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We need to reset our mind about money.

Hope below quote and anology will help

"The more you chase money, the harder it is to catch it." - Mike Tatum
Dogs can smell fear, prospects and money can smell desperation.
Relax into your role and learn to be great at what you do.
Raja Kamil
Internet Marketing Life Blogger
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    I don't know what people under 10 shouldn't read this. It's never to early to learn good stuff.
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      Originally Posted by tjcreation View Post

      I don't know what people under 10 shouldn't read this. It's never to early to learn good stuff.
      Yes they should.
      And we are not arguing on that.

      Let's talk about the meat instead of the wrappers, don't we?
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    Nice post,

    I do think that money chasing is not neccessarily a great idea. Instead focus on producing quality products that people actually improve your clients lives.

    There is also the whole Law of Attraction aspect that if you believe money comes naturally to you then it will. I have seen plenty examples of people where this works. They have a natural expectation that they will be successful and so they are.
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    Great post Raja and three great gems that I have found to be true over time. I have Chased the money.. those were pretty lean years, during which time I also lost a lot of business due to desperation. Prospects have an uncanny ability to sniff out when you really need that sale and they just pull back, no matter how much you try to disguise your situation.

    Fortunately I have had the opportunity to taste the satisfaction of being extraordinary at what I do.. it is a feeling like no other indeed. I highly recommend it.
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    I agree with the first quote, if we are just chasing money, it's really hard to get it. Value an customer relationships is the first thing we need to do than just money. The more trusted customers or buyers we have, its easier for you now to get money.
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