No one got famous without building an EMPIRE

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OK, maybe that was a bit of an overstatement since tons of "regular people" get famous all the time for completely random things.

But what I'm talking about is a lasting notoriety that not only gets you recognized, but also provides you with a comfortable (if not posh) living.

I was recently reading a news article on RayWJ:

Who Is RayWJ? YouTube's Top Star - Yahoo! Finance

He's a YouTube star that is making undisclosed mountains of cash just because he acts like a jerk in a penguin costume. On the surface, that's the best way to dismiss it. But when you look deeper, you see that he built his brand by sheer dedication and volume.

...and yes, he has a great idea and his clips are pretty funny. With his perserverance, he's gets over 780 million unique visitors a month globally.

You could even say he has the market cornered on smart*$$es in penguin outfits...

My favorite part of this article is how mysterious and humble he is in the interview. These forums are packed full of people who are bragging about their cars and accumulations, but by now, we all know you can simply walk up to any random car and get your friend to snap off a picture of you and you could easily claim it to be yours.

Before I get too deep into tangents, let's get back to what made him so successful: he knew he was on to something and kept at it until the rest of the world noticed.

Make the decision today that there are no "get rich quick" schemes that actually do what they say they will and make the resolution that you are in this for the long haul. There will be a bunch of work and some things you hate doing, but they must get done.

You will build your own empire, you just have to lay a wide enough foundation.

...either that or I know of a great place to buy a penguin costume.

~Reuben Indarra
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    Nobody wants to be a one hit wonder and nobody should aim at being a one hit wonder. This is especially true for warriors those wanting to go into internet marketing. With so much information out there on internet marketing, it is easy to get distracted, suffer from want-to-do-it-all-itis, and hoping to make tonnes of money from doing everything/anything. From reading the book by Napoleon Hill, all the successful individuals he interviewed set their sights on one main goal and did everything they could possibly do to achieve it. It took time and effort, but success usually comes when one is almost at breaking point.

    Yes, consistency and sticking to ONE particular thing is key lessons I would say that I learnt from RayWJ. I read that article too and really like how he is getting famous for putting up videos consistently. He does put a funny and fun twist on news, current trends, meme etc, and who doesn't like a penguin.

    Consistency is key!
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      Yes,my belief says consistency and believe in yourself is key to success.
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        TOTALLY disagree; the likes of paris hilton, kim khardashian never built an empire . The dynamics of the world is changing, things like go to school and get a good paying job or work hard to get rich don't work anymore!

        Thanks to internet marketing what we have nowdays is 'college school drop out earns more than neurosurgeon' 'mak $1000s while you sleep' sounds familiar
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          Originally Posted by sexy sue View Post

          TOTALLY disagree; the likes of paris hilton, kim khardashian never built an empire . The dynamics of the world is changing, things like go to school and get a good paying job or work hard to get rich don't work anymore!

          Thanks to internet marketing what we have nowdays is 'college school drop out earns more than neurosurgeon' 'mak $1000s while you sleep' sounds familiar
          Yup, me too I totally disagree, Oprah doesn't have an empire yet she's so famous. You would mean during the medieval time but ours does not require an empire to get you famous.
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    LOL! Great post, Reuben!

    You laid down a heck of a lot of lessons right here in your insightful post, Brother! So Thanks for that!

    The main take-away I got, was that despite how, in order to build a recurring, growing, and lasting "empire" (and thus desired "lifestyle"),..... your own Personal Branding, is key!

    I totally dig that, and whole-heartedly agree!

    Granted, like you said, Reuben, this may not necessarily be the 'quickest' way to riches,..but it is in fact one of the surest ways to lay that solid, wide foundation for building your destined lasting Empire!.

    I mean even jerks in penguin outfits (RayWJ) can do it, for Pete's sakes!! LOL!

    You just gotta have your own 'angle' and run with it!

    Cheers, Reuben!

    Thanks for the insightful post! I'll be adding you to my contact list, Brother! I like the way you think!

    Very Sincerely,

    *Got BALLZ?!? Take the Challenge! Go Kick Some Azz! ==>

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    I'm a huge RWJ fan, but my favorite youtube stars would still have to be freddiew and smosh.

    Hopefully one day my show can get that big..
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    Thanks so much for sharing!!
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    RWJ is very famous now and making a lot of money online uploading videos in youtube and got a lot of viewers on each videos..
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    Agree with Sexy Sue, morons get rich and famous almost daily. However, if you want lasting success, it must be built upon truth and justice, otherwise it can not sustain (Napolean Hill).

    Last year's fling is long forgotten and replaced by the latest freak, but awesome people like Mother Theresa will be remembered for eons.
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    butchars build empires empire is built without filling many many graves .. it is fine if you look at business as war .. and have no trouble destroying another company and putting hundreds and thousand of people out of work for a few extra cents on your ticker symbol ..

    Forget building empires where you are little more than a power mad weezle willing to destroy other because business is business ..

    the way to go about success now ... and it is really very new in a way that nearly anyone can access it from any where .. is to build a following or a fan base around your work ..

    and take care of your following ..

    which is what the guy in the article has been doing by the looks of it .. what most of the top 1000 youtubers have been doing ..

    what lady gaga does .. she makes music for her little monsters ..

    not everyone will be into you .. and the people who would steel and consume your content without paying .. are not people who would buy your stuff..

    But if you are not producing anything worth stealing to anyone or copying .. you are most likely producing junk
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    I totally agree with you. Success is a product of hard work and dedication but most of all, it is a product of many failures. If you apply your self into something you believe in, there is no stopping you.
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    When you think about building an empire honestly does it mean getting everything you want will make you happy. Many happy people don't own much.
    Signature Are you interested in 200 to 400 visitors a day to your site
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