One skill acquisition resolution

by tk226
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What is that particular skill which you don't possess as of now and as of end of year 2012 you want to be the owner of that particular skill.

for me it's acquiring the skills of article writing


for you what it's you want to acquire by the end of year 2012?
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    Thats a really great question, Two of the things that I really want to concentrate on this year is list building and webinars. So that will be two areas I will be put a lot of focus on.
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    Am much interested in Internet marketing and I want to learn in detail on everything concerning IM. I want to grasp every detail on IM such as IM terminologies, market strategy, advertisement, tips on increasing traffic/controlling traffic, advantages/disadvantages of selling and buying on line etc. This is what am determined to achieve in the course of the new year.
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    the three skill i particularly want to improve on in 2012 are people management and my time management and building more strategic partners . If i can use my energy for optimal positive use and inspire others to earn and make better use of their skill , 2012 would that much more a fruitful year

    It is probably a good idea to focus on yet on skill at a time . I am excited about the new year . today is the yesterday i have always dreamed of . I am going to make it count
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    I think it would be beneficial for me to learn how to use Camtasia.
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    for me it would be to learn some coding and maybe a bit of branding

    in other words become a IM figure instead of a behind the scenes kind of guy.

    maybe some content writing...

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