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I have been lucky enough to interact with Lola Jones, a spiritual teacher and author. Actually, I bartered with her to build a website in exchange for her 5 day intensive program... it was pretty incredible!

I continue to work with her as more people find her information, and I have been initiated to give Divine Openings which is a great way to SuperCharge your intention and create the life you want.

From her website:
What is Divine Openings?

Divine Openings is a special type of Divine Grace that opens up the crown chakra in an unprecendented way, so that you can let in all the good and Grace that is being offered to you every minute. It puts you back in alignment with your Divine Self. You can't put it in a box with energy work or anything else you know. But once you're plugged back into the flow of Life, things get increasingly easier.
It could be thought of as "very high frequency information" rather than energy. It is not just energy work. "Energy work" often tunes you up, but then you go back to the old pattern. Diving Openings' effects are permanent, not temporary.
Divine Openings melts negativity, issues, problems, and limitations away. It bypasses the long, arduous work of therapy and most spiritual paths. The Divine Opening begins to dissolve and melt everything that isn't you. Lower vibrations are raised en masse, yet the process is usually gentle, immediately uplifting, and comforting. Most people feel increased inner connection, peace, and relief from life's stresses after only one session. Many experience profound bliss. It increases with each session or course. Life gets better and better.
There are two parts to Divine Openings:
1. The Grace part
2. The conscious mind part.
Grace does most of the work, but you need the conscious mind teachings to use your free will to maximum benefit, and to retrain your mind to stay out of the way. Divine Openings gives you everything you need -- the Grace, and the know-how to keep it flowing.
Over time, you're freed from the dominance and limitation of the mind. Your limited small self takes a back seat, and your unlimited Large Self gets in the driver's seat. And once that happens, life gets really good.
The "trick" is to get your ego/small self out of the way and allow the Source to flow through you. This puts you in "the zone" where things just work and life is full of ease.

NOW - I am not able to give a FULL Divine Opening to you if you don't have the book, or a class, consult with me or SOME type of support. This is really powerful stuff, and as you start to open up you will spiritually detox... it can be strange.

But for my fellow Warriors, I am willing to do one of two things:

1) If you purchase the book or course (see link in my sig), PM me and I will send you a Full Divine Opening. Distance/time don't matter, and my openings tend to be pretty powerful... people get "buzzed" and often see immediate results.

2) If you are just curious or not ready to get anything, reply back with a topic and I will give you an Intention Opening. This is a much milder form where your intention (life, love, health, weath, etc.) is reinforced and charged up.

Either way, if you are serious about Manifesting and Law of Attraction the easy way, then you need to visit her site. There are tons of free resources including a virtual mini intensive, book sample and week 1 of her Level 1 class.

I have seen incredible results, and amazing things are coming into my life, and I feel compelled to offer whatever help I can to those who are looking to advance their lives.

As a final note, check out this story of how I was led to an incredible business deal (potentially worth millions) without any effort:

Be blessed, Warriors!

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    I believe the Law of Attraction works all around us. It only takes a willingness to be aware of it. Give positive to receive positive. And while I commend you on your spiritual journey I do not believe in "supercharging" the law of attraction. Its as natural as gravity. I wonder what your thoughts are?

    Peace to you friend
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    Sounds interesting. I'll take a look at her website.
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    I agree completely.

    The "supercharging" is actually a bit backwards... the Law of Attraction and Divine Grace are always at 100%.

    However - we close off the "flow" and only allow so much to come in. This is exacerbated by the habits, cultural memes and external limitations that we take upon ourselves.

    Divine Openings is about making the effort to make no effort...

    As we open up and let go, we create space for the Divine to work in and through us. This creates a feedback cycle where "the better it gets the better it gets."

    From our "small mind" perspective, the result is that we see faster/stronger/easier results from our positive intentions AND we continue to evolve in a positive direction. So, from this perspective it does appear as though our manifesting is "supercharged".

    Most who are seeking and "working" on the Law of Attraction are coming from the outside in and so will see/attract the information that will "speed up" or improve the process...

    Excellent point - thanks for your comment!


    PS would you like an Intention Opening?
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    Sir, I would like an intention opening, and I would hope to hear more from you about this. I find this all very interesting and I'm open to many spiritual things.

