How To Deal With Stubborn People?

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Dear all,

In our daily life, we have met or knew many people of different personalities and I believe that one of the most difficult types will be the stubborn one. So let's learn about how we can handle them.

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    Don't keep pushing or insisting on your opinion and be flexible ..Always stay calm!
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    I will just stay away from them and ignore their existence.
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    What do you mean by "stubborn"? Those who disagree with your approach, your goals? Those who are sticking to a course you believe to be wrong or self-destructive? Those who refuse to acknowledge facts?

    What context are you discussing this in? Sales? Family? Friends?

    Yes I see the link. You have one typo in there that jumps out at me ("Before we *dive* into...")

    Being patient and never telling someone they are wrong are good ideas.
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    Usually they are stubborn because they are in a comfort zone. It's kind of like this say you are sailing smoothly in life and then someone comes up to you with a different perspective on what you should do? It takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you stray away from your "smooth sailing". Therefore most people don't want to hear it , unless they are on a path of developing themselves as beings. Then they might be more open minded.
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    I also do not understand what kind of person you are talking - it actually depends whether it is someone from your family or a random person you have just met. But as a general rule - if a person doesn't think the way you think, you don't need to persuade them to believe in what you tell, in most cases it will be the waste of your and their time.
    I think it will be much better to find another person who already has the same opinion on the topic, that try to persuade another.
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