What do you do when you feel uninspired?

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You can't be motivated every day. There will be times when you feel down. What do you do when that happens?

For me, I listen to success coaches.
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    Reading and listening to success and inspirational coaches is very inspiring, but when I find myself not being productive and uninspired, I choose to stop using the computer until I get a clear outline of what to do the next time I sit down on the computer again.
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    When I feel unispired, the best way for me is to stop working for today, and to go to bed earlier. I feel refreshed after good sleep, and feel refresshed to continue going to my goals, without lack of inspiration.
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    Originally Posted by Louie Sioco View Post

    You can't be motivated every day. There will be times when you feel down. What do you do when that happens?

    For me, I listen to success coaches.
    I think you can be motivated every day. If you are aware that 120 people die every minute I see no reason why you can fail to be motivated.

    However, not all activities can motivate you every day. So when such a situation arises, the best thing is to switch tasks or the style you use to tackle them.
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    I think it important to always remember what your goals are, if you have not set goals, you need to set goals. If you are not feeling motivated that day, stop working, lay on the couch or somewhere quit and peachful, and then close your eyes, do some breathing excerise and get relaxed, then think about your goals, and think about how you would feel once you reach them, once you get in that place, you will start to find motivation.
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    I listen to my favourite music and then I start to feel good again...

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    I listen to techno, dance music it pumps me right up and gets me moving.
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    Talk to other successful people you know who motivate you. I always talk to my brother whose a successful business owner and that always gets me up and running
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    I come to Warrior forum
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      Originally Posted by feliciayapsl View Post

      I come to Warrior forum
      I totally agree with this - it usually works for me.

      I think we each need our own toolbox of motivational techniques that work for us at different times. For me, reading is the mode that usually helps to come up with something inspiring, but sometimes, that falls completely flat. Then, I have to try video, audio, meditation, writing, or some other way to give me a kickstart.

      No single method will continue working forever - they're all subject to 'habituation' - we get used to things that aren't a threat to us and we need something stronger, or at least different, to maintain the effect of a stimulus.

      I sometimes turn to a book called "Personal Achievement", by Martin Rhodes, for motivation. It's long been out of print, but I can usually find something in there to give me a boost.


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    Originally Posted by Louie Sioco View Post

    You can't be motivated every day. There will be times when you feel down. What do you do when that happens?

    For me, I listen to success coaches.
    Try to Read more about Motivation. OR Go to Youtube and Be inspired.

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    Will inspire to Learn more things, try hard and move on as I always feel hard work pays you.
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    Upon reading the comments here, i can see that music plays a big part in our lives.
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    After frittering half my life away (that's not exactly the truth), at about 45-50 I knew that my life only had so much time remaining. From that point on, I decided not to waste a minute of whatever time I had left. My need not to waste time has been my driver ever since.

    Maybe being a high energy, A Type personality helps, but I rarely have an off or uninspired day. Maybe living one day at a time helps, too.

    Within my definition of time NOT being wasted, I allow time for exercise, social activities, friends, a baseball or basketball game. All action activities in their own right. Wasting time might include spending hours in front of a TV watching mindless sitcoms or talk shows, or 6 hours of ESPN.

    What works for me may not work for you.
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    I usually listen to my favorite songs/music or read books which will uplift my emotions.
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    I go hiking in the forest with my dog. It is amazing what some excercise and nature can do for your creativity.
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    I go over the lists of the things I wanna see in my life. I look at photographs of the past and think of the things I want to happen in the future. Doing this puts me back to the notion of needing to work for the future!
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    I usually get motivated by watching motivational videos and of course getting a word from successful people. It gives me the boost to work even more. Coz I keep telling myself "Someday I'll be like them. Someday. I'll surpass them".
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    I go over my future plans online and write out all of the money I can be making if I get back to work. If that doesn't work, I read some popular success stories about internet marketers.
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    I go to my favorite place..(bedroom)

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    I do one of three things, if not all:

    1.) Reciting positive affirmations that counter the negative thoughts/situations
    which are causing my lack of inspiration.