    Thanks for your time,


    Simple Mission Statement "Under the Radar and Over the Top!"
    Sean's Guide To The Forum
    Thoughts of a 22 Year Old Marketer

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  • Profile picture of the author rlnorthcutt

    Send me a PM with the intention you want to focus on, and feel free to ask any questions here or in PM.

    You will also find a TON of info on Lola's site, and she is constantly pumping out more. She has a newer online course called "Jumping the Matrix" that is really mind-blowing.

    I will be putting some videos online soon on a new blog, so I will update this thread when I do.

    Your interest and openness suggests that you are heading in the right direction. More and more information will flow to you as you open up to guidance.

    best regards,
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  • Profile picture of the author visit_faraz
    HI Ron,
    I would love to get a divine opening .
    Will it help me if I have an intention of being financially free or perhaps earn a certain amount of dollars every month?

    Please let me know.
    P.S. Its late now in my part of the world so I will be taking a look at her site tomorrow.
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  • Profile picture of the author rlnorthcutt

    I would suggest that an intention of financial freedom is most powerful. With that in mind, you should focus on letting go of money issues.

    The goal is to ALLOW the divine to do the work, and you just have to get out of the way.

    I will send you an intention opening this evening... it works great when you are asleep!

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  • Profile picture of the author visit_faraz
    Thanks for the intention opening.
    HOpe I am able to reach my goal.
    By the way, have you already done the intention opening for me or will be doing it. I am not sure, because we are in different time zones.

    What is supposed to happen after an intention opening?
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  • Profile picture of the author rlnorthcutt

    Yes - I did the intention opening last night! The results will vary... the intention openings are much gentler than a "full" divine opening, so sometimes people feel a tingling, buzzing or nothing at all.

    I didn't feel anything the first few divine openings (which left my wife buzzing), but I did feel uplifted and happy. After that, I started to "move" some old issues and began to feel very charged and warm after.

    I give myself a Divine Opening once a week (more is not effective), and I am surprised at what pops up sometimes.

    You should find it a little bit easier to let go of money worries, and a more positive outlook on your financial situation.

    I have posted one of my favorite meditations for ALLOWING FINANCIAL FREEDOM on another post here. Its a great way to let go and feel the abundance:

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  • Profile picture of the author rlnorthcutt

    This is a weird way of saying it, but its a useful model. My wife is a Macrobiotic chef and teacher, and that initiates a physical detox. If you stay with it long enough, it will initiate emotional detox and then spiritual detox.

    Divine openings (in my experience) tends to have a reverse effect. Initially it will begin a spiritual detox, then an emotional detox and then eventually a bit of physical detox. Of course - your mileage may vary


    The blocks and "gunk" that needs to be discharged are very similar to icebergs:
    • They are frozen (emotion/energy)
    • You can only "see" the tiny tip of them
    • They can and do wreck your ship and alter your course!
    When you were young (even last week), you had experiences, emotions and energies that you didn't have the support or tools to deal with. To protect yourself, you FROZE those energies so you wouldn't have to feel them. Its a survival technique.

    Those frozen energies (usually negative) are still there! You may notice the tip of them from time to time consciously, but 97% of the block is under the surface. It still has an effect on you, but it can be tough to get rid of them... you went through great lengths to hide them from yourself!

    These icebergs are attached to you still, and act as anchors... weighing you down and restricting your growth. Some people have built so many of these that they don't "move" much at all! They are stagnant in their life and closed off to much of the Divine flow.


    So the natural Question is - "How do I get rid of these blocks?"

    The natural Answer is simple - "Melt them!"

    Think about it - these blocks (or anchors) are FROZEN energy patterns... so if you melt/dissolve them, then they will not exist anymore.

    Consider that your "ship" is cruising around the arctic, and you have acquired several iceberg anchors. If you cruise towards the equator (towards light/love/Divine), then the icebergs will melt.

    This is the process of positive thinking, affirmations, etc... over a long enough period of time, these 'bergs will get smaller and melt. Of course, the more anchors you have, the more slowly you will naturally move. This is why it can take some people years and decades to achieve release.


    There is a much easier way! Let the Divine help do the work for you!
    "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened to you"

    When you can LET GO and GET OUT OF THE WAY, the Divine will actually do the hard work for you. Think about it - you can melt an ice cube by holding it in your hand (ouch) or by setting it in the sun.

