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Happy Holidays Guys!

I just wanted to share a something with everyone to help them get ready for 2012. I use many goal setting tools to help me stay motivated, but one tool that I find most useful is a 'Personal Vision Statement'.

Personal Vision Statement Basics
Before setting a goal, you need to identify exactly what is you want to acheive, why you want to acheive it, resources you need to acheive it, the strategies you will create to acheive it and finally, when you want to acheive it.

A Personal Vision Statement helps you to plan your goal and define a framework to acheive it. The key point of writing a Personal Vision Statement is that you have something to refer to throughout the goal journey, to keep you on track and motivated. Should you decide to change it at a later date, you can. It doesn't have to be set in stone!

You can do this for anything you desire to acheive, be it starting a new fitness regime, education, business, training; the list is endless.

If you want to create a Personal Vision Statement for yourself, follow the guide below as an example of how to create one. Amend as you wish!

Personal Vision Statement Framework

1. Identify your goal - (What is it you want to acheive?)

2. The Why's - Write down why you want to acheive this goal (How will it make a difference in your life? - Be specific, write at least 2 short paragraphs)

3. Resources - (Think about what you will to acheive this particular goal. How much money do you need, if so, how will you obtain that money? Do you require help from family, friends, co-workers, business associates - if so, make a list of those people and how you would contact them. Write down all methods of contact for your resources, this is vital for the next step 5!)

4. Set a realistic deadline - (This is important in acheiving your goal and gives you a solid time frame to work to. Set yourself the personal challenge to acheive it by such a date. Consider room for any changes that may occur along the way)

5. Collate your gathered information - Put together a tailored framework to acheive your goal. Add all the information you noted in the previous steps to create your framework. Remember to add dates, people to contact, finance requirements, places to travel, time constraints and other relevant information required to succeed.

Tip: Consider writing affirmations or motivational quotes to keep you inspired and remind you why you set the goal and the glorious acheivement you will receive when you complete it.

I wish you all much luck in 2012 and hope you acheive the greatness you desire next year!

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    Hey Allissa,

    Welcome to the WF.

    Good post. This is a keeper.

    You take the "goal setting" step and turn it into a plan. When we have a goal, opportunities will present themselves, but without a plan we have no course of action.

    With all the positive thinking, achievers here at the Warrior Forum, I am really surprised there have not yet been a large number of posts to your thread. It s a good one.

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    • Profile picture of the author ahew
      I agree, Allissa. This is a good method to keep us on task. Thanks for posting.

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      • Thanks for your kind reply Ahew. I'm glad to be of help. Good luck in all your ventures in 2012 and beyond!

        To Your Success1
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    • Thank you Don for your kind replies. I'm glad my post was of help to you. Good luck in all your ventures in 2012 and beyond!

      To Your Success!
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  • Profile picture of the author nicelife
    Thanks Allissa,

    I will take some of your words with me.

    Thanks again.
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    • Thank you kindly for your reply to my post! Wishing you all the best in 2012 in your upcoming ventures!

      To Your Success!
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    I have a very simple personal vision for 2012.

    And it's this.

    Be successful and always be able to look at the person in the mirror and be proud of who I see.

    Given what I learned these past few months, 2012 will rock!!
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    • Originally Posted by barbling View Post

      I have a very simple personal vision for 2012.

      And it's this.

      Be successful and always be able to look at the person in the mirror and be proud of who I see.

      Given what I learned these past few months, 2012 will rock!!
      Thank you for your kind replies Barbling. I like your quote. Would be good to use as a daily affirmation! I will add this to my list!

      Hope 2012 does rock for you! Good luck in all your ventures in 2012.

      To Your Success!
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      • Profile picture of the author TomHarvey
        Great tips - thanks for this - simple & effective!

        Its too easy to put off clear goal setting as one can get caught up in making everything over complicated and try to plan and map it all out to the nth degree. Sometimes need a simple plan to get started as a basis and build from there as after all taking some action is better than doing nothing!!

        Look forward to fulfilling my visions in 2012!!
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    This is right on par with Tony Robbins philosophy on wanting an outcome, having a purpose for that outcome and then setting up so called "action items". I also like your point on having a realistic deadline. The reason? a lot of people are lazy and will either try to do it to fast and give up or give up because it takes too long. However I think by adding as you said quotes, pic's, watching motivational clips etc etc, it makes things go over smoother. ( A good way to do this is to have a vision board, kill 2 birds with one stone )

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  • Profile picture of the author robinwolfe
    great thread....thanks for the share
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