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According to you,Which book is better.
I have read both of them and I am confused which one to read the second time first.
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    I don't know. I feel like the Science of Getting Rich is more esoteric and Think and Grow Rich is more practical. If you're a practical type of person, you should go with Think and Grow Rich, but if you're more intuitive, I think that SOGR is more suited for you.
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      If you haven't read it yet, give "Grow Rich with Peace of Mind." It's one of Hill's later books and I find it the most practical. Awesome stuff.
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    Ah books, I love them. I find most are basically on the same wavelength they just differ in a few tips and the way in which they're written. The main thing is to find one that works for you.
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    Funny I always quote the Science of Getting Rich when asked about favorite books and I do because of it's simplicity. If you are at the level where you are reading this kind of stuff, most of it is good and says the same things just in a different way, so then it becomes a matter of personal preference.

    Hope this helps and inspires
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      Every one is different there is no right way or wrong you just have to
      experiment and find the best way that's comfortable for you.
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    Yes I would agree with many commentators that the science of getting rich is better for mindset

    Where as think and grow rich is more of a practical guide.

    However they present much of the same message so you shouldn't have to choose one or the other.
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    Originally Posted by shubhashish View Post


    According to you,Which book is better.
    I have read both of them and I am confused which one to read the second time first.
    Why would you want to read them again? When you read some information, and if you take detailed notes you learn faster and more permanently.

    Now, I bet what you've learned from the first time reading each, you forgot 90% of it.

    When I take notes, in writing, I do not need to read something again. It wastes time. The important points are outlined in the notes. But again, since I write it down, it creates neural connections within my brain much faster. That's how I learn best. You might be different, but give it a shot and see what works for ya :-)

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      I say it doesn't really matter which one you read again first because you're gonna get more value out of them this next time around.

      Originally Posted by Guru_Marketing View Post

      Why would you want to read them again? When you read some information, and if you take detailed notes you learn faster and more permanently.

      Now, I bet what you've learned from the first time reading each, you forgot 90% of it.

      When I take notes, in writing, I do not need to read something again. It wastes time.
      I can offer one reason to read one or both books a second time. It is really easy to miss something and more than likely you would find something that didn't seem that important during the first read that makes so much more sense the second read.

      While you may not need to read something again, unless you copy the entire book in your notes (defeating the purpose of the notes), you're inevitably going to miss something. I'm sure the 2nd time around the poster will get something different from each book.

      How many times have you noticed something really enjoyable about a movie that you didn't notice the first time you saw it?
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    Personally. I find Napoleon Hill's writing style a little irksome and, quite the reverse of what some people have said, I think his books are more about mindset and motivation whereas, Wattles' Science of Getting Rich is more practical.


    P.S. You can get free copies of both books here ...

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    Originally Posted by shubhashish View Post


    According to you,Which book is better.
    I have read both of them and I am confused which one to read the second time first.
    If you're into that why don't you get "Law of Success in 16 lessons" by Napoleon Hill. I've read all the book by Napoleon and Wallace and later I found a book "The presence process" by Michael Brown... He's got free mp3s on his site... I like him
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    I have been through both myself. Yes Naoplian Hill was interesting and it shows one simple key " persistance" The science of getting rich expands on persistance.

    I have been to private trainings with Bob Proctor and he frequently has the "Think and grow rich book" in his hand while speaking.

    The action plan is the key and having a coach to report to to avoid procrastination is highly valuable !

    One of my biggest learning curves was to be around people that made $10,000.00 per month or more because of their action plans. Of of my network marketing mentors made $750,000.00 per month and if he hit below that then he revamped his plan !

    Step by step up from day one is the way to think.

    action plan = action = cashflow
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    Think and Grow Rich, I love the fact he interviewed 500 of the greatest entrepreneurs. Too many books nowadays are based on theory and not on the experiences of those who have actually achieved things. Who is going to be the best teacher to show me how to make money, an economics professor or someone who has actually gone out and taken the action?
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    I had Think and Grow Rich on kindle, I liked it so much I knew I wanted to study it, like HARDCORE study it. So I bought this awesome "workbook" version called the The And Grow Rich Action Pack. It has the entire book, unedited. But at the end of each chapter is some awesome editorial notes that summarize the chapter. At the end of the book is a guide on how to "study" the book properly, how to get the most of it, and most importantly, how to put it to good use. Easily one of the best investments I've ever made.
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    I have heard it said more self-made millionaire give credit to "Think & Grow Rich" the credit more than any other book except the Bible. We all must learn how to daily Program our Minds for Success. I made the "Decison" to spend 15 minutes a day consciously programming my mind daily 25 years ago. It is one of the most important decisions I have ever made in my life.

    A 30+ year track record of helping entrepreneurs achieve success! Find Dale on Amazon

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    I think Think and Grow is a mind changing, profound and a classic of all time, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is into self reliance and want to see progress in their life....
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    I prefer "Think and Grow Rich". Why not try something new? Have you read "The Magic of Thinking Big"? That's a great book.
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    IMHO they're both MASSIVELY different. But TSOGR is more spiritual. Gives a more visceral approach to wealth. Whereas TAGR is more factual. More methodical as an approach method to acquiring wealth :-)
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    SOGR is a "just do it" type, read that one again!

