What is your measure for sucess?

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I'm just wondering what SUCCESS means for you guys?
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    For me it's pretty much freedom, being able to do whatever you want whenever you want.
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    I feel like I am already successful. I have reached out for what I wanted to do and I have supported my family for 3 years doing it. I continue to learn, grow, and increase my income. I'm not rich yet--not even by a long shot--but I'm living comfortably during a time other people are experiencing as a repeat of the Great Depression. This makes me feel exceptionally successful!
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    Success for me is a feeling of opportunity to do what I want, to be indipendent of the circumstances.
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    Success means living right with the universe.
    1. You reap only where you have sown.
    2. You respect the law of cause and effect.
    3. You create instead of taking away wealth from others.
    4. You don't fume at politicians.
    5. You give thanks to the universe.
    6. You have a definite major purpose in life.
    7. You are ready and willing to pay the price to get what you want.
    8. You are aware that its wrong to eat if you don't work and so you work tirelessly to put food on the table.
    9. You are aware that only you can chart your own destiny and you take full responsibility for everything going on in your life.
    10. You are aware that a good man must leave an inheritance to his grand children ( not children) and you work towards this.

    Sorry it sounds like a sermon...

    If you are aware of those ten you are successful.
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    Reaching goals has to be what I measure my own success with. Not always financial goals either. (Although that's always nice). But for me, even just setting up a website, getting traffic to them, getting articles published, read and bringing visitors over, then that can be success.
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    Freedom, good health, happy family and also feeling succesfull
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    Success to me means more FREE time and financial freedom

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    Well for me success if my family is bond together as one, eat healthy foods, and love always together. If I'm Successful in Money I will help the Poor and I just want THANKS in return. Always Pray for Safety of the family and good health.

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    Success to me is living the purpose that God predetermined for my life.
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