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Hi Warrior's,

Here are the 2 KEYS to LIFE:


Why reading?

Simple, you will never have a new problem. There have been millions upon billions of people who lived and died on this earth. Somewhere, inside a book, the problem has been solved.

Why running?

Simple, when your running there is a little voice that talks to you. That voice tells you to stop, I am hurting, I cannot take it any more, if you learn how to defeat that little voice, you will learn NOT to QUIT when things get hard in your life.

If you do not believe me, ask Will Smith. Check out this video:

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    Also hard work and determination are the major factor for the successful life.
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    I couldn't agree more, I would say as far as success goes reading and running (or sport in general) have probably given me more than any other activities I can think of.

    I read this in Timothy Ferris 4 Hour Body, but I do think it is totally true, that if you want to change your life and your mindset concentrate on changing your body first.

    This may seem contrary to what a lot of Self Development teaches but the fact is if you are healthy and fit, then your outlook is just naturally going to be a lot better and your cognitive skills sharper.
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    Read the book "born to run",

    It's literally amazing, it goes in to detail about how humans are essentially born to run haha. And how running is how humans became how and what we are today.

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    Reading and running is fully in line with the concept of mind and body complementing each other, and thus creating harmony and balance to enable a holistic lifestyle.


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    great video post
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    yes this day we must running to achieve something

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