I'm in trouble - help please.............

by aamcle
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I can build sties with Wordpress or Joomal and HTML, I've run and am running a couple of eCommerce sites (no sales) , I've SEO'ed one of my previous sites to Google SEPR 01 in the UK.

I'm in about the worst trouble a would be business person ever could be!

I should be OK I know what I need to do BUT MY MOTIVATION IS GONE!! without it I can't get myself going to do the work certainly not to do it consistently.

So good people how to I get mu mojo back? Reading "inspirational" stuff doesn't seem to be doing it for me, the hunger just seems to have died.

Any help please!! aamcle
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    My guess is you are not challenging yourself enough. And you are likely stuck in a "comfort zone".

    Do something WAY outside of your comfort zone. For example, commit to do something you don't know how to do and give yourself a deadline.

    When I wanted to get into pro-speaking, I cold called colleges saying I had a great talk and I wanted to speak at their next student event. I had no clue what I was doing but I got a couple of gigs. I even got dates for the talks booked and an agreement to be paid for my talk.

    Now I had to deliver. BETTER BELIEVE my motivation was super high after that decision. I have used that same philosophy over and over again and my business has shown progressive growth year over year for 4 years now.... along with my self confidence and overall skillset.
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      Listen, this happens to the best of us. What you need to do is the following:

      1. Workout. 5 times a week. Stop sitting around.
      2. Listen to music you like, play an instrument if you know how.
      3. Get outside.
      4. Go to the mall.
      5. Stop thinking about your businesses and websites.

      Wake up tomorrow. Be inspired. Keep up the healthy routine and lifestyle. Inspiration and motivation can't be bottled up, taught by a coach, or obtained through an ebook. It is within you, but realize no human can possibly be motivated 24/7, 365.

      Lastly, if money is what motivates you, your life will suck. Don't make money your only goal. Develop a passion. For example, I have a website that ranks higher than any other site, and its NOT a business site. It's a news site where I write articles on a topic I'm passionate about. I suggest you try a "side project" on a topic you truly are passionate about.
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        Originally Posted by DiVincenzo View Post

        Listen, this happens to the best of us. What you need to do is the following:

        1. Workout. 5 times a week. Stop sitting around.
        2. Listen to music you like, play an instrument if you know how.
        3. Get outside.
        4. Go to the mall.
        5. Stop thinking about your businesses and websites.


        The number one killer of motivation is lack of energy the number one reason for lack of energy is lack of exercise. I promise if you spend 30 min straight of exercise you will see improvement in motivation.

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    The point is you loss Energy,, your mission weak...,

    get back your energy up and mission up.. you will back ok and stronger !

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    I agree. Exercise is important. Taking time off is too. Take some time off. Sounds like you are burned out and go do something you enjoy. You've worked hard, you earned it. It is amazing how down time can help you be creative.

    In Europe, I hear they take long vacations. I remember reading a study where employers who forced the employees to take their vacation time were more productive when they returned.

    You can do this. Just take some time for yourself.
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    Been there just recently. In fact, until this morning.

    Spent nearly a week procrastinating, putting off things, confused, despondent. We all get like that at times.

    As mentioned above, it's OK to take a break and get away from the PC for a day or two. While you're having your break, if you're like me the answer will come to you. You will find there is usually an underlying reason for your lack of motivation.

    In my case, I found it was the frustration of not having the time that I needed to spend developing my business. The day job was getting in the way and 'nothing' was happening. I realized I had too much to do and it was all swirling round in my head and bringing me down.

    This morning I sat and wrote down everything I had to do and prioritized it all. I felt really great!

    Two things happened...

    One, I am now in control of the ever wandering mind and its negativity.

    Two, the amount of stuff I actually really had to do was one zillionth of what my mind was telling me.

    So take a break and prioritize your To Do List.

    I promise, it helps.

    Best Wishes
    Andy Moore
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      DiVincenzo hit this on the head. Exercise gives energy and will jazz your endorphins. It also clears your mind and creates focus as you complete a task with a definitive beginning and end. After a quick shower, it's like being reborn. Now go tackle that to do list!
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        Not sure what the above mentioned was^

        But to add one more thing..

