How wealthy would you like to become?

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Would you like to be able to retire early? Would you like to be a millionaire? A billionaire? Just comfortable and secure? My desires fluctuate, personally. I'd like to be earning about $80k-$100k total, per year, at least though. What say you?
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    i have a simple dream - i want to be next ' bill gates '
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      Originally Posted by wpexplosion View Post

      i have a simple dream - i want to be next ' bill gates '
      Ohhhh I like that simple dream of yours. Simple yet big.
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    I had put everything on paper and it turned out that I'd need little less than
    $1 mil to have everything I need to live a dream life and more.
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    • My dream is to own 100 properties all paid off, earning me around $2,000 a month rental income each!
      That way I would have complete passive income,and would have total freedom to travel and the world and would also be in a position to help my friends and family.

      That's the goal!
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    The more I earn the more I have to share with family, community and my favourite charitable causes, so millions and billions would be fine!

    However, a nice target is $100,000 per year.


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    Wow. Some of you sure are wanting to aim pretty high and shoot for the moon.

    What about being the next Carlos Slim (the richest individual on Earth, richer than Bill Gate)?
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    No limit to it.


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    How wealthy? Hmm.. I want to travel the world. Visit all the beautiful places and sites. Try all the awesome adventures out there. Live in a beautiful and completely furnished house. Have all the girls that I want.

    So, basically, whatever amount will make those a reality, that's what I want to.
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    For most people the $100K figure is a nice goal. You can do a lot with $100K / yr, especially when you don't owe any more to anyone anymore.

    So the key is forget about "wealth" and focus on Debt Reduction. I don't care how much money someone earns if they owe 5x more -

    But for me, I've learned to be happy with *whatever*. A little bit more would be nice, but I'll limit that by saying... whenever I have "so much" that I'm worried about losing it - *then* I've got to much.

    Paul Barrs
    It's Simple... I don't "sell" IM anymore, but still do lots of YouTube Videos
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    well 10-30 million would be a nice start
    however i don't focus on this really... what i focus on is building up anoth passive income to be 100% independent... after i reached this we will see what the future will bring

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    I would like to be wealthy enough to be able to afford the things I need and want. I don't have any specific figures in mind, but it should be something that would not make money a "problem" anymore.
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    100k/year is peanuts. Not far above the average person. My first goal is 7 figures per year, this will be achieved either this year or next. After that, 8 figures is the goal.
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  • To be totally honest? I want to be able to earn $24m in a single day (nothing is impossible!)

    I'd wanna play around somewhere between 400-800m annually. I keep watching this documentary about the Wall Street ballers over and over again. It gives me goosebumps.
    I seriously don't believe in having limits. Might as well go big. I simply want to live the best life I can and push myself beyond the limits of my own imagination. I want to help others do the same and live the best life they can.

    No. freaking. limits.

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    Enough to pay off all my debt and quit my 2 jobs(about 60,000 a year) more would be evwen better, but this is my first and main goal, and of course once it is reached I would up the bar
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      I want to make only $10,000 a month not so much.. its enough for me
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    I want to be able to grow money trees and have dogs that have money in their mouths and when they bark, money comes out.

    I just want to make enough to quit my job and do IM fulltime.
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    All of those are good goals. How many people believe deep down inside that they will reach them? Most people whether they will admit it do not believe they can reach them. So what do you do? Use autosuggestion. Convince your subconscious mind that you are capable of achieving that amount of money. Visualization and use of Think and Grow Rich 6 steps of wealth creation is crucial to follow.

    Set up initial goals that are not at the top of your lifetime goals but milestones. So if you are making $3,000 a month at your job. Focus on earning your first $1,000 a month online. Something that you can believe in. Give your self a realistic amount of time and take massive action until you get there. A goal is just a dream with a deadline.
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    Cool question! Well after I've made my first sale (don't care if that's only for a dollar), my next goal is to have a subscriber list of 1,000. Then, earnings wise my first major goal is to earn $1,000 min every day. Then $50k per month sounds good to me!

    Best wishes, Hayley McKeever

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    As much as possible, never pleased and always striving to see if I can make more. And all along the way, giving half of it away to charity. (:

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    Millions upon millions

    Right now my friends and I have been in Brazil for 2 months working on our businesses. We just got back from the super market and had to choose between ketchup and a pack of cigarettes....Cigarettes in Rio are about $3 a pack...we're that broke as of this morning. What's funny is tomorrow morning we're receiving a $ 55k bank transfer from a big time client we landed last week. Just keeping our head down and pushing through the hard times until our only problems involve minimizing our taxes from 7 figures to 6 annually.
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    Of course i want to earn millions of money. It's not just for myself but for my family. I want also to help those people who really need help.
    Professionally designed custom blogging platform
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    Agree with many on here....there are no can set monthly...daily goals etc....but then continue to raise them...we me....the goal is a B

    The only thing that is limiting how much you can make is you....
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    I'd like to be wealthy enough to secure and make my family live a comfortable life. They're the most important people in my life.
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    My goal is 50-100 million. I would like to take half and secure it in different funds so I can live of the % and I will use other half for my business ventures.
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    great share
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    I don't feel that it's productive thinking about how rich you want to be as for the most part it's not acheiveable any time soon.

    I prefer to have set goals:

    Make my first £1
    Make my first £10
    Make my first profitable £10
    Make £50
    Make £50 in a day
    Make £100 in a day

    Having these pigeon steps makes you feel like you're already being successful without feeling demoralised because you're not hitting £100,000,000,000,000 a week.

    As for my final goal? Be comfortable.
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    Net worth of more than $663.4 billion.. Then I would be richer than John D. Rockefeller, and I would become the richest person in history =)

    But a more achievable goal is to have more than $2 mill in SAVINGS (in my bank account) before I'm 30 years old. Would be great.
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