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If you're anything like me, you've had your back against a wall at some time in your life...

You look back and wonder, "How in the hell did I wind up broke, homeless, and 15 pounds over weight... confused and bewildered... has the universe given up on me?"

"Has the universe given up on me?!"

Thats precisely what I thought up until recently. And then like a heavy law dictionary falling from grace on top of your head -- it hit me! The universe has done anything BUT given up on you.

It's when your broke, desperate and surrounded with adversary from all directions -- when your back's against a wall and there seems to be no hope for survival (none the less sur-thrival!) that's when you know the universe is secretly conspiring to make you strong.

The universe promotes people who fail hard, and get back up. The universe sends you a personal satan and a legion of demons to poke, and burn you -- to see if you'll quit -- and if you don't quit, no matter how broke, no matter how bad it gets -- if your refuse to throw in the towel no matter what the cost -- you're selected for advancement.

You see, the universe wants to give you what you want. But she doesn't give up her pearls to just anyone. Nope. You have to demonstrate your worthy of the gifts you want from the universe.

Kiss the whip, buck up and never back down -- and the world becomes your oyster.

:cheers: Here's to my sweet adversary.
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    The people who succeed are the ones who fight back against their setbacks and obstacles, no matter how badly they're getting beaten up. The people who fail are the ones who tell themselves that their setbacks and obstacles are just too much to take, and give up while convincing themselves that they've done their best.

    Fight back. The universe can only hold out on you for so long before it relents to your merciless determination.
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    It's really very simple, just repeat "Never give up." Keep going, doing what you believe in. Nothing ever turns out the way you thought it would, but if you give up you'll never know what would have happened. Believe.
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    Originally Posted by Studio13 View Post

    You look back and wonder, "How in the hell did I wind up broke, homeless, and 15 pounds over weight... confused and bewildered... has the universe given up on me?"
    What would define you as 15lbs overweight?
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      ^ Working part-time as a personal trainer for a number of years, I have all these fancy charts that tell me the ideal age/height/weight ratio of 10, 15 or even 50 pounds "overweight".
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    John Maxwell Book "Talent is Never Enough" Chapter on Focus
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    It's amazing too that Thomas Edison Never gave up after burning 10,000 bulbs... Thus he failed 10,000 and never gave up...
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    Attitude truly is everything. Sometimes it's when you feel like your back is up against a wall and you have nowhere to turn that all you can do is just give up -- but in reality, you're giving up on the feelings that kept you back. suddenly, you're free.. things start happening. happiness begins, stress ends, and money starts to flow.
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    Yeah! This is really true to me. It's all about failing as many times as you want, but you never backed down from the challenge. We must not afraid to fail, keep going until you succeed. If you can't do that, you might have missed the boat.
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    Here's something to keep you going.....
    It always seems impossible until it's done."

    - Nelson Mandela
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    Damn it — I failed on my last attempt.
    Thankfully — I failed on my last attempt.
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    That's why I look at failure as a learning experience. If you ever want to improve or make advancements, you HAVE to look at it that way. It's what pushes us and helps us all recognize the true potential we all have living deep inside each and every one of us.

    I can't tell you how many times I have failed, but I can tell you that I got back up, dusted off my shoulders and kept on trucking. I found out why I failed and how I can change it I don't fail for the same reason twice.

    Just remember that as we go through life, we will continue to fail time and time again. It's how we react to that failure that will determine what will lie in the path ahead.
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    I'm 20. I've been sued twice in the past year for failed business ventures. I have about 15 businesses under my belt, some did better than others. I barely graduated high school. Never went to college or plan on it.

    If I were to tell you the two primary businesses I am involved in you would call me a liar. If you look at failure as a stepping stone...you actually learn to love it. I know that every time I fail I am one step closer.

    Currently I live in Brazil...work 3-6 hours a day...and do what I want. Without failure I'd be nothing.
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    i like your thought tjcreation
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      Some people are driven to succeed by their fear of failing, and these people tend to be extremely discouraged when they "eventually" fail. Notice I put "eventual" in bold. Why?

      Simple. Not everything will go as you planned. Does that mean you failed? Life is full of eventualities. There is nothing that is certain or guaranteed in life apart from death and taxes like they say! It is how you respond to these "events" that really matters.

      In my dictionary, success is not a destination as such, it is a state of mind and a journey. Failure in the same line is not an event or a destination, it is a state of mind.

      You have only truly failed when you have stopped trying.

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      Just remember, you can do anything you set your mind to, but it takes action, perseverance, and facing your fears.

      --Gillian Anderson
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        That goes to demonstrate - you only fail if that's how you want to 'Think' of

        Dust it off and move on - it will all work out if you continue to have a clear
        destination in 'Your Mind'

        History proves this to be true in the lives of some of the people we have
        come to admire.

        Everyone is a success - we are all just at different levels of our own.
        "Brilliance meets you on the road to destiny, direct your actions toward the place you intend to arrive, all will be well with your entire journey." L. L. Bowers 2011′
        Being The Positive Influence Making A Difference Is What Matters Most.
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    This thread and its replies are very inspiring. Thanks for the OP and posters
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      Now that's an attention grabbing headline if ever I saw one
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    We have exponential human potential! If we can put men on the moon just imagine what you can do. Life is full of adversity, obstacles, and roadblocks but as long as we go straight through these at full force we will move on to the next path in lifes journey.
    Thanks for post this thread, it helped me take a different look in the day

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