What Hobbies Do You Have and How Do They Help?

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Simple enough question. I have two main hobbies: photography and running out (I work out as well, P90X, right now to complement running). Photography helps my career, because if you take a look at pro-level gear, you'll know why. Running clears the mind and I feel splendiferous afterward.

Photography is about as creative as I get. I'm not a graphic designer; it takes me a while to get going when I have to start something from the start. I spent a year shooting for my college's newspaper. I love candid, photojournalistic shots -- my friends get annoyed at me shooting them, constantly, but they astonished at my photos once they see them. And then they stop complaining. I find photography inspirational; hey -- look at that awesome photo! I want to go there to shoot that scene!

Photography is expense. It can be very expensive. (Nikon released the D800E recently and it will retail for ~$3,300, lenses not included.) When amateur photographers, or people in general, state that they don't worry about stuff because they "know" they'll never be able to afford it, I'm saddened and wonder, why? Why not work toward it. As I say, I'm not really even after money as being able to have the means to afford what I want.

I love running. It's not terribly expensive (well, gear can be pricy, but it usually lasts a while); I suppose marathons can get pricy because you might have to travel. Long distance running is more of a life style, so it's something in which you have to put a concerted effort at which to really excel (or to be able to finish, if you plan on entering a marathon). As I previously said, it clears the mind. I'm naturally a high-strung person, who's been told to relax while at bars. Running is one of the times I can relax. And it's something at which I can constantly strive to get better (I started barefoot running a week ago -- yeah, not a quick transition).

So, what about you?
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    Hey Christian. : ) Good question. I used to be something of a runner myself and it’s a great sport.

    These days I go swimming regularly. I challenge myself to keep swimming further and further. Sometimes I turn up at the pool not feeling very motivated. However when I get into it, I do enough to keep me happy.

    Similar to succeeding at “IM” I remember that once I get going, things start turning good. And, the most important thing I've learned, is that when I'm ready to give up/quit/whatever I know I can still go some more and that's what makes it a good job.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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      My hobby is painting.They help in colour analysis reqd. for my job.
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    My hobbies right now are creating music, snowboarding, and Tai Chi mostly...

    They give me balance and give me a way to enjoy my time if i were to retire early. Lolol.

    That is, if I can figure out a way to retire early if I want, and then also achieve location independence, then I can have ways to occupy my time and never become bored. That is good!
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      Originally Posted by Michael55555 View Post

      My hobbies right now are creating music, snowboarding, and Tai Chi mostly...

      They give me balance and give me a way to enjoy my time if i were to retire early. Lolol.

      That is, if I can figure out a way to retire early if I want, and then also achieve location independence, then I can have ways to occupy my time and never become bored. That is good!
      Retire? This is retirement.


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    I also love Photography. It is my passion. It helps me to love more the nature.
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      I don't want to sound like a meathead, but my favorite hobby is weight training. For me it's a therapy session 4 to 5 times a week. It's where I can let out all of my stress and frustration, and leave it all in the gym. Everyone always asks me how I stay so relaxed and calm all the time. I say it's because of my therapy session this morning
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        I used to go rock climbing with my husband a lot before our daughter was born - but a steep rock wall isn't really a place for an infant. Now that she is 3 we are starting to go more often as she also climbs a bit already.

        My other hobby is gardening - i love growing vegetables in my backyard.

        Both of these hobbies clear my mind and take me away from the internet for a few moments.
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    Another runner here. I run with my dogs, and we're running in a half marathon together this weekend.
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    My hobby is dog showing, I have only been doing it for almost a year now and really enjoy it. A weekend of dog showing just gets me away from everything else and gets my mind of everything.

    Good luck with your half marathon Audrey!
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    Hi, Christian:

    I don't have any "serious" hobbies, hobbies that I pursue aggressively like some WF members do. But one hobby I do enjoy is "nature watching."

    Our home is located in town limits, but until recent years, we only had a couple of other homes close to us. Now, homes are being built quickly right beside us!

    However, we used to be almost surrounded in trees and forest and there was always wildlife around (passing through our property). We have been feeding many species of birds right outside our kitchen window ... and the deer and squirrels like it, too! lol

    Now that much of the forest has been cleared away to the north of our property, ours has become a bit of a sanctuary where wildlife can still disappear into the bush. We like that: deer, occasional moose, other animals and numerous kinds of birds.

    My "hobby" is watching these creatures outside our window, in our yard. In particular, the birds. Sometimes I find it relaxing just to stand (or sit) there and watch them come and go with their sunflower seeds. Their "social" interactions are quire interesting sometimes!


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    My hobby is playing sports like Football.
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    working out, insanity for my cardio, xbox 360, internet porn, Not in that order LMAO
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    I like computer games, it helps in the sense that it keeps me glued to the Internet so that I have to do my work and at the same time play the games.
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    I love the gym and running. It keeps me healthy and instills a sense of order in my life. Really helps as a stress reliever on harsh days aswell
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    I love to listen to music which relaxes me at the time of need.
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    My hobbies include reading, writing, and listening to rock and roll. Thanks to my natural love for the written word, I am now able to work from the comforts of my home and just pound away on my keyboard while blasting of some good ol' rock and roll. \m/
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