Are you living an extraordinary life?

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Hi guys, just thought about sharing a trailer video of an inspirational Thailand movie, "The Billionaire", which I had just stumbled upon.
I hope that this post would provide an inspiration to some of you, especially if you are experiencing some hardships in your life at the moment.

What are you doing at his age?
Based on a true story, Aitthipat Kulapongvanich gained 400,000 Baht monthly from playing online games at age 16.
Age 17, He was willing to fail school and instead earned money from selling chestnuts for 2,000 baht.
Age 18, His family went bankrupt and remained 40 million Baht in debt. (Around 1.3 million US Dollars)

What will you do if you were him?
Age 19, He released 'Tao Kae Noi' seaweed to more than 3,000 branches at 7-Eleven.
At present, he is a 28-year-old businessman, the owner of the bestselling seaweed in Thailand. He owns 85 percent of the market share which is equivalent to 800 million Baht a year (26 million US dollars), and has 2,000 employees in his company.

In my opinion, this is a very inspirational story, it reminds us that life is all about quality, not quantity.
Life is short for everyone, you'll never know when your life will change. While we all can stay healthy and live in the most comfortable places on earth, we still can have our life changed instantly by all sorts of accidents. Our ability to overcome challenges in life is very much depends on how much determination you have, your willingness to get out of your own comfort zone to learn new things and take the risks.

Besides, I think another important thing in life is to believe in yourself and pursue your own passion, rather than following everybody's words of advice on how you should live. As for me, I wanted to make the most of my life and living doing what I love most.

Good luck to everyone and all the best!

Are you living to pursue your passion? Are you living an extraordinary life?

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