thought provoking responses...


Mark P.

P.S. If you do market your life purpose, what's been your experience?
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    I don't understand your question. Are you asking if I use my "life purpose" as a branding tactic?

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      Originally Posted by SamJo View Post

      I don't understand your question. Are you asking if I use my "life purpose" as a branding tactic?
      Hey Sam... Many apologies... I fixed the question. 24 hours of no sleep!

      Again, I'd love to hear (read) all of your responses!

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    Well no doubt for me my work is my passion and probably the purpose of life. SEO and Internet Marketing is my work and I am too much passionate about this, no matter it's my work or if it would have been something else even. I chose this as my profession because I really love it and want to see my self as a successful Internet Marketer. Concerning me I think if your work is your passion and life purpose you will just keep on climbing up the ladder, use to talk about your work between your friends and mates just because you know the exact value of your work and results and even want everyone to respect the same. I have worked for many sites and ranked them on top 3 of Google and I always use to talk with my friends during the work is under process for the sites I am working till the end that is until it reaches its destination. I think when you market your passion the effort is direct from heart and mind and one takes all possible steps to make others agree about the importance of the work.
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    That's a shame... a good questions wasted by spammers who apparently need to spread the word about foreclosures. By the way spammers, your copy is horrible. If you're going to infiltrate threads on the warrior forum, at least have something worthy to look at or sound like you know what you're talking about!


    I'd still really love some more feedback.

    The question I asked above is so relevant to becoming successful, because the intention behind your actions is more important than the actions themselves.

    I envision an internet where more people than not are blasting and broadcasting what they're really passionate about.

    ...An internet where WE feel an incredible desire to positively affect other people with our visions.

    I've been a direct response copywriter for about 3 years now. And I've worked with a lot of clients who have the genuine desire to HELP people with their product or service.

    I've also been exposed to just how many people want to simply make money, no matter what it is they're putting out there.

    They have no passion about what they're selling; just a fear-born desire to make as much money as they can... as quickly as possible.

    It's a shame because we ALL have something amazing to share.

    But when the financial obligations in our lives make us CHOOSE to build online businesses that lack any substance at all, all we're really doing is demeaning ourselves.

    You have a PURPOSE.

    If you're not allowing yourself to FEEL what that purpose is, you'll bounce around from one empty feeling endeavor after the other.


    When you really embrace the KNOWING that something amazing wants to come out of you... and all you need is that one inspiring idea to activate your body as a deeply profound level, it's really just about getting out of your own way.

    So all I'm really asking here is: Is your business the purpose you've been inspired to broadcast and HELP people with your solution? Are you so enormously passionate about what you're doing and believe in your vision unlike anything you've ever done before?


    Are you just trying to make money and don't feel a tremendous inspiration about what you're trying to sell?

    Both experiences are tremendous creations.

    But only one of them fills your body with the kind of anticipation that consumes your body with excitement and wonder.

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    my work is my passion. I learn very much from internet marketing. My dream is to be a well known name in internet marketing. Hope someday i will achieve my goal .
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    Mine too - work is passion. Doing what I love and adding value to other people's lives brings me immense satisfaction.
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