Are Your Goals Important To Your Success

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Hellow fellow Warriors.

I would like to share the following with you which comes from my Mentor ~ Ken and I hope it helps make a difference in your life.

"Constantly putting off setting and achieving our life goals robs us of our future happiness and we end up leading a life of quiet desperation, never having what we really wanted and never feeling as though we achieved anything worthwhile.

Too many people die regretting the things they didn't do with their lives. Don't let this happen to you- the best time to set your goals isn't next year, next month or next week- it's now- right this minute!"

When I read the above it struck a chord with me and got me off my butt to re-write and re-clarify my goals.

I definitely don't want to die regretting things that I should have done but didn't.

I hope it gets you to re-write and re-evaluate what you want out of your life.

Take good care of those that you love.

Robbie T
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    Absolutely the goals serve as the beacon which guide us on our future course of life and motivates us to make our life better and worth while.
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    great thread
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    We must set goal and these goals must not move. Once we set goal we must focus and work towards it, moving target is always hard to hit.

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    hello How R U Friends
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    That's bang on right Rob. However, goal setting is only the start, but an important step nonetheless. Another noteworthy step is to express gratitude for where you have reached. After all, gratitude is the way to abundance. When you are grateful for what you have, you open the doors to more great things in your life...
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    Not to be facetious, but I would say that it's worse to live with regret than to die with regret. Once you die, the regret dies with you. However, the fear of dying with unmet goals that benefit our loved ones can move us to take action before it's too late. A couple of examples would be buying life insurance and spending time with family.

    “Motivation is not some overwhelming force that causes you to act… Motivation is the desire to act on a plan that is well formed, and sufficiently rewarding. Therefore, if you fail to act, you either don’t have faith in your plan, or do not feel that the reward is worth the effort.”
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    You're so right - we'll never, ever have what we want if we don't examine our lives to figure out what that really is, and then set specific goals and plans to help us get there.
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    Yes I have definitely learned to do this. I used to cringe when hearing about writing down your goals, I don't know why exactly. Now I enjoy doing it and I feel like I'm on this journey to success now.

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    Find out specifically what you want..

    Ask yourself 'what will have to occur for me to know I have achieved my goal?'

    find your first step,get on with it..repeat

    feedback regularly to check (a) you still want this goal (b) you are still on course

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    Thanks for the reminder that we must have a target or we are shooting in the dark or even worse we are trying to hit every target that passes by. Focusing on what is most important like family, faith and country are what brings true success.
    Have a blessed day!
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    Yes it is very important. We have to set our goals to be successful.
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    When you say "I'll do it tomorrow" your subconscious puts it off again and again until it never gets done.

    When you say, "I'll do it right now", it forces you to act within the present moment and lead yourself to success. This is an important distinction.

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    Goal setting is the most important of success. You should know what you want and why you are doing it.
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    nice share
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    Goals have been a MAJOR part of my success. They continue to be part of my success. Without goals what we really reaching for.
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    Of course, Goal is very important to success in our life so that first set up goal and doing this right way and become success.
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    Definitely, my goals are important to my success as they make me focused on what I really want in life and guides me on how I can achieve them. By knowing our goals, we can try hard to fill our lives with compassion and direction.
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  • Goal setting is the first step toward successful goal achievement. It marks your first point toward success. It is what put your life into real action..
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