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Always give importance to the people who work for you, help you along the way for your success. I did like to remind you that the people who work for you have their rights...

1. Right to be needed
2. Right to be involved
3. Right to a relationship, fill deep needs, meaning, and fulfillment
4. Right to understand, together our mission, strategy
5. Right to affect one’s own destiny
6. Right to be accountable
7. Right to appeal
8. Right to make a commitment
9.Rght to leave for better opportunity more pay
#employees #rights
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    Absolutely correct. We know that no companies will be running without the presence of employees, right? Your company and your boss needs you to work with them, but you may also have the right to choose an opportunity that works best for you and your family. I think some IMers here are still working with their "boss", before reaching their goal to be their own boss through internet marketing.
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    We should encourage our employees to find their destiny too... to use their creativity to pursue their dreams so they don't become forever employees working for a job...
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    It always amazes me that when a boss gets upset when any of its employee seeks job with someone else who offers more, better opportunities etc... what you expect employee don't have their dreams to achieve? or they should just help you attain your dreams, selfish on part of boss
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