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What are some of the ways you guys deal with fear???
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    For me the best way i have to deal with fear is as Nike's logo say's
    Just Do It

    Live Your Dream
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    That's a good one, doing something u fear releases the fear, thanks!
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    Envision the positive outcomes instead of the negative, pray, and talk to others I trust.
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    Have faith, the opposite of fear... How to have faith? Think about the suffering and think about the Divine.
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  • You need to really think about how the thing that you fear will really affect you, most of the time you will find you were over exaggerating the outcome
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      The best deal with fear is "Face your fear". Once you face your fear if leave you forever and doesnt come back.
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    The universe handed me the perfect way to deal with it. Six years ago I was diagnosed with a serious life threatening disease. Without immediate treatment I would have died. All through the time I spent getting well healthcare people reminded me I'd die if I didn't finish the arduous treatment. I recovered fully.

    After facing death everthing else is kids stuff.
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      I remind myself that fear really means:

      Feeling Exited And Ready
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        Originally Posted by cynthea View Post

        I remind myself that fear really means:

        Feeling Exited And Ready
        Nice. I'm going to remember that one. Another one is:

        False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

        "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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          Do one thing a day that scares you. Worked for me. Be smart about it though.
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      • Originally Posted by cynthea View Post

        I remind myself that fear really means:

        Feeling Exited And Ready
        Awesome. This is like a Busey-ism!

        False Evidence Appearing Real
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      Originally Posted by travlinguy View Post

      The universe handed me the perfect way to deal with it. Six years ago I was diagnosed with a serious life threatening disease. Without immediate treatment I would have died. All through the time I spent getting well healthcare people reminded me I'd die if I didn't finish the arduous treatment. I recovered fully.

      After facing death everthing else is kids stuff.
      Is this a route you'd recommend to everyone then?

      Great to hear you're recovered , I can imagine it totally focusses you afterwards.


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    Depends on fear of what? But I think the general principle is to focus on the positive, work on your inside because that's where fear stems from. Too much thinking on the negative causes fear. So do the opposite and focus on the positive and envision it and feel it.
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    Some great tactics here. It depends on what the fear is. If it's something simple (i.e. picking up the phone to ask a woman out), simply guilting yourself into it by telling yourself to 'nut up' can work well. If it's something more complicated, Dr. Burn's triple column technique can be quite effective.
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    This might sound shallow at first but I start with finding something to disprove that fear.

    However, if I can't find that proof... I make my own proof. If I can't find support in others to allay my fears, I drive myself to create supports of my own.
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    I just took action.
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    If I'm dealing with fear, I just keep getting positive to myself and overcome it. Stay strong!
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    Read book called "Feel the fear and do it anyway" Good one on how to deal with fear...
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    Positive self-esteem helps to deal with fear.

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    Actually, fear is just a "F-alse E-vidence A-ppearing R-eal." It is neither real nor true. We tend to think of it repeatedly that is why the mind creates a reason for us to believe in so. The more we think of it, the more we get scared. To overcome fear, we must believe that it is not real and replace that unwanted feeling with positive affirmations. Think not of your fear, but think of the good things that you can experience when you overcome your fear.
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    Do something brand new.
    Focus on what needs to be done.
    Let go of what you don’t want and visualize what you do.
    Take your fear to the gym.
    Use affirmations and quotes.
    Release attack thoughts and negativity.
    Change your perception and change your story.
    Create new expectations.
    Replace fear with fun.
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      Try to remain conscious of the fact that it is merely an illusion, that it gets you nowhere positive and is simply the ego preventing you from getting closer in touch with who and what you really are.

      This article looks at how society promotes fear in order to maintain control - http://www.illuminatiagenda.com/illuminati-and-fear
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    In the IM world fear results in not taking action, and quite often that fear is rooted in confusion. I find it helps a lot to take a pdf or video and write all the steps out 1,2,3 and then get started.

    If there are details I'm not sure about, quite often I find the details "solve themselves" so to speak, by taking the action involved in the info product.

    It is a million times better than letting the fear/confusion of not knowing every detail keep me from taking action - all the difference in the world, actually.
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    Oh yeah that earlier comment on that book. I've heard of it before but I haven't read it yet.
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    I get on the Warrior Forum and read the success others are having and it helps me push through any fear I have in a certain area.
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    One thing for me that I noticed when I do public speaking is that when I'm just standing in front of an audience I feel really nervous, but once I start talking I feel good and in control.

    I think fear is really experienced in that moment BEFORE you take action.