    Divine Openings are a way of opening up and allowing more Divine Energy into your life. When this happens, things that used to be under your control come under the control of the Divine. There is a natural order and rhythm that begins to assert itself and your life gets easier, smoother and happier!

    Love and happiness are the NATURAL states of life!


    Often, though, we have a hard time letting go. When this happens in the process of detox, we experience a speed bump:
    • In a physical detox, this can be the intense craving for the unhealthy stuff you are detoxing (sugar, cheese, etc.). It can also be a rash or even illness that pops up from the toxins leaving your system!
    • In an emotional detox, this can be experiencing negative emotions, flashbacks to difficult times, anger, depression, etc.
    • In a spiritual detox, this can be all of the above along with a crisis of faith or worse.
    The key to dealing with these speedbumps lies in ALLOWING. When you have an old emotion or issue that comes up (like anger, fear or depression), you will want to HELP THE PROCESS by allowing it to occur.


    Have the strength, courage and conviction to experience this feeling. Drop the story (he/she did this, or that), and just focus on the feeling. What does it feel like? Where do you feel it in your body?

    By allowing the feeling, and focusing on it, you are pointing awareness and Source energy there... which helps it to melt. Notice that you HAVE to drop the story, as the story is what builds it up. Don't give the blockage power - just experience it.

    This takes a warrior mentality, but its NOT a struggle or a fight. Its courage to feel pain, but its LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of yourself, your experience and the lessons involved.

    Once you let the energy flow and you feel the emotions, the lesson is learned. At that point, the energy has flowed on and is replaced by Source!


    We are communal creatures, and we are here to learn and grow from each other. Seek out others that can offer you TRUE SUPPORT... that is, there is non-attachment and unconditional acceptance.

    This can be tough to find - but if you ask, then you will find what you need!

    This is why you must have the book, or classes or personal sessions before I can give you a Divine Opening. It would be irresponsible of me to initial what could be a massive detox, and then send you off on your own to deal with it... without support you could end up worse off!

    You don't NEED me or even Lola for this... If you want it and seek it, you will find your own path. Just know that I am here if you do want some help and support. My goal is to give you whatever you need... so that you don't need me!

    Once you bump up a few levels, you will find that you don't need the "training wheels" any longer. You only need an experienced guide when you are new to a place... once you know your way around, the guide is merely a friend.


    You will find some people who have mastered certain skills, but a TRUE master will always help you not need them. Any Guru that insists that you need them is attached to power... be warned.

    You have a relationship with the Divine... you ARE the Divine! THATS your guru... thats your master... thats your path.

    When you are right with yourself (with divinity), then everything else is right.
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  • Profile picture of the author rlnorthcutt
    FYI - I have finished the informational site on Divine Openings (see sig).

    In addition to my own blog entries, I am pulling in the feed of Lola Jones (the primary teacher) and several other Givers. Its a great way to learn more.

    There are also some nice "Freebies" available that I have collected.

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  • Profile picture of the author Inara-Sue
    I am new to the site and have just seen your offer of a free full Divine opening and was wondering if the offer was still open. I have brought the book altho it hasnt arrived as yet - only the first 2 chapters. Your help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks xx
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  • Profile picture of the author BrothaP
    Hello, I have purchased the ebook version of Things are going great........ I would like to experience a divine opening or an intention opening for optimum health and wholeness please and thank you
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  • Profile picture of the author Greenman23
    Are you still giving Divine Openings? I've received openings by new initiates at the end of Lola's last 5 day silent retreat, and have read the book twice. I'm finding that I seem to be a stubborn case and feel the need for a breakthrough in the realm of financial and career success. Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author WINWIN99
    CAn I receive an intention opening for financial freedom, peace of mind and great adventure with my family?
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  • Profile picture of the author lotusdragon
    Great thread lots of interesting responses and on another thread i was just writing about financial freedom
    being more important than wealth which can be a burden.
    I have been involved with such as Divine Openings and study about such and would like to know more. I believe I get occasional emails from Lola.
    appreciation lotusdragon

    I am independent nowadays in the past one of my Guru's said
    'There are as many paths as there are people' and that 'a true guru awakens the guru within'.
    Loving making an abundant living whilst helping make a difference in our wonderful world
    Considering your customer as friend or family engenders trust and loyalty
    If you feel the same and are into such as Green Lifestyles, Alternative Health and Self Dev
    or exploration of more client centred business models it would be lovely to connect
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