Goal Setting: Short Term or Long Term

by byalik
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When you are setting goals, is it better to do short term goals or long term? Example, do you want to say you will make $1,000 a month, or that you will sell the business for $10million at the end of 2 years?
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    Most people need short-term steps for long-term goals. If your goal is to become a millionaire in 2 years, you'll need steps to get there. If you want to sell the business for $10M, how will you make it that valuable?
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      Make a long term goal that you know you can achieve.

      Then with whatever your schedule allows you should make daily to do list or weekly to do list. It should be your goal to complete these to do list within a target time frame. There is about 50 billion things you can do online besides those little things on your to do list. Hence the goal mindset of it and a target time frame.

      Hope this helps
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    A person needs both short term and long term goals to keep them focused, motivated and moving forward.

    Goals must stretch you, but they must also be realistic. One method of goal-setting is to choose a goal and a target date to complete it, then work backwards from the goal to determine the steps needed to get you there. (Or you can start at the beginning and determine the steps necessary to lead you to the goal.)

    It might prove to be a doable goal. Or you might find that the goal needs to be downsized, or the time frame needs to be lengthened.


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      There are two types of goals:
      1. The Ultimate goal
      2. The Practical goal

      Here's why knowing it matters to you...

      Albert Einstein had a famously insane goal. He sure didn't build it overnight.

      Catch my drift yet?

      Alright here we go... A house can't be built by building separate walls.

      Think of it this way.

      A house is an Ultimate goal.

      A wall is a practical goal.

      To reach the ultimate goal, you need a few of these practical goals to reach it.

      By first setting up a wall, you make it near impossible to relocate your house. You decrease the flexibility of your Ultimate goal.


      Set your Ultimate goal first. This is usually long-term. You may want to become a millionaire. A billionaire. A space cadet. A pilot. A banker.

      Then you design your Practical goals. What do you need to get from where you are... To that Ultimate goal?

      How do you design that dream house?

      Remember, you're an architect of your life.
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    short term....so we can achieve it and get the result or if we failed then we can fix it faster
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    Short term... so we can achieve long term target in month..
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    In order to achieve the long-term goals, you need to set short-term goals on how you want to achieve the goals 2 years down the road. If you say you want to sell the business for $10m, how are you going to achieve that?

    Set small goals on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. $10m is a big figure and is overwhelming that you may give up altogether in the end.
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      Long-term goals with short-term tasks! When you work hard on your small and short-term tasks, you would automatically complete your long-term goal. That's exactly how it works. So, divide your ultimate goal into small tasks that can be easily accomplished and measured.
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    designing your life is the best thing to do -

    happiness comes from clarity - but we only get true clarity now and then - when we see that everything is gonna be a ok and the path we've chosen is good
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    I have both short term and long term goals. Both are important in the scheme of things, excluding one could be a mistake.
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