My Daughter And I Had The Same Dream !!

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Hi fellow Warriors

something very special and very beautiful happened to me the other night that i just have to share it

i was fast asleep and having a dream, i was dreaming that i was trying to put a cardigan on my two and a half year old daughter, in my dream she was saying no daddy i don't like the color of that cardigan

well, to my amazement, at the very same point i was awoken, my daughter sleeps in a cotbed in our room, she shouted out "no daddy i don't like the color of that cardigan", i was astounded

the very next day i asked her about her dream, she has been a very good talker from a young age, she told me she was dreaming about me trying to put a cardigan on her, and she did not like the color

Well, the next evening i thought i wonder if i was to pray for an astral journey to see my grandad, would my daughter see him too as i have always wished she had met him

so that second night i went to sleep, my prayers where answered, i did go to see my grandad, he was in hospital, i remember in the dream nipping out of his room for something but not being able to find our way back to his bedroom, in the end i said well we should head home and we will come and see him again soon

at this point in my dream my daughter woke me up again, this time she was shouting i want to say goodbye daddy

amazing experience for both myself and my daughter, she is my world and i love her so much

All the best
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