Taking action...BUT WHAT ACTION?

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Almost all say to visualise and affirm then to take action...but...

1) what action, what if the action you want to take may simply be a time wasting exercise but your not aware of that?

2) does the subconscious mind once impressed with the visualisation.affirmation then push you in the right direction?

3) What if the action is known, but yet just as scarey as when you hadnt done any visualisation/affirmation, or does that fear/anxiety reduce due to V&A?

4) The law of attraction works when the subconscious is impressed, but do you really see all that is attracted to you and then know what action to take?

thank you
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    That is why we have WSOs and great contributions to the Warrior Forum with a TON of actionable knowledge. This is the directions to what action you must take. But stay with ONE method until you are successful (your criteria of success is personal). You got to choose James.

    The subconscious will be aware of everything that is related to what you feed him with suggestions and visualization. If your goal is to make 1000$ bucks in the next month on the internet and that you feed your subconscious with that desire enough, it will give you inspirations or gut feelings to go certain places or read certain books or whatever to get you to that goal. You subconscious has much more information than your conscious.

    Fear will be always there, even if you are truely DESIRING that thing there will be fears but you know what, to get over fears, you have to take action disregarding those fears.

    I'm not really a fan of the LoA so I won't express myself on that one.

    Be happy, be successful,
    ~ JoeDRL
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    I would say you need a strategy. Your strategy for achieving your goals is what determines what actions you take. What I recommend is thinking of what you could do that would have the biggest impact on your results.

    Then prioritize those from 1-20 and get started on #1

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    read my signature dont click on it just read it. "Change, transform, just do it!!!"
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    In all likelihood, you WILL be scared or at least uncomfortable when it comes time to take action to achieve the goals you visualise/affirm.

    It's going to take courage and work no matter how much thinking you do beforehand. You just have to push through it.
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    What exactly are you trying to achieve? Do you have a plan? What ideas do you have?

    You haven't given any details of what it is you're trying to accomplish, so I'm going off the little you have. If your goal is something like, "I wanna make $10,000 in a day one day", well, naturally your unconscious mind will reject it as it has no image or anything else to go off of. What will you DO? Sell stuff on eBay? CPA marketing? Consulting? Stripping?

    Give me SOMETHING.

    Or for now, I'll pick.

    Affiliate marketing (I'm assuming you know basics): first you gotta find a niche. Visualize yourself researching a niche. What niche will bring you money, that's not oversaturated? What exactly do you want to promote? Do you see yourself promoting CPA software, or diet pills? Once you find your offer, imagine yourself making that presell page... why somebody should buy this product you're promoting, without giving away the farm. If you offer an additional freebie product in exchange for getting them on your list, you can nudge prospects in your direction for an additional seven days.

    Of course, there's many many other ways to accomplish the same goal, or many other methods, but I use that as example. Visualize yourself finding a product to promote. You CAN promote it. Visualize the creation of your site (whether you make it or pay someone to do it for you). It WILL suit your needs.

    Etc etc etc

    One small thing I'd like to add however. I don't just repeat, "I can do this." I set that in the back of my mind, then ask myself, "Where can I find X, Y, Z" to suit my needs?

    I realize this is longwinded but I hope the idea makes sense...

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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    State of mind is EVERYTHING -- i have learned and relearned this so many times in life. It really is about a positive, proactive attitude. Once you have that, then u want to take action. Without it, you can't take action in the right ways.
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    We all know there are those few key tasks that advance you quite dramatically, but are uncomfortable so we avoid them. Instead, we do "busy" work.

    If you're unfamiliar with Pareto's Law, aka the 80/20 Rule, check it out. In Operations Management/Continuous Improvement, we use this all the time.

    The lesson to be learned is that 20% of the causes produce 80% of the effects.

    20% of your actions produce 80% of the results.

    ID those 20% and do them, and DAMN you'll be a long way down the road you're on...without wasting 80% of your time on the unessential activities.

    This is why those first 2 or 3 hours of quiet & uninterrupted work in the AM are usually the most productive of your day.

    Consider this in your life: a small number of decisions you make create the majority of what you experience.
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      I didn't know WHAT action to take until the fateful evening of December 22nd. 2011. I had somehow rediscovered skills that were collecting large amounts of dust in my brain and had pretty much forgotten about.

      I think I know what all took place. I had been on some other forum and saw a fairly easy Wordpress install job for 100 dollars. Luckily NOBODY applied to it so I contacted them really, REALLY fast and somehow landed the job in about a few hours.

      Something HUGE happened in my brain. I just dusted off many skills that had to do with PHP and Wordpress and php modifications and script installations and debugging as well as creating and preparing databases to accept script installs.

      This hit me very hard. I MEAN HARD!

      I KNEW to try a pre-test before I took action. I knew I might take action if it DID fit a "bill" that I was seeking.

      Odesk and Freelancer came quickly to mind. I had forgotten about these in frustration at the low pay and tediousness of writing articles. I had become SO fed up with writing articles that I just simply gave up. It was low pay for so much work.

      I stormed over to oDesk to see what my skills could be used for. Soon as I saw what prices the jobs bid on were commanding, I KNEW I HIT PAYDIRT!!

      I flled out my profile to 100 percent and put in a portfolio. The portfolio only has 2 pieces to it when I applied until last night.

      I applied for 20 jobs and was interviewed and accepted for a $1007 dollar job. Also I am in interview for a $640 dollar one. I also had a 100 dollar job from that other forum.

      From the other forum tonight, what happened was I got 2 job offers in 4 minutes apart! I started to SCREAM!

      I then KNEW I was right to take action!
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    great thoughts...
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    It's your choice as to what action you will apply visualization techniques to.
    Whether the action is a beneficial one or a negative one, your visualization
    will lead you towards the goal you choose.
    So it's vital that you first conduct as much research as necessary to
    determine for you what is the proper course you want to pursue.
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    Just keep reading what people say !

    Thanks for the post
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