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Hi fellow warriors!

Im looking for some motivational audios that you can put on your phone or mp3 player and listen to whenever you are going for a run, sitting in your car, on the metro or whatever.

My suggestion is to record yourself when saying positive things, talking about your goals and so on.

Does someone have some suggestions for positive, motivational audio clips or books, similar to videos like: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmwlH-3L1Zg&feature=related
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  • Do a search on YouTube for:
    Abraham-Hicks, Rampage of Invincibility
    Bashar, Abundance

    and go for them and check in related, too. To download a video as an mp3, go to YouTube to MP3 Converter - Video2mp3 and either enter a link to a youtube clip there, or install their add-ins for your browser, then it will add a link to download mp3 to every YouTube page you open.

    Good luck
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    Have any of you heard about NLP? Neuro-linguistic programming. I use hypnosis audios under NLP to help reaffirm beliefs that I'm seeking. It has been working out pretty well.
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    My favorite audios are original recordings by Napoleon Hill. As incredible as his books are, hearing him speak in his own voice is even more powerful. Get "Napoleon Hill In His Own Voice" for $5.99 on Amazon - over 9 hours of Dr. Hill speaking live what is worth MILLIONS if you ask me!

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    I didn't know there were recordings either, off to Amazon for me and some stocking stuffers too. Thanks

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    There's a whole bunch of motivational videos here ...

    Motivational Videos - Home


    EDIT: Sorry I misread your post - I see you asked about audio, not video. Still with video, you get audio included
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    The Strangest Secret is a good audio. Earl Nightingale
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