    So I suppose my solution would be to take action
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      It's difficult when you're in the eye of the storm. Believe me, I know it's not easy to resist giving into the negative emotions. Frustration, stress, depression & so on. Sometimes, you have to give into it a little, to get it out of your system, to be able to move forward & think more clearly. In my husband's faith(which is now mine), they say that, fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.
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    Keep moving, something in motion tends to stay in motion. Take breaks and do thinks that let you relax and take your mind off then get back to it and you will always have a new perspective.

    Hope this helps and inspires
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    I plan out the steps I want, get positive(watch a motivational video on youtube), and then take action. In almost all cases, once you do it, you will find that it really wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.
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    The way I look at fear is: If i go through this am I going to die or become maimed in someway mentally or physically? If no then go through it anyways
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    Get a big grin on your face and just dive in and do it. Remember this We All Have Fear, most people don't want to admit it. Also, ALL successful inventors, business people, etc., all have had fears and doubts. And they just dove right in and said "Whatever". You can do it, give it a try.
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    Another thing is that if I'm dealing with fear, I just remember about Michael Jordan's Nike Commercial with a catchphrase, "Just Do It", and John Cena's signature t-shirt called, "Never Give Up" to keep me going and overcome my failures.
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    Start asking yourself questions: for example, ask "how can I make giving this speech an enjoyable experience?". Now your brain has something to do! Don't expect the answer straight away (but be aware of opportunities and situations that provide clues) - but you're going in the right direction. Get into the habit of asking yourself questions rather than making blanket (negative) statements.

    Hope this help, God bless you,
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    Just know that all our fears are just limiting beliefs! Limiting beliefs throw obstacles in our path to achieving whatever it is that will make us happy! You have to think about the fear and if you can't come up with any rational or logical explanation for its existence, then know that you can overcome it. You may reply with "easy for you to say!". But believe me, I have been in FEAR many times, but since I have changed my perspective, it has changed my whole life!

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    count from 100 to 0 in descending order .
    Sell Dreams, Not Products
    - Steve Jobs
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    Slowly conquer it. I was afraid of seeing blood. What I did was watch a few movies that showed blood and now I can watch anything no matter how bloody the movie is.

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    After 2 years of doing IM, I have far less fear since I've experienced so much failure which hasn't really harmed me in the slightest.
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    I use to think that I never felt fear, male ego crap was going on but yes, its there, its always there, but I have learnt to harness it, I smile at it now and do the opposite of what it tells me to do..I actually notice it creeping up on me and trying to tell me that this won,t work or that won,t work..
    Thats when I smile and say..'Lets give it a go anyway'..
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      Here is one more running away from fear:confused:
      The most basic of human response
      Be a fighter but not always.
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    To deal with fear, I just think of the very worst case scenario, then say a silent "F*%#! off" to it in my head. I try to curse out any and every negative thought and just keep moving forward
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    I pray, and talk to others that I know will speak truth into my life. I put my faith in God, that he will take of me, even if I take the step and fear the unknown. I also plan baby steps, a lot of little victories can build a lot of confidence..
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    If you fill your heart with love, there will be no room left for fear.
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    Ah the old FEAR (false evidence appearing real) acronym.

    Yeah for me it was public speaking. I remember having to take a shot before my college speeches just to calm down because I was so scared of speaking in front of the class.

    Of course I learned to get over it and found that it was the fear itself that was scary. Nothing really scary about it once you get up there.

    And since then I've played music in several bands in front of 20K people and no stage fright!
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    I ask myself, 'Am I going to die?' If the answer is no (which it always is) it puts things into perspective. Then I go into it with the mindset that I am going to war and that this is a war with only one winner because I can't die but I can kill fear.
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    I never even think about it.
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    Everyone has Fear, that is not a negative emotion necessarily. However some people would be described as fearful and that is beyond debilitating. I have heard it said fear is:F alseE videnceA pperaring R ealNaplin Hill said the way to overcome fear is to recognize it, then repeat this phrase to yourself."If you have nothing to lose by trying and a great deal to gain if successful, do it now"then TAKE ACTION.Overtime, when fear appears, that phrase will flash in your mind.Fear can be overcome.

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      Sketchboard it out.

      I cringe every time I see somebody go 'just do it!!!'

      Obviously, there's a reason for your fear. It may or may not be logical, but if you just ignore your fear and barrel your way through it, you're going to end up really confused.

      When I'm feeling afraid of a project, it's generally because there's something in the project I don't understand. I used to try 'just do it!!!' and I'd end up with zero projects completed.

