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Hi Warrior's,

This youtube video is an excellent source of motivation. I had to share it with you.

Quick Highlights (assuming you may not have time to listen and watch):

Productivity and time go hand in hand. You must use your time wisely because you can never buy time back. Every minute you wait, every minute you procrastinate, every minute you decide to sit out is minutes wasted from the END result.

  • Reward to encourage goodness; punish to deter evil.*
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    Thanks for posting this. It's so difficult for many to think in terms of time - rather than money - as the most valuable unit of measurement.
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    Thats exactly the concept of the movie in time action/fiction, takes place in the future when people have found a way to disable the "aging" gene and everybody is using time as currency... I really enjoyed the movie + it made me thing and re-vise many aspects of my life ...
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    It's also funny how we never seem to live truely in the present moment when it's the only thing we have utlimately..
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    Great vid, thanks for sharing, i love this kind of motivational videos.
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    The video is really worth watching
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    A very true and awesome video. I am just going to hit the gym and then get back to business, this is a great motivation!

    The line at 45 seconds is KILLER!
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    Swami Vivekananda said: "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life..." and: Users who liked, "Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life...", also liked. This really inspires our motivation.
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    You must watch the full video to understand fully this simple closing statement - "What are you going to do today? More importantly, How are you going to do it?". It is not sufficient to have ambitions, if you are not going to commit yourself fully to making the effort to make every single step right and the best that you can achieve, to achieve those ambitions. Really inspiring!! If you did not devote time to watch the video, do so, and see it through to the end!
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    Very inspiring video, thanks for sharing.
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    Great inspiring video. Thanks AJ Smith44 for generous share. Happy and Productive New Year to all!
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    Awesome video... thanks for sharing this...
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    a very motivational video... not a wrong decision to join this cool forum
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    thats really motivating me.

    Thanks a lot for inspiring me today.

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    nice video share...
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    Very nice, after watching this video I just started back with my projects. Great Stuff! Good Motivation!
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    Very motivational post! Time is gold. Live your life to the fullest and don't waste time just doing nothing.
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    Motivators are more concerned with the actual job itself. For instance how interesting the work is and how much opportunity it gives for extra responsibility, recognition and promotion. Hygiene factors are factors which ‘surround the job’ rather than the job itself.
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    In motivation cycle dreams have very great role. Dreams need doing as much as they need being ...... the being always come first.
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    thanx for very motivational post.
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    yeah! DON'T GIVE UP!
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    It's so nice to share about motivational videos like this. It seems that this is absolutely perfect for all Warriors here, especially if you're struggling or taking your skills into the next level.

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