From A Success Perspective, Who Do You Admire Most?

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I admire Elon Musk the most, from the point of view of having had success.

He runs SpaceX and Tesla Motors, it appears.

What about you?
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  • Oprah, because she has been down the bottom, and worked her way up, JK Rowling, Richard Branson, basically successful people who have really turned their life around
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    For me, it would be Nelson Mandela. He achieved his goal despite having to go through years of imprisonment. He emerged triumphant, completely unscathed and without a trace of bitterness in his heart.

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      Originally Posted by Will Edwards View Post

      For me, it would be Nelson Mandela. He achieved his goal despite having to go through years of imprisonment. He emerged triumphant, completely unscathed and without a trace of bitterness in his heart.

      Great point! He did something super positive. I guess from that perspective I also really admire Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King... and Thomas Szasz! Great point you have there.
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    In terms of achieving lasting success in their lives despite overwhelming initial adversities, I'd pick Muhammad and Joseph.

    Muhammad started preaching Islam and advocating for a more just social order in the barbaric Arabia at that time from the age of 40; for the first 10 years he was vilified, ostracised, his followers tortured and sanctioned, his dear wife and his uncle who took care of him from childhood died, but he never gave up. In the next and remaining 13 years of his life, he completely turned not only his situation around but the entire social order of the continent itself. Within a few decades, he defeated centuries of barbaric culture. The illiterate, barbaric and backward Bedouin Arabs became in a few generations the ones who expanded the knowledge and sciences of humanity. The problems with Muslims today are because of the later generations who became more concerned with expanding their worldly empires than with the original teachings of Muhammad.

    Success? Yes, he was very successful in accomplishing what he had set out to accomplish, no matter the varying opinions of people and historians with religious or political agendas.

    As for Joseph, he was abandoned by his own brothers then taken in as a slave in the house of the Egyptian royalty. He was accused of trying to seduce the wife of the Egyptian Master (when it was actually the other way around) and then imprisoned, but despite all these adversities befalling him, he managed to prove his worth and value to the Egyptians till he was elevated to a high status as the economic adviser of Egypt. When he was finally reunited with the brothers who had betrayed him earlier, after attaining his high position, he did not have an iota of vengeance in his heart and forgave them.

    In the relatively more modern times, I admire Gandhi.
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    I admire their commitment to ongoing research, accquiring of knowledge and never giving up attitude....
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    Some great examples here so far. I would like to give mention to Wayne Dyer - here is someone that grew up in orphanages and foster homes in Detroit, after his alcoholic father abandoned his family. Now, he's teaching and helping so many people in self-improvement and spiritual issues. I think his story is very admirable.
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    The successful people I admire the most are people who came from nothing and made something. I feel sorry for people who grew up not knowing the value of a dollar because they always had money. That's why most millionaires are first generation rich.

    Bringing others with me on the way to the top!

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    The business person I admire is Warren Buffett because he has attained his wealth through working hard and doing thorough research on all the companies that he has invested in yet he has never let his wealth change his lifestyle.

    He and his wife still live in a very modest house where they have lived for most of their married life and he drives a car which is a number of years old and they live quite modestly without the need to display their wealth through possessions.

    He is a well known Philanthropist and he has pledged to leave 99% of his fortune to be used for humanitarian works through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    So rather than use the wealth that he has made for self promotion he will leave a true and tangible legacy to the betterment of mankind.

    Now that's what I call being a success.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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    Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Kenster, Mike Filsaime.

    More generally, anyone who works for themselves and is making a success of it, who just gets on with it regardless of problems.
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