        Try meditating!

        "Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure."
        -Norman Vincent Peale

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          Thanks all my energy levels are low but my Pup and I have started t get some excessive so they should improve.

          ATB aamcle
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    I think this is a problem that everyone has to some extent.

    There is no "sure fire" way to motivate yourself but what you can do is understand that motivation that is something that is completely mental and tied to emotions.

    Most likely you are at a halt in your online business so you have lost momentum, and that's ok. I was once recently in your same situation and here is what I did...

    I literally FORCED myself to start getting more work done in my business, as well as trying to train my mind to deter any of the negative thoughts. Sounds stupid and easy but it's not.

    If you can train yourself to stay optimistic and hungry with your business you will feel a fire of desire in your heart. Another HUGE part of this is who you surround yourself. Start realizing the people in your life who are negative and are not helping you grow and stop spending so much wasted time with them. I know that sounds mean but it's what you must do if you have dreams that require you to actually take action...

    Start off by watching this:
    (PS, it worked for me my business is now growing faster than I ever imagined)

    "Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure."
    -Norman Vincent Peale

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    That's a good point about energy. Also breaking the inaction by leaving the environment to do something you enjoy is another good tip because it give you a mental break and recharges your batteries.

    I" ll add, get clear on why your blogging. You might want more money, but why ? What will you do with the money, how will it make you feel. What does it mean to you ? Is that what you truly want ? Is this what you truly value/desire ?

    How about fear of failure ? Do you not take action because you fear it may not turn out as well as planned. Do you fear the work ?

    Focus on the result rather than the process.
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  • It is actually not hard to get motivated- you just have to write down the reasons why you are doing this? I mean you really need to get to the heart of it and give yourself BIG REASONS as to why are doing this and that should be enough to get you inspired to work to achieve your goals when you remember why you made those goals in the first place.

    You should visualize and feel what it is you want to achieve and WHY it is you want to achieve it so bad. What some people don't realize is the WHY is jut as important as the HOW.
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    Ask yourself if you're actually doing the right things (relative to your online efforts). All the contributions added to the post are very good and useful.. But can only help so much relative to making money. That is, if you're not doing the right stuff online, no matter what you do to attain further inspiration/motivation you will do only that... Inspire/motivate, but that doesn't necessarily equate to making more money.. Not always.

    For example, I can be in business selling ice and I'm targeting Eskimos. No matter how inspired I get I probably still won't succeed because I'm not doing what I should -- perhaps selling ice in the Sahara. see what I mean?

    Now I'm NOT assuming you're not doing what you should, perhaps you are and a little inspiration is all you need... But I think you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice if you didn't take an objective approach to your actual business plan (but perhaps you already have). Best of luck!

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    I think it's your "success thermostat". We all have our inner comfort zone and the subconscious mind keeps us inside that zone like a thermostat keeps the room temperature. It doesn't matter if we consciously want to be a multi-millionaire, if in our subconscious mind there are big problems associated with that, we never reach it [that goal and most importantly to our subconscious mind-those problems].
    And usually we are programmed to have huge problems with great success: what will my friends think of me, I'm probably going to loose most of them; can I be responsible enough?; rich are said to be bad and greedy people, I don't want to be that; maybe I'll loose it, then it's better not to get it at all, as loosing will be too painful; I don't want the IRS sniffing around; I don't want attract criminals etc. etc.

    To overcome this, the best thing is some releasing technique.

    Use these laws and make the Law of Attraction work
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    read Bloomberg and TechCrunch. those two sites are the most inspiring :-)
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    Have tried life coaching or NLP? If not, send me an email: ginnysclub (at) gmail.com and I'll give you up to four coaching sessions for FREE with NO opt-ins, NO BS.

    Well, you've asked for help and I am willing to help you. Now, it's up to you to take action.

    And by the way, I am a Certified Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) Coach and Master Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) Practitioner (INLPTA).

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