What Are You Thankful For?

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I am thankful for you warriors, because it is the entreprenuers, the go getters of the world who help to shape, enhance, and bring about a greater place for everyone to live in.

What are you thankful for?
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    I am thankful for:

    - having good health
    - having enough money to keep me warm and fed
    - having 2 terrific and healthy children
    - being able to enjoy quite a few hobbies
    - living in a great country

    Basically for being on this planet. I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but if we all sat down and wrote down everything that we should be thankful for, we'd be amazed, and we would soon stop complaining about the things we don't have.

    Good Luck,

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      I'm thankful for family, friends, and the wonderful opportunity we all have to provide value to others.

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    Gratitude is quite important.

    I am thankful for a reasonably nice place to live, a way to get around, and some enjoyable activities that I can engage in.
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      Always an excellent idea to make gratitude a daily habit, like brushing your teeth.

      Among other things, I'm very grateful for the opportunity to make a wonderful living online! Something no one could have imagined several years ago.

      And of course, I'm very grateful to the Warrior Forum - its filled with amazing folks who are a true inspiration.

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    finding warrior forum is a gift, and to know offline and online business at the same time will lead us to financial and time freedom... I thankful for this....!!
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    I am truly thankful for:
    - my health
    - my family/friends
    - the freedom I have to choose the direction I want to take in life
    - places both online and offline who seek to help people achieve their goals, overcome their problems, etc.
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      Great question! Love it could go on forever, but I will not. I'm thankful for the power of choice to choose. More of us need to exercise the freedom we have to choose weather we want to continue doing what we are doing and getting the same results or choose to change. Of course my family, my friends here .My Lord and my best friend Christi.
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    I am thankful for life first of all. My mom had two miscarriages and I would've had an older brother, but he only survived a few hours after he was born.

    I am also thankful for having the necessities and luxuries that a lot of people do not have such as a place to live, clothes, food, a car to get places, internet, etc.
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      I am thankful for having the hunger to get more out of life. And not just settle for 8-5 for the rest of my life.
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        I'm thankful for my health, my beautiful wife, my family, friends and the many opportunities I have socially and professionally.

        "Together we can do anything"
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    I am glad people post questions like this it makes for good conversation

    I am thankful for the future and all it holds the mysteries and the possibilities

    I am very thankful for the people that are in my life and the people that are waiting too. I am thankful for my past because without it I would not be who I am today...

    Thanks mom for bringing me into this world ...

    Give someone a awesome day!
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    I am also thankful for all the positive individuals I interact with in life.
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    I am thankful for my wonderful family which has been there like a pillar of strength and support..and also the opportunities that life has given me in different phases of my career :-)
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    I am so thankful that I live in a country that has no trouble, I earn a living each and every week, and most importantly, I have good health...
    These are without doubt, things we should be thankful for...
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    The ability to stay awake for 36 hours at a time.
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    I ma thankful of everything I have and what I am.
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    I'm thankful for a loving family that always supports me, my friends, and for my health to name a few
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    having a roof over my head, food in my belly in clothes on my back. everyone gets so preoccupied with all the worries in life that they forget how fortunate they really are, take a deep breath, stop, and look around and you wont be disappointed
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    I am grateful for my very life and health, for my spiritual teacher, my family, friends, and all the abundance of this great country.
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    Today I'm thankful for the spontaneous "performance" my girls put on for me. Yesterday I was thankful for the 2 purple starfish they pointed out while at the beach during low tide. I'm working on taking the time to enjoy the gifts, large and small, that each day brings.
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    Mostly my health.

    We live in the best time in history (and if you are accessing this site, chances are you are in a country with a decent amount of freedom).

    Also thankful I can read.

    Many more things that I am thankful for... and I think about them every day.

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    My Wife, My daughter, My Mum, My Dad, My sister. Also my 3 dogs Tyson the Rotti Chloe the Min Pin and Pebo the bangkaew... Ahh I love my pack
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    I am thankfull for.
    * to have love in my live
    * that i got a healthy son
    * this forum becaues here is where dreams come true
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    I'm thankful for my family which gives me unconditional love, inspiration and support for me to continually achieve my goals in life.
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    I am thankful first of all that God's gave me life... and he has given me a freedom of choice to do according to his purpose.... which is to love , to share, and to understand....that simple but its take more efforts through humility and wisdom from above...
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    Thankfull to be here,,
    read all post from big warrior above
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    I'm am thankfull to God for allowing me to get to know him and loving me.
    I'm am thankful to my wife for loving me.

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    I am thankful for this day, for the 3 men in my life (2 sons and dad), thankful for family, friends and sooo many loved ones, thankful for my blessings both big and small, thankful for being thankful
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    I am thankful I am alive, well and healthy. Have two great dogs, two prima donna cats and a very quiet bird.

    Also, thankful for my friends, both here and back home. Warriors - where would I have been without their help.

    Being free to work my own business, no boss YEAH!
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    Thanks for all around me...

    Include all of you who read this...
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    I am thankful for family. I am also thankful for being able to help others build their businesses online. When I have friends that have been affected by financial crisis, I am thankful to be able to help them as well. I love my life.

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    So thankful for the life itself.
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    Im am thankful for my everyday life and to my family, thanks to the warrior post.
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  • thankful to GOD for giving me another Life and also a blessed and happy family with good health.
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    My loving family
    My awesome friends
    My pure heart.
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    I am thankful to the God who made me genius enough to make money online, support family, enjoy life with parents and friends. That's the best feeling in the world.
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