Why I Flew Someone From Michigan

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Why I Flew Someone From Michigan

I'm big into internet marketing and have done quite a bit over the last 2 years since I began. It's a miraculous journey and everything is progressing very nicely.

Well 2 weeks ago I flew a student of mine down to Virginia all the way from Michigan to work with me.

Why did I do it?

Because he was "That Guy".

You know, the guy who steps above and beyond and really pushes and tries. The guy who challenges things. The guy who motivates himself to keep going. The guy who has "That Thing".

(note, "That Guy" can also be "That Girl")

Now I'll be honest. It was kind of scary thinking about having someone I have never met come work with me. But if I didn't take the risk, I may have never met Kyle.

He's an outstanding student and his progressive drive and motivation is spectacular. He's only been here for 2 weeks, but in 2 weeks he's done more than I've seen some people do in 2 years. And it's not stopping.

BUT, I don't want him to burn himself out.

We're working on multiple business ideas together in various different niches trying to figure out how we can combine them together. However, it's challenging because it's easy to get burned out online.

So I'm writing this post to share with everyone the short story of why Kyle Ackerman came to Virginia. And hoping that anyone that is like Kyle Ackerman, takes time to address their own needs, wants, desires, and stays happy.

People like Kyle are an amazing breed (not to sound weird) and rare to find. So if you ever come across someone like this, don't let them slip by you. It's very possible they could be huge, given the right direction.

Stay motivated Warriors. Peace and happiness.
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    You know it's a real talent the ability to SPOT talent?
    (Ask any successful sports coach)

    You benefit both parties, it's atypical to appreciate it, specially if you're not 'just seeing yourself' which is fine, but seeing strengths and weaknesses and how to apply them to your ventures.

    I'd say the first thing is autonomy (set the goal and let him find the path with guidance when asked), making him feel the sense of mastering his craft and of course, good payment)

    Great luck!
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      Originally Posted by ernestrategos View Post

      You know it's a real talent the ability to SPOT talent?
      If you can do that, you can be rich
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    Congratulations on finding a "Rockstar". I'm working with a MLM group and still waiting to find mine. May have one in mind, which is a "That Girl", but still not sure. Way too early to know.

    Childish humor is great. Spice your links up with this new link shortener.

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      Originally Posted by JForsberg View Post

      Congratulations on finding a "Rockstar". I'm working with a MLM group and still waiting to find mine. May have one in mind, which is a "That Girl", but still not sure. Way too early to know.
      I have a "That Girl" too, her name is Elizabeth Fee.

      She's the most outstanding independent women I've ever met online or in life. She has 2 twins, a husband, and left a job almost making 6 figures a year in order to take this venture more seriously.

      Now it's time to see where she can go from here. It's been a little over 1 year since she started working with me and I definitely see her going really far.

      One amazing motivator, like "ernestrategos" said above is to give people their space. To let them take action on their own and to see where they can go with that.

      That's how innovation begins. By not setting boundaries or limits on our potential. I feel by allowing people their space, I can give them more credibility in the industry they want to go into and they can have a more personalized approach to the business, which can ultimately make them happier in life.

      By setting rules and regulations to every single thing, you end up making people fake.

      That's why when I worked at Harris Teeter (a grocery store in Virginia), I wasn't a fan of all of the different policies that the corporate made for everyone.

      If someone (an employee) walked in wearing shorts instead of pants, they would pull everyone into a room and have a 1-2 hour conversation about company policy for what we had to wear. It would have been so much easier and more productive (because they pulled us all away from what we were doing) if they just simply pulled that 1 person aside and told them not to wear shorts. (by the way, they weren't like short-shorts, they were more like capris).

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    It goes both ways, too. I have found "that guy" in Justin Lewis. A true mentor, motivator, and honest Internet Marketer, not to mention just an honest guy all around. My eyes have been opened to a much bigger world (in the Internet Marketing realm) than what I originally saw when I first started... and much of that is attributed to Justin.

    What's amazing is that he writes threads like this to give recognition. A true leader always appreciates the hard work of others, and Justin constantly recognizes the hard work of others.

    Kyle is a pretty awesome dude! I don't know much about him personally, but I do know that he is a go-getter. And to fly all the way out on a whim like that takes courage.... that is how true success starts.

    Elizabeth Fee
    The Niche Mom - My personal blog to inspire and guide you towards earning an income online.

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    It's great to see there is harmony in the relationships you are all building and my guess is it's doing wonders for everybody's business.
    Way to go! blessings.
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    Well done Justin. More power to your arm.

    The more you give...the more you get.

    WHY coz you feel better about yourself and the World in general and that change is reflected from you to others and they see you in a different light and want to be with you and do business with you and so it grows.

    Take good care of those that you love.

    Robbie T
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