      Then I learned to to 'okay, why am I scared of this?" Oh! I'm scared that I'll... (something specific to that project), like for Fiverr, I was scared I'd do the vids wrong. For cold calling, I'm scared I'll get an answering machine--cause I don't know what to do with them to get call backs!

      Don't just ignore your feelings. They're there for a reason. Figure out what you're scared of and listen to that. It's probably not as big as you think it is. If you're running into a fear barrier, it's probably not 'aaaugh I'm scared of success!!!!', it's probably something more like 'aaaugh I'm scared that Wordpress is going to jump out and eat my computer because I've never used Wordpress before!!!" (or whatever). If you try to ignore your fear and just barrel through it, you'll end up with no focus and likely no success. If you go 'hey, what am I actually scared of? Oh, Wordpress templates have viruses... *ask someone for help with that specific problem...*

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    Fear = Fake Events Appearing Real simple yet profound!
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    For me, face your fear.
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    Never be afraid to face your fear and be confident enough to take the risks.
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    In this time of era the most of fear is something that only resides inside your brain. Out in reality most of our fear does not have anything real to them they are just fantasized...
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    Everything is easy to do if you know how to do it; it's the same with overcoming fear.

    So,let's take a look at the steps which lead us to fearlessness:

    1. Get to know your fears
    2. Get to know the source of your fears
    3. Step into the things feared
    4. Make the negative flow stop
    5. Enlighten all
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      Fear will dissipate as a direct proportion of action taken.
      In other words, the more action you take to move forward, the less fear you feel.

      Perception is reality. If you perceive something as threatening, you tend to feel fearful.

      Shake it off!! Small victories and successes will start to dominate your fears. One step at a a time.

      All success stories in history are a result of a lot of unsuccessful attempts. Success is a mater of acknowledging your fears and focus on the final goal. Just go for it!!

      Life is too short. You do not want to sit down 20 years from now saying... I wish I did this or that... your time is now, today. Do it. You will be defeating fear with every small success.

      Confidence = fear killer

      Go for it.
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    Fear is just some negative feeling. I try to use the fear as my weapon to gain my goals.
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    Use fear to motivate you (its usually the largest motivator).

    i.e. what will happen if I DON'T do it?
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    Might sound corny, but the best way to drive fear from my mind is to occupy it with something else, and the best way to do that is to work. That's right, if I get scared, I start working harder. Then I get more done, and I forget about my fear. For the time being.
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    For me dealing with fear is just reminding myself "ALL IS WELL" and "THERE IS VICTORY AFTER OVERCOMING THIS FEAR" and then I just move on.
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    Just do it. I'll get so worked up, that actually when I think, "screw it," I do better because I relax. It can be hard to overcome, but it's something that will make life easier. Rarely does transpire as bad as we may expect.


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    Fear is mostly a ghost of your own imagination. If you write down exactly what you fear, over time, when you go back to it, it will look silly.

    Action is a great way to eliminate fear, even if you mess up, just keep moving forward.
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    Its one of the most difficult tasks in the world to do. I do it by confronting my self with all my fears. Difficult but very effective!
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    I like to stare fear in the face and spit on it. Only sometimes it is faceless.
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    Fear is a virus. If only there's an anti-virus for it sold at stores then the best way would be a quick scan or maybe a full scan depending on its level.
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    Healthy lifestyle, eating the right food, enough sleep. This is how I deal with any stressful situation and that includes fear.

    I strongly believe that it's a choice to be afraid, to actually let the emotion take over your mental capabilities. You see, when your fit your mind is also fit. And a healthy brain can handle any negative hormones pump to your head making you in full control of yourself.
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    My thing about Fear is just to face it, so after face it you are sure about it. ie. if i have a fear from from dog, if i face it then i realize that dog are very cute and lovely.

    This is the my view.
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    I don't fight fear. I accept how the emotion feels and consciously do the opposite of what fear is telling me to do or not to do.
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    I pray and keep believing that I can overcome fear whatever fear is that I am dealing with.
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    Well i would love to hear some constructive ideas on this topic as well which will help me overcome my fear i am having lately.
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    Don't think too much and too long about it. Ultimately you just face it (or do it like Joe said).
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    I have not yet finished reading the 57 minutes book but the authors had some good thoughts around fear that were a little different than "face your fear."

    They define two types of fear: Crippling fears and Motivational fears
    "Crippling fears, i.e. the wrong fears, are those that confine you to your comfort zone."
    "Motivational fears, i.e. the right fears, on the other hand, are those that spur you to action."

    This is powerful to help you quit the crippling fears and embrace the motivational fears.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dorian Anthony
    Sometimes I don't overcome the fear, and maybe it's better I hadn't.
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