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Hey guys, JoeDRL here!

A lot of warriors had questions about goal-setting such as how do you set goals, why do you set goals and most importantly, what are the psychological principles behind goal setting that makes it powerful?

Some of you guys had great discussion about that very topic but today I want to share my view of it. I won't go into esoteric stuff so don't be afraid, ABC stuff here. Please answer to this post to make any comment on my article if you wish, I'd be glad to discuss with you guys.

Are goals effective?

There is a big debate going on around the forums about the efficiency of goal-setting. Some seem to think that to succeed, you must set goals, others affirm that goals are NOTHING without action. My point is between both opinions.

Let's start by going over success. Basically, succeeding is going from our current situation (point A) to a situation we wish to be (point B). A goal is simply knowing where and when that point B is. It is knowing exactly what it is you want so you can pursue it better, not scattering your efforts in random directions hoping to find success.

So yes, goals are terribly effective when you want to succeed, but it is indeed nothing without action. Let's stay in the real world here, simply stating that you want X amount of money in the next month without taking any action won't bring you anything. Simple and hard LOGIC.

What I believe is that goals have only two functions. First, they motivate you. Since they are point B's, places you want to get to succeed, you can generate a lot of motivation from that idea which is your goal.

The second function is focus. Goals focus your every actions. Let's paint a picture here. When you take a magnifying glass out on a sunny day and put it aligned with the sun so that its rays concentrate on a piece of paper, you can easily burn the paper in not much time.

On the other hand, take a piece of paper and let it exposed to the sun a whole day and it won't even get hot. That's the effect of goals, they are the magnifying glass that focuses your energy towards what you want. Isn't logical then to think that it will increase your chances of success?

But then, again, you must take action after setting a goal, otherwise you certainly won't make it. A glass alone can't burn paper, it needs the sun.

So goals are effective because they concentrate your actions on a single point, therefore increasing the impact of the actions you take towards success.

Then how do you set goals?

There is a specific way to set goals to make them effective. Here is a list of criterion they must follow:

Precision: Your goals must be precise, it's not merely enough to state that you want to be healthier in 5 months. Being healthier can mean tons of different things. Remember that your goal is your point B, your target. If you don't have a precise target, how can you even get there? Time constraints is a key to setting specific goals.

Measurable: You must be able to measure your goals against a specific measure which is what you consider success. That way you'll know exactly when you have succeeded or not. To take the above example, the person can work incredibly hard towards being healthy, but if she doesn't have a measure of her health to compare to what she wants, she can never really succeed.

Attractive: Your goal must deeply motivate yourself, that way you'll be guaranteed to follow trough when obstacles come into your way. That's why you must set ambitious goals which make you excited every-time you think about it.

Realistic: This is a warning to the Attractive criteria, your goal must be attractive and ambitious but still realistic. Otherwise you'll be guaranteed to fail. Remember that our mental limits are only shadows and that you can accomplish much more than you think you can but don't transgress natural laws. Wishing to make 100 million dollars in a week without a business or partners or capital isn't humanly doable.

The bottom line

That's about it for today, the post is already long so thank you for reading this and see you soon, I have some killer stuff coming for you guys in not so long so stay tuned .

Feel free to comment below please

Be happy, be successful,
~ JoeDRL
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  • Profile picture of the author Joseph G Spiteri
    When we set goals and everybody should by the way
    the first thing to do is see the end goal in our mind as
    if we already have it see what you can see feel what
    you can feel and hear what you can hear.
    The very next step should be writing the goal down
    with paper and pen and write everything down in
    detail. Look at what you have written every day
    see yourself having that goal every day and before
    you know it you will have it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Calskinator
    I have spent a lifetime of setting goals, and I have come to find that for me goal setting is absolutely counterproductive.

    I simply release resistance, and the world converges to create miracles in my daily life and my goals are achieved much faster. Creating goals for me just creates resistance.

    This is not true for everyone, though. The world of action just doesn't work in my life. Waiting works for me. I draw things to me, while others work better going out to get them.
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  • Profile picture of the author JoeDRL
    Some people seem to be more comfortable that way, and I truely respect that.
    As with everything, if somethings works or you, continue doing it and god bless you.

    Thanks for the comment Joseph, you are right that you must rehearse your goal everyday with visualization in order to keep it burning inside.

    Be happy, be successful,
    ~ JoeDRL
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  • Profile picture of the author danlew
    Goals are very important to me as an internet marketer. I wrote down my goals for the month to see if I achieve it myself. This is where I motivate and discipline myself to achieve them. Without goals, you have no direction to succeed.
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  • Profile picture of the author JoeDRL
    Exactly danlew,
    Goals = Focus and action = energy

    When you combined both, you have the most powerful thing in the world, focused energy.

    Be happy, be successful,
    ~ JoeDRL
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  • Profile picture of the author brightmarketing
    Great post. As for the bringing stuff to you versus taking action and getting it -

    I think we need to define what goal setting is...

    I think that ultimately, a goal can be as simple as setting an intention in your mind to do something. It doesn't necessarily have to be the drawn out, write it down, kind of thing.

    And I think that for some, going through the entire ritual of writing it down and making a huge deal about it is what causes the resistance for them. So for them, goal setting is not so much as it's seen in the traditional sense and instead becomes more of an "intent" to do something.

    Of course, for others this isn't a problem and the traditional, write-it-down, set-a-deadline kind of goal setting works wonders.

    Regardless, my point is this - I think goal setting absolutely works! And, I would venture to say that everyone uses SOME form of goal setting, whether it's merely setting a mental intention to do something or taking a more traditional approach.

    My two pennies, at any rate.
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  • Profile picture of the author JoeDRL
    Yeah you are right brightmarketing, everybody has its way of setting goals even if it's not conscious or written down.

    I guess we can say set goals as you wish, but set them!

    Be happy, be successful,
    ~ JoeDRL
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