    2.) Envisioning myself actually living within the reality that I am
    working to achieve, in vivid detail and with accurate clarity--as if I'm literally there

    3.) Listen to empowering/motivating music. Oftentimes music contains "messages" that we can interpret and relate to our individual experience, at any given time. Music seems to "talk" to you if you really listen.
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    When I'm feeling down, I tried to relax and stop from working because I know that I'm not productive at that time.

    Try to get out from your normal routine and try something different like going to the mall, to the park with your family and friends or chat with other peole.
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    I don't loose my attention, As I only work when I'm ready to do it. Otherwise you will loose your motivation.
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    when i feel down, i talk a lot to my family. My family is my courage i love to spend time with them.
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    I read books, watch personal improvement videos from Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy They really help!
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    Try self improvement audio. Avoid continuous monotonous work. And of course live for others. If you start to help a helpless people each day without any return, trust me, you wouldn't even worry about getting inspiration from any where else.
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    I talk, to other motivated people, I remember that time is forever moving forward and you can't get it back, and also just taking a break and stepping back for a second is vital too. It's just as important to rest as it is to play
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    When I feel uninspired, I get to meditate and think of the goals that I want to reach. The fulfillment of success, that position that I want to get, the honor, and the people who needs me to do my tasks everyday. Inspiring yourself everyday sometimes takes innovative ideas because our thoughts change, people around us change, and we change. So, I guess, people should get to motivate themselves effectively everyday.
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    Originally Posted by Louie Sioco View Post

    You can't be motivated every day. There will be times when you feel down. What do you do when that happens?

    For me, I listen to success coaches.
    The best thing you can do when you are uninspired is to get inspired. :-) You can get involved in activities that "make" you happy - listen to music, doing hobbies, taking breaks, taking a nap, going out with friends, dancing, swimming, etc. If it does not feel like doing those things - FORCE YOURSELF.

    However, you do not want to work or do anything important when you are in your "down time." You are right, you can't always be motivated, because people's emotional states are DYNAMIC.

    However, you can shift that moody and uninspired state of being by KNOWING how to do it.

    Here's more info about it: http://www.warriorforum.com/mind-war...k-24-ways.html

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    I accept the inaction.

    Not only do I accept it but I express gratitude for my inaction and remind myself that this is a natural part of life. We all have to slow down from time to time.

    My mind is just working to protect me from either going in the wrong direction or telling me to slow down.

    The more I accept it and put it into perspective the smaller and less challenging it becomes for me.

    I've learned that "struggling" against my tendencies just leads to more struggle. Don't pursue change, just let it ensue on it's own.

    So lately when I'm facing a bout of fear and anxiety or inaction and laziness I express gratitude for this. I allow myself to feel it with the understanding it doesn't have to dominate my day.

    Give it a shot!

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    There are phases of life or sometimes weeks on end where I don't feel inspired. These are different than just needing a quick fix one day when I have trouble getting back to work in the afternoon. Actually for me, it's the morning that's usually the hard part--getting started on the day's tasks.

    Anyway, some of the things mentioned here work in the short-term but can also prevent having many days period where you feel uninspired in the first place. I have found the following helpful:

    Taking a break, going outside, doing chores (SHORT break or you will start coming up with busy work to procrastinate)
    Deep Relaxation Exercises
    Affirmations about myself
    Visualization about my goals

    The stuff works!!!
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  • There are several factors that you need to start to feel better ... first - internal dialogue - look how you talk to yourself. The second - the attitude - just a few exercises, running, any sport .... just 10 minutes and immediately feel better. Motivation, purpose, music, whatever makes you feel better. Controlling your mind is the key ...
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    'When things get tough, remember why you started'
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    Music got to be my inspiration, always
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    just listen to the music...
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