    Bringing others with me on the way to the top!

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    Think & grow rich happens to be the epitome of self-help and wealth building, the best classic ever written.. cannot be compared to SOGR.

    SOGR should be compared with the secret and in that case I think both are equally effective depending on the reader/listener. If you're a visual lerner and this is the first tie into Law of Attraction then definitely The Secre will be an easy time grasping.\

    I personally rate SOGR very highly, it's been an awsome help in my life.

    I also recommend "The Money Bible" very HIGHLY.. if you want to get around the abundance and manifestation mindsets right.
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    great thoughts
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    These books have to do with altering your pattern of thinking. If you want a book to do that, I heartily recommend Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Martz. He gives you a step-by step method to utilize the awesome powers of the subconscious.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    haven't read the second but think and grow rich is a classic!
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    I would say "Think and Grow Rich" is the better although they are both good books.

    Something I like to do is read a book and then later listen to the audio version. This way I can take in everything via a different format and also do other things while i'm listening.
    “We Dream And We Build. We Never Give Up, We Never Quit.” ~ Jeremy Renner as Carmine Polito in American Hustle
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    Think & Grow Rich is good for a beginner who is
    delving into the creative realm. I own this book
    and would not read it again. I also own SoGr and
    have it on audio. If you were to re-read one of
    these books, I would recommend SoGr. Better yet,
    get it on audio and listen to it in your car or while
    you are getting ready each morning. Nothing like
    a little reminder to get those creative juices flowing
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    Science Of Getting Rich, for me. And unlike what one poster says, these are both books that should be read again and again. Why? Because as you mature and grow spiritually and practically new ideas come forth from the same material as a result of new understanding.

    Many good books are that way. They have a certain meaning for a beginner. And then later, the same material takes on a new meaning based on the reader's new level of experience.
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    For me the science of getting rich was better...

    however both are good.

    The science of getting rich instilled in me that getting rich wasn't an evil thing (in fact it is one of the most noble things you can do).
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    Both books serve a purpose, though neither is complete, as they both harvest their presentations from a source body of advanced ancient inner technologies.

    The 'Science of Getting Rich', is more significant and better expressed, in terms of an understandable information translation and transmission of a fundamental system wherein, 'Everything Is Connected, Nothing Is Divorced From Itself'.

    This circumstance is due to it being closer to a competence of balance within a naturally occurring practical system of, 'clear perspective perception', which concerns the condition of 'relative correspondence' and harmonic sympathy with the surrounding environment that is the physics of this Mother Nature.


    The human intrusion of language syntax, that is of lesser quality than the naturally occurring harmonic communicating physics of this Mother Nature, is lacking, and far less than the protocol of intrinsic principles that mandate this environment with its material and organic artifacts.

    Think And Grow Rich', is a good and helpful book, however, there are prescriptions that exist, and have existed, during the histories of this planet, that are better suited to 'cause the desired effect', to be gained through the expressions of attractive competencies, that are in a state of harmonic balance with life, its durable material artifacts , and, the condition of time.

    Our human species develops psychological quality aspects, which support an inner intrinsic instinct to thrive. For example, a human behavioral character surface-quality attribute like 'persistence', is a great feature to have, but to have it with less self confusion and less self doubt, an individual can attain a dynamic condition of less stress, during the mechanics of an endeavor.

    This, alludes to the current day situation, of the cosmetic, less than complete, watered down presentations of commercial notoriety. This doesn't mean that these presentations are not helpful or enriching to the point of helping an individual towards a better quality of life, it just means that dilute formulas are given and demonstrated, to cause an individual a type of divorced success, financial or otherwise, without consideration to the resonant repercussion of effect that the physics of this Mother Nature operates by.


    Cause and Effect operates both tangibly, intrinsically and simultaneously within the same condition of time, without exclusivity to local or global proximity. In other words, you might not be aware of the depth of all the achieved effects of a desired goal, whether beneficial, adverse, OR BOTH, that is outside your visible or tangible range of perception.

    The effect doesn't just happen to you, rather, the energy utilized to realize the success of a desire, can be extracted or deposited else-ware, with or without your knowledge; beneficially of adversely. A success to you could mean a failure to someone else, with or without your knowledge. Yes, it could mean an enhancement towards anothers activities; constructively or destructively. Adverse events do occur when forces are employed without engaging the compliment of balancing principles.

    Today's commercialized compendium of books, seem to omit the relevance of these dynamics, either due to innocent ignorance, lack of understanding, or they just aren't aware of the ancient inner technologies, and only present information's from their or someone-else s popularized experience.

