Success in Healing Eating Disorders?

by Kautii
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The question to ask is how can you apply this concept of changing your brain and genes to be free of eating disorders (or any eating issue) brain patterns or negative behavior triggers? It is documented by Doidge that brain exercises in some situations are more effective than medications. Furthermore talk therapy as in psychotherapy is known to lead to every bit as much brain change as medications do for depression and anxiety. Anxiety and depression are certainly a challenge for those suffering from any eating disorder, eating issue, or doctor ordered diet change. Help me out with feedback. Those who suffer from guilt & denied self-hate that goes with an eating disorder may still be successful in business but at what price?
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    Hi, and welcome to the forum. That's an interesting topic to begin with but what are you driving at? No one can change their genes or the implications of genetic disorders. It is possible, however, to use your brain to overcome the things that might drive you into a condition. I think many people talk themselves into being ill, overweight or other out of weakness and insecurity.

    I don't know about psychotherapy being a help or a hindrance in these conditions but I think the patient must have what it takes to get going and do something about the condition or problem he/she faces.

    God bless

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    I think they can for whatever reason because when you that disorder it is not necessarily that you are incapable of earning. It is within you to strive and be positive that you will overcome this disorder.
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    This is precisely the area in which psychotherapy can bring a positive outcome.
    The 'Psychotherapy' tag may seem a little daunting, but an experienced hypnotherapist should certainly be able to cope with a problem of this nature. This may well provide a solution - do follow it up.
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