Any advice for some motivation?

by tjc348
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Hey guys, I know that internet marketing can be a lot of work and takes time and dedication.. My biggest downfall is that I don't have the motivation that I need to continually work on e-marketing each day..

I'm making some money, but not nearly as much as I can. I've been averaging about $10 a month. Which is nothing! I actually started working on internet marketing about 8 months ago so I guess that I am blessed to be making something. About 60 dollars total from one of my websites selling clickbank products.. I've learned a lot and know what it is that I need to do, but it seems very difficult to keep myself focused.

I'm just looking to hear from you guys.. What do you do to keep motivated? What kind of advice do you have to give to me? Something I could do everyday that will help motivate me and bring my dreams to reality.

I'm currently unemployed and have all the time in the world. Also found myself starting to be extremely lazy.. finding it harder and harder to motivate myself and focus on my internet business..

Any advice/suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
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    Try Steve Pavlina blog. It helps a lot, trust me.
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    The challenge most marketers face is that they do stuff for money and not because they enjoy it. Do something you enjoy and I promise the money will follow. This does not mean hard work will not be needed. But it means that when it gets tough, you'll have an easier time pushing through because you enjoy it. Stop falling for the get rich push button crap on this site. They are just playing to your fears and desire for money.

    Or stay stuck...your choice
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    You probably didn't enjoy going to school and learning algebra that much either, right? What motivated you then? I agree with the above poster: if you're just doing it for the money, you'll lose motivation. You must find some passion in your work. Good luck!
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      NO I didnt enjoy going to highschool. I actually dropped out at the age.of 15. GED almosy immediately then decided I wanted to try some college, so I got my associates degree in business with a 3.0 GPA. I even hated having yo do college work but I pulled through.

      Anyways, I chose niches in which I enjoy. It deffinetly helps to be interested in topics your writing about. And ive never fell for any get rich quick push buttons. I have basically come to the conclusion that most of it is crap and not worth wasting my time on.

      And everyone here is trying to make money. so how can you not focus on the money factor of it all. However, I deffinetly agree.that you have to have a passion for what you do, no doubt.

      I guess what im saying is that ive gotten into a rut and im just being lazy. Ill have to do something or like you say, im just gonna continue to be stuck. I really do enjoy internet marketing and id rather chose to do that then work your regular 9-5 job the rest of my life...
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        Well - if you want a sudden jolt of motivation - go to Youtube and type in Intelligent Warrior...Watch at least video 1, 2, 4, and 7...You will notice a diffference. It is sort of a band aid though...and the result isn't permanent...You will notice a difference though for about 8 hours after watching
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          Hi, sorry if my post comes across as blunt. But these are insights that can make or break your life as it did for me and many others out there.

          There are multiple causes for your predicament. Firstly, are you really lacking in motivation or just procrastinating?

          Both are similar, and let me explain why it is important to you.

          If you're lacking in motivation, it's simple. You have zero passion and interest in what you are doing.

          How do you get motivation?

          Easy. Get passionate about what you're doing. Get interested. Get involved.

          If you find IM boring, it might not be for you. Otherwise, you can find certain aspects in IM that really interests you. I found Copywriting as my passion within IM and I'm sure you can find yours. There is no single way to make big money on the net. It's all about the method.

          People tend to keep doing things they like. If you treat this in 2 ways:
          1. A real business and breadwinner
          2. A passion and interest

          I see no reason why you won't succeed.

          Alright, if it isn't the motivation... Why the procrastination?

          Again, it isn't as complicated as it should seem to be. Procrastination means 2 things:
          A) you like the task you're doing currently better than what you need to do
          B) you don't like the thing you need to do

          If it's A for you, then you need a reality check. Rome was not built in one day, neither were millionaires. But you can start from the very first step... And that means you do not treat the problem as a whole. You face each tiny step one by one until you overcome 100s of these tiny steps. It makes everything much easier.

          If it's B for you, refer to the motivation segment above.

          If you still don't know what to do, check out my other thread in this forum on "How to get out of all mental death traps (3 simple principles)". A simple 3 step formula that works every single time without fail.
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