    The physics of harmonic resonance operates as a consequence of the employment of the distillations of potential. The distillations are known to us as energy; whether gross electrical, or psychological accelerations of thought. WITHIN THE PHYSICS OF THIS MOTHER NATURE, THERE IS CAUSE AND EFFECT, whether we are practically aware of it or not.

    Anyway, there are things to consider when thinking to grow rich, or applying the science of getting rich as alluded to in complementing book formulas, as they offer only a particle of a body of ancient inner technology principles, that command the specifics of an outcome when wielding forces that prefer the tendency of harmonic balance. I say this as you must agree; the environment is aware of itself.


    The weighted value of either book is directly related to an individuals present state of awareness, that is concerned with their personal development within a surrounding environment that encourages a culture of achievement.

    There's a lot more to the aspects mentioned here, but suffice it to say; Be Careful What You Ask For.........

    Something to consider, don't you think?

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  • I would definitely agree that there is a science to getting rich. That is why there are people who start from scratch and make it big and also ignorant people who start with something, but don't make it anywhere... Think about it, there's a formula!
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    As someone who hasn't read either book I'm def going to put them on my reading list after flicking through all your comments.

    I love reading and those books are right up my street. Cheers all
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    I say you should read them both, they were both great reads.
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    I think that Think and grow rich is better but they are both good books
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      Sorry if I'm resurrecting an old conversation but found this through a web search...

      I'd ask: Maximum Achievement By Brian Tracy OR Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill.

      Lately I stared to realize that classic works are much more solid. And to me they make more sense. I'd read As A Man Thinketh by James Allen 1000 times and get something new from it any time (and I'm doing this) but I put Awaken The Giant Within (Tony Robbins stuff) after the firs read - it was totally useless for me.

      Same goes for the Power Of Subconscious Mind - its powerful, useful and easy to apply.

      I think classics are powerful when they are together. You can combine the principles from Science Of Getting Rich and Think & Grow Rich and get great results. You can do the same with Magic Of Thinking Big + Psycho-Cybernetics.

      Sometimes I take modern self-help books to my hand to see if I'm missing something or not... In the end, I see that I don't
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    If you are confused, resort to the old, traditional way: heads or tails?

    Joseph M. Dabon
    Blogger and freelance writer. I belong to Ezine's Expert Author, Diamond, level. Visit me at

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    I love both books. However the science of getting rich pretty much tells you to visualize what you want and go after it with all you have. If you can try and take the information from both and make it work for you. The most important thing I have learned from both books and other sources is that you cannot have conflicting ideals. Your subconsicous does not pick up the difference. In other words, you cant think about becoming rich and try to manifest it while talking in the negative about debt or poverty. Stay away from negative news also.

    Vic Alexander

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      Both books are great books to read, and in my opinion both should be read several times as each read uncovers things you have missed in previous reads. They both have their place in personal development and are both filled with powerful information that will help the reader if applied.
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    Originally Posted by Shubh Ashish View Post


    According to you,Which book is better.
    I have read both of them and I am confused which one to read the second time first.
    I read both of them. They are extremely essential to building wealth. All of the personal development gurus I know have read and used the principles of these 2 books.
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    honestly, i've never read those books.but from the tittle, i'm more interested in 'think and grow rich' than the other one. because from the tittle i assume that 'science of getting rich' will tell me the steps hoe to get rich, but 'think and grow rich' can motivate me to be rich.
    but if you already read those books and you want to reread again, choose which one do you prefer to read, which one makes you enjoy reading,which one do you ting is more interesting,take it,and read it.
    Send Me PM For Details, Limited Offer!

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    I never read these books, but I'm interested now since I read all those posts.
    Going to look into these books now, thanks!
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    both are good for 2nd time reading
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      Greetings. "Think and Grow Rich" is my favorite book of this type. What I have learned is that for me, it's important that when I finish I go right back to page one and start reading it again.

      It's not so much about what I learn as much as what I actually put into practice. To my way of thinking these are not the type of books that you read once and move on.

      Maybe it's just the way my mind operates, but reading a book of this type only once is like going to church once and thinking that you have learned all you can from one visit. Some things take numerous poundings to get through my extra-thick skull.

      That being said, I have learned more about life, the people in my life, work ethic, how to treat others and what realistic expectations are than I ever learned in church. For that reason alone I gravitate to this book whenever I feel I need quiet inspiration.

      Cheers. - Frank
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    Don’t just reread them. This time around do a course on one also. Put the principles into practice. Which course should you do first? It depends on where you are at and what you want to accomplish. Each book has a slightly different take on success. Which one aligns closer to what you want to do?

    Or better yet – pull out of both of them what you need to work on and create your own custom course instead. This will be easier to do from several of the sources out there already offering a course. Why reinvent the wheel? Customize your own wheel.

    1) Get a basic course on each one.
    2) Review the table of contents looking for what you need.
    3) Pull those steps out and into your own custom course.

    What are you wanting to achieve? This highly personalized answer will direct you in what to do. Once you start down this path then you may even look for a more specific training beyond SOGR and TGR.

    Toby Jensen - Invest in what works this time

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