positive thought means positive income!

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hi, im new in this, but id like to tell all the warriors, to always have positive thoughts, never let people tell you YOU CAN´t, if you think you can´t you wouldnt do it NEVER! so be positive!
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    positive thinking is the way through that make you rich my friend. always remember rich people have lot of positive aura.
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    totally agree
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    what you believe will be your reality
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    i agree with all of you!
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    Positive thinking is only 1 step, positive actions are another step that prove to make the difference. lol.
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    Having positive thoughts is one thing, but having them regularly is vital to your success. It's no good just being positive for a week and then getting distracted and not finishing what you started. Train yourself to be positive about IM and life in general and you'll find you'll attract more happiness and money. But of course you need to take action.
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    Positive thinking always make the thing arounds positive and definitely the income also positive.
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    Food for thought, if you find yourself being unable to sustain positive thoughts, just map out productive actions for ourself to take. You're regularly get down just out of sheer human nature so just make sure you're at least completing your tasks that you have set out for yourself. That alone will revamp your positivity and give you a sense of accomplishment which will keep the gears turnin'!
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    great words
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    nobody will disagree with this. everybody knows and believes in this but doing it and implementing in on yourself is another story
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      Great Words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing
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    That is right. That's a very nice Food for thought!
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    STAY POSITIVE! Negativity is simply a mindset and results in pessimism and cynicism. Life is great, live it and stay positive!
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