The easiest DEEP meditation (if you dare...)

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Hey guys,

I made a post about doing an easy meditation, but it was only a simple relaxing one....

What about going into deep meditation?

First the benefits of deep meditation are huge, you will feel relaxed not only in the moment, but through the rest of the day.... its a complete mind relaxation technique that comforts you and keeps you calm all throughout the day.
And if you do this on a weekly basis you will notice some huge improvements in your life, your attitude and your stress levels.

Here's how its done.

Get a birthday candle.... one of those small, thin.. long ones...... they burn for about 30 minutes.
you dont want a candle that burns in a metal tin because they burn for ages... and you dont want a thick candle because they make a mess, and also take ages.

So, get a thin, birthday looking candle (not those tiny cake ones... the normal thin candles)

Ok, you got one?

Now, sit yourself in a very dark room.... prop the candle up somehow, and make sure the area is safe with foil or whatever.

Now the meditation will be a focused meditation, you will be staring at the candle in a dark room until it goes out on its own accord.

You will want to look deep into the candle, take in every little details, the shape, the size, the heat, the light...

Notice the different colours, and perhaps even a rainbow around the candle...

When you do this for 30 minutes straight, or until the candle goes out on its own, you will be in an incredible deep meditation that will rock your mind.

Tips: DONT look away from the candle
Only think about thee candle, the flame, and every single detail you can get.
YOU MUST be in a DARK room... with just ONE candle.... so your focus is purely on that candle.
Make sure you sit down in a comfortable position... no arms or legs crossed, and sit up straight.

Enjoy this meditation guys... its the easiest DEEP meditation I can think of, and its certainly an easy way to relax.
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    I think I'll give it a try - Sounds funny

    I'll let you know how it goes soon


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      Er, how do you prop the candle up and what do you do if somebody interrupts you?
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        Originally Posted by DGFletcher View Post

        Er, how do you prop the candle up and what do you do if somebody interrupts you?

        I personally use blutac..

        you can make a little holder out of aluminum foil as well...

        or my preferred method... drip some wax onto the table or a surface, then put the candle in the drop of wax and it will stand.

        Also, find a room that noone will disturb you in, its very important you are not disturbed... so make sure that if anyone is around, they know to leave you alone until you come out of the room..

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    30 minutes just staring at a candle? I'll go nuts

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      Hey Josh,

      I'm glad it works great for you, sounds really relaxing.

      Definitely can't try it in my kind of environment though, I'll be more likely to open my eyes to flames engulfing me if I do.

      Anyway, focusing single-pointedly on the breath has always been my preference.

      But hey, whatever works right?
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    Thanks dude it is really very helpful.
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    Meditation is about incrimental steps IMO. Work up to 30 minutes.
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    thanks for sharing, I will try this one.
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