I am experiencing RAPID success like it is UNBELIEVABLE

by devonm
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I can NOT believe what happened over the past 8 days. This is the HONEST TRUTH! I had applied to several jobs on oDesk doing script installs and Wordpress related stuff as well as database and script related stuff.

I filled out my profile, filled out the portfolio, until now had only 2 pieces in it. Also I got ID Verified. I also bidded on 20 jobs.

I landed a $1K job and am currently in interview for a $640 dollar job. Also, I did another $100 dollar job at some other forum. I can't wait to get all of the money for these. I am currently waiting for them to get back to me.


Avoid Paypal with this kind of money. I thought about Paypal, then I reconsidered and am doing Wire Transfer directly to bank.

Now, back to the story, the God-honest truth. I was on Skype and got an email from this other forum to do a job for someone from there, AND a message on Skype to do ANOTHER job in the span of FOUR minutes! This happened tonight! Success-much, anyone?

What happened is these two guys read about these things from threads on both forums I made. Gez. I cannot BELIEVE what happened!
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    hey congratz on the jobs you just landed.

    make sure you do a good job and promptly too. this way those that hired you will come back for you to do more jobs for them and also might even refer you to more of their friends.

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    That's terrific. Congrats on all the success. Keep up the good work!
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    Congrats on your success
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    good for you...congrats! hope more comes your way
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    wish you the very best in the coming year
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    Congratulations man

    So easy to do, I don't know why more people don't get started like this

    This month you make a couple $1000 - next month you are so in demand you put your prices up, you have 2-3 longer term clients paying decent money for you.. happy days, and better than being in the office getting minimum wage for someone else!

    Scale it up man, over-deliver on these projects and get a solid reputation and welcome to the world of online remote working

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      Congrats Kevon, and stay focussed.

      These jobs should prepare you for what is likely to develop into a snowball effect come 2012.
      Thanks for the thumbs up on receiving payments Re: PayPal.
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    Let me touch you, you sound like success is radiating form you just when yout ype.
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    congrats...nice share
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    Really actually motivating. My turn is next, hope it only goes up from here for you.
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    wow congratz man, i want like you too.. what skill i must have? any suggest?

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    The law of attraction in action hehe
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    Yay! Great job - I am sure you will have repeat customers too....
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      What you CAN do about paypal to avoid the frozen account nightmar is to PHONE them and warn them that bigger payments are coming in and to tell them to put a note on your account saying this. This way, you can,t get your acct. freezed because you have phoned in and pre-warned them. DO THIS BEFORE you sell large ticket services and items!
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    Very nice to hear about your success. Getting the job is not enough, holding the client is the bigger challange now. Keep at it!
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