My Accountability Thread: Waking Up Earlier

by Ash R
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I'm desperately trying to wake up early in the morning. Working for myself means I can do whatever I want, but I feel terrible if I wake up late - that's like wasting half the day.

However, my sleep-addled self is great at going back to sleep. I've tried everything - even jumping out to turn off the alarm in another room then running back to bed.

So I'm hoping that holding myself accountable here will work for me.

And I'm happy because today I got up at 7, yay!

My goal is to get up between 630-7, though I'll err towards 7. The hubby leaves for work then, and he spends the time from 630 onwards doing the crazy "gah I need to get work, where are my socks, where's my lunch, where's my tie" thing that folks do when they're in a rush.

Also, I don't want to block up the first page of the forum by replying to this thread, so I'll just keep editing this first post below, with dates and time woken up.

Wish me luck! I really need your support


Thursday, Nov24 - No good. Got up at 830, grr, and that too only because I was expecting a delivery.

Friday, Nov 25: Got up at 845am. Not too bad since I'm very productive this morning, unlike many days when it takes me till midday to feel awake.
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    Kudos for putting yourself "out there" Ash. You've already done more than most people are willing to do when it comes to creating new success habits.

    What I normally do when I really want to create a new habit is remove and chance of "slacking off". So in your case, you could start a new class or create a club where you meet every morning super early to work on something. It could be fitness related, business related or even some other hobby or something like that.

    But if you know there are 3, 4 or maybe even more people waiting for you to show up so they can get started.... you likely won't want to miss that
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    Once you have done this for 2 weeks or so it will probably become habit and will get easier and easier to do. As mentioned in the previous post if you are a night person your "clock" may not like this but you will get used to it for the most part.
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    Hey, thanks for your support guys! I'm already feeling more enthusiastic about maintaining a good morning routine

    Also, I am definitely a morning person! I love early mornings, I'm much more alert (once I've had my coffee!) and waking up late makes me feel bad to have missed breakfast. Mmm, breakfast.... I love breakfast

    I've thought about having some kind of early morning commitment, but the gym classes I like start much later. My friends tend to be at work so I can't meet them, and the "hobby" art class I'm thinking of joining is in the evening.

    I might switch to a new gym in a few months, but till then, I'll be depending on you guys
    Don't sweat the small stuff :)
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    All the best to you!
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    It always feels great whenever I wake up early in the morning. All the day I feel very enthusiastic and full of energy. I always try to be continuous with this schedule but never get success. Need some tips.
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    great, you only have to do it 21 days straight and you will develop a habit of it and hopefully won't even need alarm clock in future to be up at 7
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    Thanks for your support guys, but sleeping in is one of my body's favorite things - doesn't matter when I go to sleep, etc. I really need to find some kind of daily early-morning committment!
    Don't sweat the small stuff :)
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