How do you motivate yourself?

by Diice
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Hey guys,

just wanted to know how you all go about motivating yourselves?

Trying to make a small fortune online can be a drag at times but obviously we all find a way to push ourselves on in the hope that we can acheive something great in the online community. Maybe its the thought of giving up your 9-5 job? Perhaps so that you can support your family or buy yourself everything you want?

Whatever it is just tell us what it is that motivates you.
The main thing that motivates me is fear of being ordinary, or worthless. I dont want to work in a 9-5 job the rest of my life, i want to be able to give my family whatever they ask for and support myself. So how do you get into the right mindset?

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    I want learn how to play world class poker. So I go to Vegas, lose all my money and that forces me to make more online. Eventually, I'll have two profit centers. Poker and IM.
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    life and performance coaching offers a solution to getting motivated fast. Just give it try, you'll be amazed.

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    I motivated myself through waking up early and always maintain the schedule that I have every single day. No matter how hard it is (even if you had a 9-5 job), you just have to do time adjustments and eliminate some activities that are useless to you.
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    One way I keep Spirit Burning and that I would recommend is by always noticing the beautiful things in Life, and to always aim to get the Best things in life; both the ones you see elsewhere and the ones you create in your dreams.
    This is a potent way of seeing yourself getting to the top.And of course, you always have to expose yourself to materials, books and environments that will help in keeping your spirit high and Ambitious.
    Some say being ambitious is bad, being Ambitious for me is as good as being alive, but I wud say; always retain positive energies, it helps keeping you grounded. Lol!
    Suddenly everything online is "Weird." Fat loss tricks. Muscle building tricks. And more. But what's REALLY weird is getting 100's of leads and $394 DAILY
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    We need support to get motivated

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      Wanting the vey best for my family and loved one's motivates me and from rags to riches stories inspire me too.

      Hope this helps,

      Paul Smith
      Start Up PPC Business Coach

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        Originally Posted by wordsofmagic View Post

        Wanting the vey best for my family and loved one's motivates me and from rags to riches stories inspire me too.

        Hope this helps,
        agree...i always watch my family video / photos if my spirit down, and one other thing is, i always think like this : who will help us, if not ourselves?

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    Physical fitness, healthy balance of fun and work, indulgence (just not too much..), making check-mark style to-do lists, thinking about how much i hate morning commutes to 9-5 jobs, thinking about how much i hate 9-5 jobs, just to name a few
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    One can motivate our-self by reading inspiring books.
    By running of your life with positive attitude.
    Through beautiful thoughts of buddha. “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”
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    The most important thing I ever learned about motivation is that it's more often the result of action than the cause of action.
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      Originally Posted by sethczerepak View Post

      The most important thing I ever learned about motivation is that it's more often the result of action than the cause of action.
      Nice point seth. There is no question that action begets action, but especially so when you work with people who also take action!
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    God gives me motivation I don't have a clear reason, He just seems to give me motivation when i need them the most.

    A hymn i always remembered: "Whenever the heart shall turn to the Lord, the veil shall be taken away"

    may God bless you,
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    I watch the world around us and think for a while.This gives me work more and never give up.
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    I try to motivate myself by finding personal reasons like making personal goals for myself. if i set a goal for me in terms of money it doesn't seem to work, but if i tell myself this is something im doing not just for me, but for my family, so we can have that comparability, seems to push me a lot better.
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    Find your true life's purpose and work toward fulfilling it and you won't need artificial motivators. You won't need to go outside the realm of the Spirit that drives that purpose. Everyone has this purpose. Everyone.

    When you figure out what it is you'll find yourself jumping out of bed before the alarm goes off to get busy doing what you were born to do. It's called natural momentum.
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      I keep a tally of what I have accomplished and what I want to accomplish. Whenever I feel down and out and dis-spirited I look at what I've accomplished and then I know I'm not lazy.

      I wake up every morning grateful for a chance to achieve what I want to have in life. Having a picture of what I want definitely helps get my adrenaline up and going.
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    Wow such good motivations across the board.

    Usually sales are my biggest motivation or a boost to get me going but the motivation that keeps me continuing is an idea that does not allow me to sleep soundly, my responsibility as a person given life on earth, and procrastination.

    It might sound funny but I get real mad at myself after a long period of procrastination!

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    My life gives me motivation!
    Do you want 100-500 visitors per day to your website?Try this...
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    My big motivation is freedom... no doubt about that.

    I don't need to make 100,000$ a month, my goal is 10,000$, where I only work for about 2-3 hours a day. That is the dream that drives me forward
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    I motivate myself by reading and listening to empowering material every day.

    There is enough bad news being thrown at all of us through the journals, TV and other media, every minute of the day!

    I like to level the playing field and shield myself against the negative influence that this delivers by getting some good positive input each day to keep a positive and empowered mindset.

    In the same way that you are what you also become what you think about THINK positive thoughts! :-)
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    I have always been pretty motivated because I set dynamic goals with mileposts along the way.
    Having said that, it would be nice to have a good accountability buddy and work with strong teams (groups of motivated people.)


    Ask me about Power Partnering
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