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Let me first start out by saying this is not another "poor me" or "Thinking about giving up IM" thread. This thread is more of a cry for directional help.

Writing this thread was very difficult for me as admitting lack of success is a tough pill to swallow.

I have been working on a project for a friend of mine for about one year. You can see the website here: www.drpaulaskincare.com

The project is for a great cause, a cause that is near and dear to my friends heart. I desperately want to see her succeed with this project because she has a heart of gold and wants to devote her life to helping others. You can read about the cause here Dr. Paula Dhanda - Skincare to help heal the world

I feel like I have hit a wall with the and I'm not sure how to climb over it.

I love the warrior forum but information overload always seems to be a problem for me. I'm sure many of you can relate.

Anyways I have gone through some of the motions in regards to the Internet Marketing techniques to try to make this project a success. Using Facebook twitter social bookmarking etc. etc. I've still yet to gain any traction and my frustration level is starting to become high especially since I can hear the disappointment in my friend's voice whenever we discuss the project.

Do you have any words of wisdom aside from the usual "don't give up"? I have been working on this project for free for many months and am far from giving up but I really need some direction on how to make this project a success.

I have spent many weeks reading threads but I'm really not sure as to what works. Maybe you can share on what has worked for you?

Anyways happy holidays and thanks for taking the time to read this.


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      Nice site. And a great cause.

      What's your marketing plan?

      Are you writing articles and submitting them to ezines with a link back to your site?

      I see you have a blog and a Twitter account. After posting a new blog post, are you going to Twitter and sending a tweet with a link back to your blog?

      Are you visiting health forums, participating in discussions and offering the people who have the problem (skin care) a solution?

      Craigslist ads are free. Have you done any?

      Facebook ads have proven effective.

      Find celebrities who have a skin problem (proactive commercials?), send them a free sample and ask them if they like the product if they would be willing to post a testimonial.

      I see you have doctor testimonials, what about people providing testimonials? If doctors are part of your target market, are you promoting the products to them?

      Are you active on Linkedin? That is another valuable resource.

      If this is a non-profit (hope it is set as the 501(c)(3) or similar entity), why not find philanthropists to make a donation? This is a great time to hit this segment of your market now. At the end of the year, many people are searching for charitable causes to get their donations in by the end of the year for tax purposes.

      You have the 100% of all profits are donated to mission work at the bottom of the page. There are many people who are very generous and I would capitalize on the fact that the profits go to mission work, move it to the top.

      Hang in there. It's difficult getting any new business to operate in the black. Your cause is noble and remember, your mission is to help others.

      I wish you the best success.
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    My word of advice is stick to one traffic source and master it. Dont be doing all the marketing techniques, thats guaranteed failure. In my opinion, your site would do well on facebook ppc/fan page. You can hit up a lot target demographic and likes such other other charity foundations. Let me know if you need further help, Laurence.
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  • Thanks for the words of encouragement...I will try to keep moving forward.
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    A few things I would suggest when I looked at the site. 1st. Your sign up for the "VIP club" should be at the top of the page above the fold.
    also, what action are you trying to get from the home page visitor? You have so many options. Direct the visitor through the site. rather than encouraging them to wander around so much. You have a solid call to action with the free analysis so I would reduce the home page to that and put the other items in other areas of the website.
    I think if she really wants to get the message out there and share her information and her products with the people who are going to benefit from it the most. she need to be able to get in contact with them and Keep in contact with them.
    The Email Collection is by far the most valuable way to do this.
    I would focus efforts on getting people to opt in for weekly newsletters on skin care and beauty tips. It take 7 touches to convert typically and email opt-in is proven to be one of the best ways to do this when done properly. The other elements Facebook, Twitter, etc. should be used to drive people to the opt-in.
    Does she have any e-books or special reports that could be offered as free downloads ?
    That would be my suggested focus area. everything should start with building that list.

    anyways what ever you and she decides, it is obvious that you need to really focus on a single campaign and implement a few targeted and focused tactics to build that campaign.
    If you need additional assistance with this Feel free to message me I would be happy to discuss this or some other options that you have that are low to no cost .
    Jeff Halligan
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    great share
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    Nice site. Have you tried facebook ads?
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    You are doing a great work.Helping others in this world is the greatest mankind.Try to interact with some marketing expert so that you may get some help.
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