What is your motivation to be successful in IM?

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Here is my motivation to be successful in IM and make lots of money.

1# To help a friend who is divorced and got 2 kids but his ex-wife is a drinker and treats the kids awfull.

2# To quite my day job, so that i can start enjoying my live, Because life is to short.

3# To prove to my mother in law that you can make a nice living with IM.

4# Buy my dream car chevrolet camaro.

5# To make sure that my family doesnt have to worry about money ever again!!

These are some of the points that keep me going.


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    #2 is probably the most important to me.
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    Hello, Heronimus:

    A great list of motivating goals! It's good to have a written list.

    I used to think it was the money that attracted me to marketing and motivates me, but through the course of my IM training and experience, I have discovered that it is the achievement aspect that motivates me most. I like the challenge of learning new skills, and I especially like learning to do it well. That gives me satisfaction and motivates me to keep on keeping on and to try harder. (Not that I don't like the money, too! lol)


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    I got because of the low entry point. Success comes with traveling and affording larger ventures.


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      Great list, bud.

      For me...I used to work for an airline, and I just LOVE to travel.

      Besides being able to give back to my Mom, who sacrificed so much for me, I'd like to travel. Not the "airline" way, where I need to be back to some job by a certain day...

      But to go "who cares where" for "who cares how long" and come back "who cares when".

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    Being location independent is my motivation.
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    Basically what everyone else has already mentioned. I live in Australia but have all of my family in sweden, I want to be able to visit them whenever I feel like it, and I also want to be able to work from anywhere in the world.
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    Being able to create something of value to others and to myself is a great motivator. When I first got into business for myself, I thought its all about the money, but ultimately discovered that being of service to folks is far more satisfying.

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    Freedom, not having to work for a boss (which I don't now thank goodness). Ability to work from anywhere in the world. Being home with my dogs and cats, I can play 'soccer' with my young pup when I want too (not always when he wants too).

    Being able to donate to my fav charities.
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    My Family is my main motivation...

    BTW great list mate...
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    That's a Great Question here is My Video Answer-----> 2012-03-02_1946 - gbarrows's library
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    Freedom freedom freedom hands down. People ask me all the time why I stay on my homestead when I could be traveling and doing different things. My answer is simply I do what I want, go where I want and purchase what I want. I enjoy raising my own food and smoking my own meats, first I know where it came from. I just enjoy working! I do go on fishing guides and travel. Bottom line times are getting tough, many don't know it yet, but trust me they are, I guess I'm a survivor. I work 3 maybe 4 hours a day usually in the evening, sometimes more depends on what i'm doing.
    The site below needs some work and I'm in the process of a redo, my other sites are doing great. But I just have a love for the lifestyle i live. When I do travel I have others to do it for me. Thanks for the question. Sorry I rambled.
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    I want to make a great living, especially passively.

    I want to help people as they've helped me...some of the major IMers like Ali Brown have helped me truly transform my life.

    I like freedom

    Great topic!

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    This is what keeps me going:

    Life IS NOT about working in a day job (spending at least 30% - 40% of my time working), see your boss face, earn money that depreciate, pay bills etc..

    Life is about shining, helping others, sharing, caring. God made each of us differently. . whether we like it or not, ALL of us does have a purpose in life. It's our job to find it.

    I wonder how are we able to shine if we are working 30% - 40% of the time and sleep 30% - 40% of the time.. Life is too short for a average and simple life.

    I've a bad feeling that lots of people are gonna attack my post

    Praise the Lord,

    P.S. Life is either a daring adventure or NOTHING!
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  • My list is real short!

    My "motivation to be successful in IM" is "Old Age"

    I got a sales audience 100's times larger than before the Internet, to market to, worldwide not just nationwide. I don't necessarily have to travel, get hot, freeze, get indigestion from bad food and so on, anymore.

    I can leverage my keyboard and monitor to do things that used to cost dearly, for the measly price of the electricity coming out of the wall socket......WHEW! Am I in sales Heaven on Earth or what?

    I don't have to look hard for good sales staff, JV partners and affiliates are everywhere.

    Just sit back in my Old Dog tee shirt and undies, EWE-gh, not a pretty sight, and sell, chat, or what ever. (Well that's not a real picture necessarily, but then again not far off for some highly successful IM'ers I see out there. Frank K. hope you don't read this.

    All joking a side Old Dog is motivated by not having to hunt the whole hillside behind the barn on foot anymore but rather hunt the entire world from the Dog House! That motivates me to be IM successful.

    ld Dog dug this bone up!

    P.S. If I can be of any assistance in your "Off" or "On"- line sales and marketing please PM me or email at WinnersChoice-Warrior@yahoo.com . Old Dog

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    Cash would have to be up there for me as one of the main motivations. However, sitting alongside this is the liason with other like minded people and solving people's problems through market tutoring. When I solve a problem for a client and see it click with them, that means a lot. Yeah, the cash is good but when you can help people on a level then that is special, and something many don't feel in their general day jobs. It's amazing how many people's jobs aren't client facing with no human interaction! Good post, and enjoying reading the replies...keep them coming!
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    What motivates me is that I love learning new stuff and IM is fun to learn. It is a tool to market my business yet it gives me an opportunity to interact with like minded people all over the world. And i am believing I will make some money somewhere along the line.

    Motivational Public Speaker and Writer.

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    great points every one needs that motivation, and if you fail you must still continue until you succeed.
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