Struggling To Make Money Online & Getting Ready To Quit?

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Are you struggling to make money online and seriously thinking of giving up?


As you know, more than 90% of people who try to make money online with IM or some other business opportunity quit after a short while because they hardly make any money. So You are not alone. They come in with unrealistic expectations and start to look for a quick way to make money. They don't realize that building a profitable business, online or offline, takes time, effort, resources and dedication - a lot of hard work at the beginning.

But to start making money online, you don't have to have a full blown business online. Rather than giving you the standard lecture to get real and treat your online activity as a business & offering some course in IM, list building, SEO, Blogging etc., which you are very unlikely to follow through anyway, it is better to show you a way to find what you came looking for in the first place - to make some money online quickly with minimal effort.

Your best bet is to find a quick way to start making money right away so that you get encouraged and develop a positive belief system about online business, get motivated to learn required skills to move onto higher level & make even more money.

If you are short on skill especially in marketing it is better to find something you can do with your current skill today and make your first dollar without a list, website, your own product. Even without a need to sell anything, if you really suck at selling. Of course you won't be making that much because your earning power is proportionate to your skill level. But it is important that you make money online today, so it enables you to hang in there & to move on to bigger things as you develop your skill set.

Look for something online that you can start and make money today. If are not sure or in a hurry PM me I will show something. If you are new to the forum and Don't have enough post to pm yet, post your interest here, I will PM you the link.

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