95% of you will fail at this...but why?

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Now let me start off by saying I am not a negative nelly just someone who understands what most fail to realize and that is that there is a 5/95 rule of success. Meaning that you may succeed once out of 20 tries at something.

I have interviewed over 30 Millionaires and they all say that the 5/95 rule is true and they failed more times than succeeded.

The real difference between those that have become the top 5% vs. those that don't is that the top 5% spend more time and effort failing than the 95% do.

The road to success is paved with the cobblestones of failure. So trust in your ideas and desires and get out their and start failing. Because with every failure you are just one step closer to success.
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    Yeah that is absolutely true Andrew, everybody listen to him!
    Failures are great teachers, they teach you lessons that you must learn in order to reach success.

    I actually look forward to failure, because I know failing makes you grow more than success.

    Be happy, be successful,
    ~ JoeDRL
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      Yep failure is a great teacher i agree.
      A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
      Albert Einstein
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    As much as I agree that failure builds character and helps you ultimately grow, I feel that too many people use that as an excuse and fail purposely. It seems as though many people anticipate their first failures far earlier than they should and call it a learning experience. They do not put in all their effort, all the work the first time around because they have an excuse that they will fail.

    I feel to be totally successful, one must give everything each and every time and NOT EXPECT to fail.
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    My personal view is that most people fail because they neither fail nor succeed.

    What do I mean by that?

    Well...most people don't realize their hopes and dreams because they never take one step forward. They can't fail because they don't try at all (at least in their minds....) and they can't fail because they don't admit to anyone (even themselves) what their real hopes and dreams are. They make their lives bearable through television, alcohol, food or some other emotional mind diverting crutch.

    In my mind the scale of success works like this...people who fail and immediately get up, dust themselves off and continue to try again are the most successful people. Whether they achieve the ultimate goal or not....

    Next are people who struggle through hardship and achieve their success...

    And everyone else is last....they are the people that never try.

    And they are likely the people who are focused on telling those that do try, why they will not be successful and why they are crazy for even trying. $crew them!
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    Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. - Thomas Edison
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    I definitly think perserverance is key, you look at most of the warriors on here that have been here for more than 5 years and most of them (at least it seems) are doing pretty good. Provided you keep moving forward and willing to learn I think anyone can do well in this business.
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    A quote by a Nike commercial just popped up in my head.
    "If you never failed....you never lived"

    Use failure to your advantage, look a the broader picture, failure is temporary defeat only.

    Be happy, be successful,
    ~ JoeDRL
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    Let me ramble around a bit:

    How we view "failure" is important.

    If we view it as "feedback", get back up, dust ourselves off and start implementing a new plan for success, then I believe we're fine.

    If we view "failure" as The End, then we stop. And that's a problem.

    "Failure is giving up."

    Our self-image, our self-esteem, is what drives us. We must be like the way we believe we are. My advice is to protect your self-esteem. Not by taking no risks, but by realizing that "failure" in business isn't permanent or fatal. It's just feedback. "That didn't work. OK, I'll move on to something else."

    Now I'm not saying give up on things just because you didn't succeed the first time. Some things, like making prospecting calls, just need to be persevered with. And what you think is "failure" may not actually be so. What you may require to see things as they truly are is more expertise.

    Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill both gave examples, in Acres of Diamonds and Think and Grow Rich, of people who struggled, felt they had "failed", and gave up. Then someone came along and worked exactly the same property, and because they had expertise the original person didn't, they easily found "success".

    Why do the 95% fail? Likely because they never develop sufficient expertise in some area. Then they never know what's really going on, precisely what they're looking for, whether to take the feedback they're getting seriously or not...it takes effort to get there and the 95% don't put it in. They look for the Easy button.

    It's very probable that they never had the self-image necessary for success in the first place.

    If you want to succeed, let me suggest that the FIRST thing you have to work on is your self-image. You have to SEE yourself as the kind of person who studies things, finds out the truth about what's going on, sticks with things, develops new plans to reach your goals when some don't pan out, and keeps taking action.

    Sounds simple? Then why are so many people not like this?
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    People stay stuck because it is far safer and more comfortable. It requires healthy self esteem to take risks and put yourself out there.

    My new favorite quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

    "Do one thing everyday that scares you."

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    Like your text, it is true some people invest a lot of time, working and falling! Thats good and should be important for everyone!
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    The basics - make money on purpose, you become a millionaire spontaneously.
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