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Hi guys, how are you doing?
I would like to share my thoughts about this:

What does it mean to "Stay Focused"?

When I first started in this business, I experimented a frustrating situation that took a lot of energy out from me. This was the Information Overload that we get when we invest our time doing lots of researchs about the place we want to make our business. There is TOO MANY information on the web, too many successful stories, too many scams as well, and we can't make our mind and choose a path to follow. Because it's too damn hard to find a good path!

The best thing I did to get rid of this problem was to decide one path and stay focused on it. Then everything was more clear. No more distractions on the information and more research on key topics to start my business online. It took several months to learn everything of course, and I still learn lots of stuff, but the Key thing I found for my Success in my business was just to find a path and walk over it, just that path. I am afraid that if you don't understand what you are doing, no matter how hard you invest your time, most probably you are not going to have a good experience. And having lots of different sources of information, does not help either.

The other important thing that is very important, not only in this business, but in life in general, is to Do One Thing at a Time!!
I learned a hard lesson here, because in my desperation to start earning money online, I was trying to make a lot of things at the same time. I spent a lot of time, more than a month everyday after my job, researching, understanding, trying to implement, all things at the same time. It was really frustrating when I looked at the progress and see that I barely did anything!
So after I understood this, and started doing things one after the other, everything was more clear, ordered, and my business began to work.

Belive it or not, after understanding all these little things, mind things mostly, you can get a lot of positive energy to invest in your business, and if you stay focused in the path you are taking, you will succeed.

What do you think about this?, this formula worked for me, of course maybe there are many others, but I stay with this one that gave me best results.

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    ...you are right...sirtiman
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    For me, the best way to understand what staying focused means and, more importantly, how to stay focused is related by the Ivy Lee story.

    Sometime in the earlier 1900's the famous Charles Schwab, the guy responsible for the growth of U.S. Steel, wanted to increase the productivity of his managers. He called in Ivy Lee who suggested that they focus each day on the six most important tasks.

    There are more details worth reading and below are a couple of relevant links:

    The Six Things Most Important Things I Must Do Tomorrow : eConsultant


    The last link has information about interesting productivity software that is partly based on the Ivy Lee story. Actually one of the guys involved with it is giving away 15 review copies on this site at:


    There may still be some left for free.

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    It's really important that we should stay focused on what we should achieve. Don't attempt to shift yourself into other things without focusing on your main goal first. Focus on one thing and accomplish it!
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      Originally Posted by danlew View Post

      It's really important that we should stay focused on what we should achieve. Don't attempt to shift yourself into other things without focusing on your main goal first. Focus on one thing and accomplish it!
      You are exactly right Danlew, when we focus on several things, we end up doing nothing hahaha.
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    I learned the lesson of focus many years ago when I tried out hang gliding. The instructor told me the most important thing for me to do was to look at a point ahead of me where I wanted to go, and that's where I would end up. Sure enough, i got so focused on handling all the controls, looked down at my hands, etc, and I nosedived.

    Same is true in life, whatever you focus on, is the direction you go. Getting distracted with shiny objects only fragments your focus.
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    Very important to stay focused and complete a task/goal. I think if you try to multi task too much you simply end up going round in circles and do not get the desired result, if any!
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    I totally agree with this post. You have to select a course and totally apply your self into it to be successful.
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    Stay focused means you have to concentrate in your main goal or in making a business plan. You have to take the risk to make your business successful
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    I feel i am close to that path and i need to start stepping on it.
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